Today, how long have you been forced or voluntary to stay up late, how long have you been sleeping comfortably? Mercury home textiles create a quality silk quilt, bringing soft and comfortable sleep enjoyment, bringing a night sleep.


Stay up late star data continues to increase, where to find good sleep

Data show that the phenomenon of staying up late in my country is particularly serious. People who sleep after 11 o’clock on working days account for 24.4%. During the weekend, the data is more than 50%, and the data continues to increase. Many netizens said: Although it is not good to stay up late for a long time, it can make themselves a national protection animal.

Why are you so enthusiastic about staying up late? What do modern youths stay up late? According to netizens, staying up late is mainly chasing dramas, watching variety shows, brushing short videos, and watching live broadcasts. A small number of netizens who love to learn will stay up late to read, endorse, and make papers … It is work during the day, and it is my own at night. Sure enough They are all senior staying up late.


Staying up late has a great impact on the quality of sleep, the more difficult it is to sleep later. So, how to improve sleep quality while quitting up late? Mercury Family Textiles Tiantianxiang two -in -one silk is 2 generations, making sleeping more soft and enjoying.

Silk -skilled skin, quality sleep immediately possess

Good silk is first to have excellent raw materials. Mercury home textiles are selected from Northeast wild silkworm cocoons. Northeast wild silkworm cocoons only produce one season each year. Mercury home textiles discard non -excellent varieties under wild conditions, and only use large cocoons to make, which has achieved the outstanding of the national color Tianxiang two -in -one silk. quality.


Mercury home textiles also have strict requirements in the length of the silk. The selection of long silk is selected as the filling. The soft and delicate silk is evenly distributed in each place, which is not easy to form a block, light and fluffy. The texture of the quilt composed of preferably is soft, delicate, touching the skin, and good breathability, which brings quality sleep.

In addition, Mercury home textiles also have uniqueness in technology. With the simplicity of the original ecology, it restores the cocoon -making process for thousands of years. Each of Mercury Home Textiles has been selected, cooked, peeled, drifted, washed, drying, and brushed. After the layers of ancient legal cocoons, Mercury’s spinning country, Tianxiang two -in -one silk quilts can be regarded as the real national color fragrance, letting people live with it with peace of mind.

Healthy and priceless, precious quality, do not have to stay up late as a commonplace. In this year of the cattle, the two -in -one silk of the Satsuka Tiantian in the Satsuki Family was “twisted” by the 2nd generation.