The release of the tenth generation Core X processor provides new top options for enthusiasts, professional creators, freelancers, and design studios. If you want to set up a set of tenth generation Core X platform, you must be serious about seriously. In addition to selecting a processor, you must also buy a high -quality X299 motherboard.




Reference price: 20001 yuan

The tenth generation Core X series has three products, and Gigabyte has launched three AORUS X299X motherboards for these products. For the Core i9 10980xe of the flagship positioning, of course, it must also be equipped with X299X AORUS XTreme Waterforce, which is also a flagship positioning.

This product is the “water carving” in the player’s mouth. In addition to the CPU, MOS, and Nanqiao chips, the X299X AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE is covered with all -in -one water -cooled radiators. After a long period of high load, the heating of the component on the motherboard.

The motherboard is equipped with a 16 -phase IR server -level power supply, with 8+8 solid processor auxiliary power supply sockets and double copper PCB, which can accurately provide the processor with the required stable power, so that the performance of the Core i9 10980XE can fully play the performance of the Core i9 10980XE. Essence


At the same time, as a flagship motherboard, the extension performance of the X299X AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE is also excellent, especially in addition to the dual M.2 slot of the board, it can also expand 4 M.2 SSDs through the AORUS GEN4 AIC adapter. In addition to the 10,000 -Dibar network card on the back of the motherboard, there are dual Thunderbolt 3 interfaces, USB3.2 Gen.2 and other configurations to meet users’ high requirements for network and data transmission speed.

Of course, this luxurious product is not bandit. It is especially suitable for the choice of budget with abundant budget.

Gigabyte X299X Designare 10G


Reference price: 7998 yuan

From the product model, it can be seen that the X299X Designare 10G is targeted at professional user groups such as designers. Gigabyte recommends that the motherboard is matched with the Core i9 10940XE.

Compared with the appearance of AORUS series games, the appearance design of the X299X Designare 10G looks full of design and is more in line with the aesthetics of professional users. The motherboard uses the 12 -phase server -level IR digital power supply design with a 70 ampel transistor, which is more than enough to deal with the Core i9 10940XE. In the power supply section, the motherboard uses the FINS-RARAY stack fin, the high thermal conductivity thermal conductivity, and the 6mm large-caliber heat pipe. It has the characteristics of large heat dissipation area and good thermal conductivity, which can greatly improve the heat dissipation performance of the power supply module. The motherboard also provides AORUS GEN4 AIC Adaptor, which can extend the other four M.2 SSD slots.


In terms of network configuration, the X299X Designare 10G is also equipped with a server-level Intel X550-AT2 dual million network card. In addition, the motherboard provides the Thunderbolt3 interface on the back, with a bandwidth of up to 40Gbps. Whether you transmit it through the network or data cable, you can get faster speed.

X299X Designare 10G is not fancy in appearance and function, but its solid materials, stable performance, and high -specification configuration practicality are very high, which is an ideal choice for professional users to create hosting.



Reference price: 4588 yuan

Compared with the first two products, the X299X AORUS MASTER, which is priced at 4588 yuan, is a lot lower on the threshold of starting, so Gigabyte


Use Core i9 10920xe to match to form a set of high -performance multi -core professional computers that are more likely to be accepted by users.

X299X AORUS MASTER is very good in performance. The motherboard adopts a 12 -phase digital power supply design, which can fully release the performance potential of Core i9 10920XE. The motherboard adopts strict testing and verification to ensure the compatibility and performance of the motherboard memory, so that the memory can realize the frequency of XMP 4333MHz+, and you can immediately enjoy the performance improvement brought by the high intravenous frequency. In order to allow the 4 PCIE × 16 slots on the motherboard to be fully used, the motherboard uses four dual -slot card design. Users can install four dual -slot graphics cards for connecting output at the same time to obtain the strongest performance.

The motherboard is equally remarkable in the network and audio configuration. It uses Aquantia 5G Base-T Wanzo Card+Intel WIFI 6 802.11Ax 2T2R wireless network card configuration to meet users’ high bandwidth requirements for network transmission. The ALC1220 chip is equipped with ESS 9218 SABRE DAC chip, TXC oscillator, etc., which can bring the motherboard audio system comparable to the independent sound card, which enhances the user’s sound experience.



