Men’s pants expert Jiu Mu will be released on October 21, 2021 with the co -branded small black pants launched by the former Gucci designer Davide Marello (David Malero). To interpret the new men’s pants series, it will definitely set off the new fashion of men’s pants.

Jiu Mu King was founded in 1989. He started from trousers. He has been focusing on men’s pants for 32 years. In 2020, he won the market position of the “Global Sales Men’s Pants Expert” ①. Since its establishment, Jiu Mu King has accumulated 12 million human data, launched six major versions. Men’s pants have sold 100 million yuan ②, becoming a well -known brand in Chinese men’s pants. In the era of great competition today, Jiu Mu King actively responded to the “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan” brand planning plan, and moved forward on the main channel of men’s pants, approaching the goal of “leading Chinese men’s pants and becoming the king of global pants”.

Jiu Mu Wang has focused on men’s pants for 32 years, creating “little black pants” for star products

Jiu Mu King is committed to “creating the best pants in the world”, carefully carved from various aspects such as fabrics, craftsmanship, version, and style design. Paying attention to every detail, Jiu Mu King has become synonymous with professional men’s pants. As the ultimate item created by the men’s pants expert Jiu Mu, the small black pants can be described as a masterpiece, which has achieved innovation in many aspects such as fabrics and crafts.


First of all, the fabric of the small black pants was jointly developed by the Jiu Mu King and the International Advanced Fabric Laboratory, and the stretch rate was 4 times as high as ordinary fabrics. Secondly, in order to maintain a stable appearance of the fabric, King Jiu Mu uses Japan’s imported environmental protection dyes, which is not easy to fade at the same time; using international advanced anti -wrinkle and rebounding techniques, and repeatedly conducts the kick test to ensure every hire The fabric texture of the small black pants is clear and the cloth surface is pure.

The characteristics of comfort, versatility, and easy care make small black pants, whether it is business commuting or fashion and leisure, can perfectly fit. The outstanding performance of small black pants is favored by the majority of men. It has been recommended by many Douyin, Xiaohongshu fashion KOL, and many stars have been worn and recommended, such as Wu Lei, Huang Jingyu, Zhang Jike, and Chinese fencing team.

Jiu Mu King has become a veritable men’s pants expert with many years of craftsmanship and technology with the accumulation of many years of craftsmanship and technology. At the same time, through the cooperation with the former designer of Gucci, the co -branded model has made small black pants with superb craftsmanship and design aesthetics, and continuously enrich the “Little Black Pants Family” series of products, pushing Jiu Mu to the forefront of fashion.

Art stamps “meet” little black pants, Jiu Mu King moves towards the forefront of fashion

Davide Marello, who graduated from one of the world’s top design colleges, has a wealth of international big -name work experience. He has served as Armani and Gucci men’s designers for many years, and has become the first creative director of Boglioli, a well -known high -end menswear brand in Italy, and is very good at designing a artistic print. The co -branded small black pants that cooperate this time, combine the artistic printing of the romantic atmosphere and the exquisite pants technology of the Jiu Mu King, mix the retro and elegant print with the modern pants outline, to achieve the perfect combination of quality and artistic, bringing a new new combination, bringing a new new At the same time, the elegant gentleman’s demeanor blooms.

In China, fabric printing has a long history, and it is the earliest to apply hollow version printing in the Warring States Period. It is a very artistic product. In the design inspiration of Davide, “printing” is the soul of conveying the concept of the work. Printing can truly reflect a person’s state of mind and show personality and self through printing. Jiu Mu King’s little black pants X “printing”, like a cluster of flowers on the towering mountains, the tough and male atmosphere of men’s pants blended into the elegant style of the elegant printing flowers is a new interpretation of “strength and beauty”.

On October 21, 2021, I look forward to the art feast brought by Jiu Mu King’s designer.

Jiu Mu Wang Yangfan set sail to help the rise of national brands

The ingenuity of the ingenuity achieves the excellent quality of the Jiu Mu King men’s pants leading to the industry, and the brand mission guides the goal of the “Global Pants King”. King Jiu Mu will, as always, cultivate men’s pants in the field of heart: In terms of products, integrate high -quality functional fabrics of top fabric companies, and work together to provide consumers with rich and diverse choices; The new ten -generation store image provides consumers with an immersive shopping experience; in the brand, it continues to build high -brand potential energy, focus on mainstream media, and use the Internet to consolidate the market position of “men’s pants”.

As a leading brand of Chinese men’s pants, men’s pants expert Jiu Mu Wang has accumulated rich fashion, fabrics, crafts and other resources, and has won the favor of more and more young mainstream customers. In the future global stage.



① “Nine Shepherds is a global leader in men’s pants” source: “Euro Rui Information Consultation (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.; according to 2020 men’s pants sales meters. Cover 210 countries/regions around the world, various retail channels; men’s pants sales Men’s brand with more than 15%of the amount of more than 15%and leisure or business as the core product, the top three men’s pants are listed in the number of men’s pants; the survey was completed in April 2021. “

② Jiu Mu Wang Company 1990-2020 trousers sales statistics

③ The test results of the certified testing agency can be concluded that compared with the general fabric of the brand