Dezhou News Network (Dezhou Evening News all -media reporter Zhang Kang)

“I just bought a denim dress, and I ca n’t wear the color after washing the water. The return will not be allowed.” On June 12th, Ms. Wang, Pingyuan County, called the newspaper news hotline 2220000 to report that she bought one in a shopping mall in the county. Donalt dresses, the quality problems of severe color loss occur in the later period, reported to the merchant that they were required to be returned, but they were rejected.

On June 10, Ms. Wang bought a denim dress at 129 yuan in a shopping mall in Pingyuan County. Because it was a new clothes, Ms. Wang was ready to wear it. She was like washing clothes as usual, soaking in a dress with a laundry solution for about two hours. When she looked at it again, the water in the washbasin turned into dark blue. After the dress was taken out, the color was obviously lighter. The dry skirt is not the color when it was just bought. “The color is dark and shallow, and the clothes are spent, and they can’t be worn at all.” Ms. Wang said.

Ms. Wang was very angry and held her skirt to the mall to discuss. Ms. Wang took out the skirts and counters who were still selling skirts, and the color difference was obvious. Ms. Wang proposed to return, but the salesperson said, “The clothes have been washed, the second sales cannot be sold, and it is not ruled out that Ms. Wang has excessive soaking or using fade washing products when washing clothes, so he refuses to return.”

According to Article 24 of the Consumer Rights Protection Law, if the goods or services provided by an operator do not meet the quality requirements, consumers may be returned in accordance with national regulations, parties agreed to return, or require operators to perform their obligations such as replacement and repair. If there is no state regulations and the parties agreed, consumers can return the goods within seven days from the date of receiving the product. If the conditions for the legal termination of the contract after seven days, the consumer can return the goods in time and not meet the legal termination of the contract, they may require the operator to perform the performance Obligations such as replacement and repair. “The dress purchased by Ms. Wang was removed and destroyed after normal washing. It was a significant quality problem, and the dress purchased by Ms. Wang was still within seven days. Lawyer Li Qian said that it is not advisable that the merchants do not return and exchange for consumer laundry methods. In accordance with the relevant provisions of protecting consumers’ right to know, they need to be cleared in advance. Precautions for the precautions of the goods shows in writing that when consumers know their knowledge, they voluntarily choose whether to buy it. If the merchant has not fulfilled the obligations beforehand, consumers are washed according to conventional methods without knowing it. Escape liability.

The matter was coordinated by the staff of the Pingyuan County Industrial and Commercial Department. The merchant agreed to replace the new dress for Ms. Wang. Ms. Wang expressed satisfaction.