Super strong deterrent fluorite T9 wireless sound light alarm launched on June 29

Hangzhou, June 25, 2015 / PRNewswire / – Ancient people: Preventing problems before they occur, that is, to prevent accidents or calamities before it happened. The theft of shops and residential communities occur from time to time, which not only causes losses to themselves, but also causes harm to society. This wireless sound light alarm T9, which is about to be released soon, is officially released on June 29 to meet the needs of users. It will be officially released on the official website on June 29 to ensure the safety of families and shops with strong deterrent functions.

Fluorite T9 wireless sound light alarm

This T9 wireless sound light alarm can be used with fluorite small A (A1 Internet alarm box) and other sensors at the same time. When the small A receives the alarm signal of other sensors ) The alarm sound, at the same time, flashes the warning light like the roof light of the police car, strongly shocks the invaders, as the tiger adds wings, so that the break in the person is prohibitive. Just like its slogan: Don’t scare away you, swear.

This product is easy to install and can be pasted directly on any position of the wall. It has a standard 5V USB interface, which can be used wirelessly with the alarm host (A1, A1C, R2, etc.) to avoid the wiring connection, which is more neat and convenient. T9 是原A1 报警盒子套装的重要补充,“震慑”是它的强项,当产品上的N 个探测器感应到异常情况触发报警时,可以产生高达85分贝的尖锐响声和8盏高频、高Bright LED lights will neither destroy the hair cells in the ears, and it is enough to make the break -ups fled and the distance comes.

The release of fluorite T9 wireless sound light alarm will bring the gospel to owners such as shops, factories, villas. The alarm method with both sound and light makes the A1 alarm box suit more complete, providing a more comprehensive guarantee for the safety precautions of various large places.

The above is the introduction and description of wifi siren, I hope it can be helpful to you.