Reference price: 7999 yuan


ROG RAMPAGE VI EXTREME Encore is a top X299 motherboard released by Asus in August this year. It can be regarded as an improved version of ROG RAMPAGE VI Extreme Omega.

The motherboard has a colorful OLED display and Aura Sync RGB Shenlu synchronization lighting effect through a very personalized heat dissipation tablet, creating a cool appearance. In terms of power supply, the motherboard uses 16 Xiangying Fei Ling TDA21472 power module, Procool II power supply interface, powder super alloy inductor, and 10K capacitors, which can fully release the performance of the tenth generation Core X processor. At the same time, the motherboard also supports AI intelligent overclocking functions, which can automatically analyze the processor physique and heat dissipation system and provide an estimated value of frequency and voltage, which brings great convenience to the player’s overclocking.

In addition to strengthening power supply, ROG RAMPAGE VI Extreme Encore also improved the network configuration. The motherboard uses AQUANTIA AQC-1.07 million mesh card+Intel i219V Gigabit Network Card’s wired network configuration, as well as Wi-Fi 6 AX200 wireless network card, which makes the motherboard particularly suitable for players who need higher network efficiency.

As the ROG motherboard, the ROG Rampage Vi Extreme Encore also has a gamefirst V game low delay, RAMCACHE III hard disk acceleration 3 generations, Sonic Studio III intelligent sound management, DTS sound effects and other technologies, and the experience has been further improved.




Reference price: 6999 yuan

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the ASUS brand, ASUS released a new Prime X299 Edition


The motherboard, the product has ASUS on the box and the motherboard

The special logo of the anniversary version of the version highlights commemorative significance. At the same time, the motherboard is also a 2 -inch Livedash OLED system display that has been designed and upgraded, which looks more technological.

In order to allow the new generation Core X processor to play the maximum performance as much as possible, Prime X299 Edition

Not only has the luxurious Digi+ 16 -phase digital power supply, but also adds 40mm mute fans and large -sized heat pipes to the VRM pure copper fin heat sink, which has sufficient power and stable operation.

Prime X299 Edition

The Intel I219-V Gigabit network card and the Intel WIFI 6 AX200 wireless network card are used to bring high-speed and stable network performance. Realtek S1220A audio chip is equipped with Japanese audio-specific capacitors and pre-streaming chips, DE-POP anti-sound explosion circuits and other designs to provide users with rich audio experience.

The motherboard is specially attached to the Smart Control Console intelligent controller. It can control Windows functions by using voice and gestures. At the same time, it also comes with a camera to support Windows Hello facial recognition. Make computer control more humane and science fiction.


Reference price: 4199 yuan

Among the X299 motherboards launched by Asus, ROG Strix X299-E GAMING II, which is priced at 4199 yuan, is a relatively cost-effective product. The motherboard uses the iconic e -sports tide style appearance of ROG Strix, with an OLED display and Aura Sync RGB Synchronous lighting effect, which is very cool.

ROG Strix X299-E GAMING II uses a 12-phase power supply design, supplemented by high-quality inductance and capacitance, which has good support for the new generation of Core X processors with multiple cores. In order to avoid overheating the power supply module, the motherboard is equipped with active VRM heat sinks, stack heat dissipation fins, and 8mm heat pipes to improve heat dissipation performance and ensure the full play of the processor performance. In addition, the motherboard adopts an integrated I/O backboard design, which is more convenient and durable. SAFESLOT high -strength security slot allows the motherboard to face the flagship graphics card.

As a game motherboard, ROG Strix X299-E GAMING II optimizes the network and sound effects. Products are 2.5Gbps+Intel i219V dual-wired network card configuration, as well as Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX 200 wireless network cards, bringing excellent network performance. In terms of audio, the product has SupremeFx S1220A audio chips, with DTS Sound Unbound and Sonic Studio III intelligent sound management software to provide high -fidelity sound effects.