Hello little honey ~


I am walking

Murstone Ou


The last few days


Cool down

It’s so fierce!

Ouou just wants to stay in the bed every morning and can’t come out

Because even if it is wrapped tightly, go out and go out

The North Wind is blowing on the body and it is like being cut by a knife

I really want to cry, what kind of ghost weather is this …

Cold -frozen


Think of all kinds of sweaters and jackets one by one

The whole person becomes extremely


Ouou is particularly worried


Lower body


Rely on the three layers of thick pants inside to continue their lives

The legs suddenly became thicker

The legs that were not very stylish were even more bloated and ugly

At this time

I really want one

Good wear, thin and warm leggings



For girls with thick legs

The warm -type leggings are really a big savior

Because it can better modify the legs of the legs visually

Put the right minute than light legs



Like a big cousin


Liu Wen

Winter street shooting look

I can often see leggings

Although the leggings are all over the place

But buying well is almost harder than the lottery ticket

Most of them are not too tight, or they are dropped files

That kind of removing one step up


Who wears a embarrassing embarrassment


Today, Ohou must share with you my private treasure weapon

From Japan

Susanny fat burning constant temperature warm pants

It is definitely I started this year

Best wear

There is no one of the leggings!


Original price: 129 yuan/1 piece

Real payment: 81.8 yuan

You can also minus 20 more than 120


Click the small card below to buy

it can

37 degrees constant temperature keep warm


It is not only warm, but also super thin


With a skirt coat

Just see the explosion ~

The warmth effect of this constant temperature pants is really good!


The inner layer is very fine


Antarctic Penguin

Kung fu on your body for a while


You can clearly feel that the temperature is rising ~

This kind of penguin is for

Antarctica Science Team

When making anti -cold clothes


The top -level heating fabrics developed

The warmth effect is first -rate, and the feel is so delicate that there is no friend


Wearing the skin really

Super comfortable

The fabric of the pants uses a densely arranged ultra -fine high -elastic skin silk

Can effectively resist the external wind and cold

even if

Cold north

It will feel warm as spring when wearing it ~

And this kind of fabric is not easy to wrinkle

The texture is light, and super super


Because of weight

Less than 300g

So there is no thickness of other bottom pants to wear ~


This pants are not only good for keeping warm


It can also be obviously thin about 1-3 cm according to the degree of thickness of the legs

Thin legs can also

Make your legs more straight

Try it with a small honey with bad legs!

It uses 7 -segment voltage design

This kind of divided stabilization is not a stiff squeeze on the leg muscles

Instead, let various areas of the legs bear different pressures

So there is no sense of restraint to wear,


You can obviously feel that the fat is tightened

And highlight the sense of line

The effect is more obvious than the effect of general body shaping pants

If you wear it for a long time


Correct bad leg type

The leg muscles will be more firmer ~

Ouou pro -test, you can effectively stabilize your legs after putting it on

110 pounds wearing 90 pounds

a feeling of!

This pants are also very suitable for usual

Cold hands and feet


Gong Cold Dysmenorrhea

Little honey wearing

Because it can also gather the warm palace


Mobile warm baby


The honeycomb woven technology used in its abdomen

You can gather the body’s calories in the lower abdomen

Continue to maintain a constant temperature of 37 ° C

The belly is warm, and the whole body feels warm ~

At the same time, the warm palace will not be sultry

These uneven honeycomb ventilation holes can

Wet at any time

When keeping warm, you wo n’t sweat while wearing it

The waist is specially adopted by imported high bomb fabrics

Elasticity is 4 times that of ordinary fabrics

No matter how you stretch


Will not deform

And 13cm high waist design

Can form moderate pressure on the waist and abdomen

Tighten the excess fat



Wear a small waist

The design of the pants on the details is also particularly sophisticated

For example, the foot becomes thinner

You can fit the contour tightly

Naked place

Not to be bloated

Both skirts or coats are very thin ~

The thin design of the triangle area

Not only makes the private parts more breathable


Can make the crotch tightly to the skin


Avoid dropped files

The problem


The hip is a U -shaped arc design

Like a gentle palm, give the hips a support for the upper support

Effectively improve the hip line

Having in minutes

Peach hip

And it is not sloppy in dyeing

Use pure natural plant pigments

Combined with the advanced printing and dyeing process of Germany

Washing machine

Will not fade

Ouou soaked this constant temperature pants in the water for nearly an hour

The water after soaking is still so clear


The point is that black is so versatile


Whether matching skirt or windbreaker, it will be super beautiful

One can

Get the entire autumn and winter

Such a easy to wear and warm pants

There is really no reason to not start ~

Little honey ~ The New Year’s New Year’s Day activities have begun!

The audience is full

120 yuan minus 20 yuan

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There is also the clearance area, the lowest

49 yuan cap

Take advantage of

Courier has not stopped yet

, Hurry up ~

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