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Rotten tomato color is one of my favorite lipstick colors.

XG is glamorous, so that the yellow -black skin girls will glow!

Today, I will share with you 10 best -looking rotten tomato lipsticks.

There are cheap and big names!

Not much to say, we go straight to the theme.

1. Hedone crystal frozen lip glaze

Color number: half -familiar looking

Reference price: 89


Girls who like glass lip texture can choose this. The mirror feel is very strong, like crystal jelly, which is very suitable for beautiful girls. However, the light light lip glaze will be more stained with cups, poor durability, and not convenient to wear masks.

2. Amore love lip glaze

Color number: 06

Reference price: 50


It is also glass lip texture, but compared with the previous one, this one is more likely to form a film, the dipping cup is lighter, and it should be more colorful. As a Korean price brand, Amore’s lip glaze is very popular with the majority of beautiful women.

3. Armani Red Tube

Color number: 405

Reference price: 260

One of Armani’s classic color numbers is a velvet semi -matte texture, which is relatively stained with cups and is not too long. But the skin feels after the upper lip, soft and glutinous, and it is not dry at all. It is very suitable for girls with dry lips.

4. YSL black tube mirror mirror lip glaze

Color number: 416

It is still a mirror lip glaze, but compared to the first two, its mirror feeling is not so strong and not too linger. However, the cup is still not optimistic.


By the way, the mirror lip glaze is really not suitable for oil skin and hybrid skin girls. The overall makeup effect is too greasy. It is only recommended to start with dry skin.

5. Dior black tube charm and lipstick

Color number: 740


Reference price: 300

A moisturizing lipstick is very suitable for girls with darker lips and deep lips. However, the coloring of the cup is more serious. The actual color is slightly deeper than in the picture, and it is more reddish, without such orange.

6. Armani red tube lip glaze

Color number: 405g

Reference price: 230


405G and 405 are basically no difference in color tones, but this one is golden. The texture of the two is also relatively similar, both of which are velvet matte texture. Its advantage is that it is naturally thin, not exaggerated at all, and it can be applied everyday to work. But compare your temperament, otherwise it will be easy.

7. Hua Xizi carved red


Color number: M119

Reference price: 129

The semi -moisturizing semi -matte texture, no drying at all, girls with lip tattoos are also good -looking. The disadvantage is that it is a bit dipped in a cup, but it is much better than pure moisturizing lipstick. The cost performance is relatively high.


8. 3ce matte lip glaze

Color number: null set

Reference price: 85

The texture of water is fast. The matte texture is very strong, and it is a bit dry. Before applying, it is best to do a good job of the lips and remove the dead skin of the lips, otherwise it may be peeling. Although the pure dumb texture is very advanced, this lip glaze is more suitable for girls with shallow lips.

9. Apieu mirror lip glaze

Color number: CR03


Reference price: 60

It is still a cheap makeup brand in Korea, and the price is very close to the people. Its color is more red -colored, not so orange. The dyeing is more serious, and I am not afraid of eating coloring, because even if it is lost, the background color is still very red. Haha, but it’s easy to remove makeup.

10. Perfect diary matte lip glaze

Color number: 907

Reference price: 39

It is still a rotten tomato color with a reddish tone. The matte texture is relatively heavy, very advanced, but it is also very dry. The beauty of the lips is relatively darker, and the beauty with often explosive skin on the lips should not start. However, girls with better lips can be assured, and the cost -effective is still quite high.

Evaluate each cosmetics with the most objective words.

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Reference price: 260