Explosion -proof double -headed plum wrench, its quality is based on 铍 bronze and aluminum bronze as raw materials.


Sparks are not occurred, and it is very suitable to create safety tools used under explosive, flammable, strong magnetic and corrosive occasions.

Explosion -proof double -headed plum wrench is a kind of explosion -proof wrench and a simple manual tool. It is mainly used to maintain and repair daily work. Both sides are plum blossom wrenches.


Waiting for operation. Explosion -proof double -headed plum wrench is very different from ordinary wrench products. Explosion -proof double -headed plum wrench products are professional wrenches provided to special industries because explosion -proof double -headed plum wrench products can play a role in explosion -proof, so it is mainly mainly It is a staff member who supplies to the flammable and explosive workplace for daily work maintenance, so that they can use them in these special environments without having a safety accident.

Explosion -proof plum blossom wrench, tools are also divided, explosion -proof single -headed plum wrench, explosion -proof double -headed plum wrench, explosion -proof plum blossoms stunned two use wrenches, explosion -proof hit plum wrench.

Explosion -proof single -headed plum blossom wrench

Explosion -proof knocking plum blossom wrench


Discipline of explosion -proof plum blossoms

Common explosion -proof wrenches are:


Explosion -proof live wrench, explosion -proof double -headed plum wrench, explosion -proof double -headed wrench, explosion -proof plum plum wrench, explosion -proof punch plum wrench, explosion -proof tap wound, explosion -proof high -necked plum blossom wrench , Explosion -proof bending knocking plum blossom wrench, explosion -proof valve wrench, explosion -proof inner hexagon wrench, explosion -proof F -shaped wound, explosion -proof hip clip, explosion -proof bucket wound, explosion -proof spine wheel wrench, etc.

Explosion -proof wrench application environment:


Petroleum refinement and petrochemical industry, coal mines, oil fields, natural gas chemistry industry, gunpowder industry, chemical fiber industry, paint industry, fertilizer industry, and various pharmaceutical industries. Vehicles and liquefied petroleum vehicles, airplanes, warehouses operating flammable and explosive products, electrolytic workshops, communication machine assembly workshops, required tools to not rust, wear -resistant anti -magnetic places, etc.

Explosion -proof wrench Recommended brand:

The main origin of the explosion -proof wrench is Hebei Botou and Shijiazhuang brand, China, Bohai, Sikai, Dean, etc.

Shijiazhuang, Zhiwei, Jin Shield, Fangbao, etc.

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