It’s almost New Year … New Year’s candy must be ready to get ready

By Cry Brother’s Kitchen Story [Official Certification Master of Dou Guo Food]


150 grams of peanuts

Thirty grams of cranberry


160 grams of marshmallow

100 grams of milk powder


40 grams of Ana butter


Practice step


1. Put the peanuts in the oven 160 degrees and bake for about 15 minutes, take it out and take off the coat

2. Cut 40 grams of Ana butter out

3. Put butter in the pan, the minimum fire melted


4. Add marshmallow and continue frying the minimum heat until all melted


5. Add milk powder and stir well

6. Add peanuts and cranberries to dry the fire, mix well and leave the pan after mixing


7. Put on a disposable glove and rub it a few times, put it in a non -dipped baking sheet, plasticine and compact and compact

8. When the warm knife is cut into a sharp knife, the sugar paper is wrapped after it is completely cool.

9. Peanut Nougat is completed


10. My child’s favorite


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