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VITRA designer VITRA designer VITRA Panton, a Swiss brand, has a unique style of chair products from outside to the inside.

Verner Panton is an important figure in design and development in the 1960s and 1970s.

Born in GAMTOFTE, Denmark, studied at the Odense Institute of Technology, and then studied architecture at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Denmark, Copenhagen.

After being moved to Switzerland in the early 1960s, the Danish designer was famous for its novel furniture, lighting and textiles. The clever application of color was a sign of his works.

What kind of God’s pen is created to create these unique chairs?

Heart cone chair Heart Cone chair

This is a heart cone chair Heart CONE Chair. As the name suggests, this name is naturally derived from the expressive heart -shaped outline of its seat shell.

This chair combines a comfortable cushion seat and a low -key elegant base made of satin stainless steel.

In addition, he also has another form of display-cone chair.

Its shape is taken from the classic geometric figure named after it. The shell with a pad forms a back and armrests. Together with the soft seat cushion, it forms an extremely comfortable armchair. The armchair is installed on an elegant stainless steel rotation base.

The entire chair has a variety of colors to choose from, and it looks very playful and cute.

Amoebe Transformer

Due to the surface and flexible rear shell of its cushion, AMOEBE provides a high degree of comfort.

This chair has a flexible back, bent on the head of the sitting, forming a sculpture -like tent. This fascinating accent brings the feeling of shelter and seclusion to the chair.

In addition, there is another version, the same arc curve, which brings the same comfortable experience. Both chair versions have various colorful fabric hoods, which make people curl up and relax in their comfortable contours.

Panton classic chair

The lines that make the whole chair look cleaner from the side, and the bright and paint surface makes this chair have different colors to decorate different spaces. Once launched, it was a sensation and won countless awards.

In addition, there is a MINI version. The children’s version is about 25%smaller than the full -size Panton chair. This makes Panton Junior an ideal chair for children, suitable for children aged 3 to 10.

These chairs are placed at home. A variety of colors can adapt to different space shapes, and multiple functions always allow people to find a trace of life in different corners.

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