On November 17th, the LV show was grandly held in Shanghai. This time the event invited many stars to the scene. Liu Yifei, a brand spokesperson, naturally did not attend. She has always been low -key. The show officially started at 7 pm, but the studio released her shape early. Liu Yifei took the LV head and fought! Watch the show through leather pants to break through yourself, red lip smoke makeup is even more domineering

Liu Yifei watching the show is a classic LV tough style

Striped shirt+shoulder pad suit+high waist leather pants

Keywords: three -color principles, mix and match, handsome, sexy

Most of LV’s fashion design comparison

Avant -garde

For ordinary people to control it, it is very difficult to control. Compared with the elegant and immortality of other luxury brands, even if LV is a girl’s clothing, it has a little bit.

Neutral feeling

Whether it is

The material style is also very tough in the fabric.

Highlights 01: Select neutral items to create a handsome effect

So in Liu Yifei’s style, we can clearly see that the three main fashion items she choose

, Shirt, suit jacket, leather pants

All classic

Neutral design

These pieces of clothing can be easily created together

Full of handsome effect,

It is a very good breakthrough for Liu Yifei, who has always followed the fairy line.

Highlights of styling 02: Maintain the three -color principle, full of atmosphere

In the color, Liu Yifei also maintained

Three -color principle

The main thing that appears from top to bottom is

Blue -white

These three types, we all know that the three -color principle is the most practical method of color matching. It can make the entire shape

There is a rich feeling, at the same time, it will not be too messy and complicated, and it is easier to get started.

The set of styles like Liu Yifei, while ensuring the three colors, also uses a lot of tips for color matching between up and down and inside and outside.

① Use similar colors in the inside to maintain a sense of harmony

Black and white are a pair of gold combinations. When these two colors are stitched by stripes, they will intertwine each other to produce a

Like dark texture,

And the lower body matching blue high -waist pants, although the entire ones

The saturation is high, but the brightness has been reduced,

So it will not be excessively violated with black and white.

And because of black

The color stripes are vertical distribution, which can also extend the proportion of the figure, create a downward extension, and make the shape look more harmonious.

② Use white brightening to create a complementary level effect


The color of the inside is calm and stable



There will be very good


, Large area of ​​white

Color self -reflective, brightness is excellent

, Not only can the skin be fair, but also white in large areas, but also effectively

Improving the simple atmosphere of shape,

Finally re -use

The complementary effect inside and outside highlights the level of shape.

Highlights of styling 03: Lamous matching skills are prominent

Liu Yifei is recognized as a fairy sister. The face value has not been said, but the figure is slightly insufficient. The biggest disadvantage is

One is that the problem of slippery shoulder is relatively serious, and the other is that the calf is relatively thick.

Therefore, when choosing clothing, we must be able to achieve a thin effect. In this set of styles, we can completely learn from the thinning skills below.

The suit is added to the silhouette shoulder pad design

The silhouette tailoring can ensure the looseness. At the same time, the wide version is more conducive to hiding the fat. The design of the shoulder pads can not only pull the proportion of the shoulders, but also correct Liu Yifei’s slippery shoulder.

② Use the method of using tops into pants

, High -waist leather pants can easily increase the waistline,

The tailoring of the straight tube makes the leg lines more straight

At the same time, after the shirt is pants, it can still be allowed

The shape is more refreshing.

I have to say that Liu Yifei’s look is really handsome. Not only is she thinner, but she also tries boldly in makeup

Smoked makeup and red lips

, With the fluffy wave hair,

Charming and domineering

Looking forward to her wonderful performance on the 17th.

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Liu Yifei was spoiled by LV! It is rare and domineering to wear blue high -waisted leather pants to watch the show.