Women of different ages will be different in the effects of wearing. And making you look smaller than his peers, this is a consensus of women in all ages.


In particular, mature women value this more. Successful dressing has the characteristics of comfortable and resistance, and at the same time, it will also look younger. The female stars in the entertainment industry are all masters, and Huang Shengyi can be said to be a very prominent one.


Wearing a pink plush coat with leather pants, the tall ponytail is very girlish. Where is it like a mother who has become a mother? To make himself full of vitality, Huang Shengyi’s dress is worth learning from.

From the choice of coats, from material to color is age reduction and very girly existence. The plush material brings a very soft and glutinous feeling. Combined with the pink of very young girls, the age -reducing effect can also wear a sense of high level of high level. Don’t worry about wearing a very sweet feeling. Essence

However, pink is one of the colors that are very picky. For women who are not very confident in their skin tone, it is also recommended to choose a lighter saturated color, or use white matching like Huang Shengyi, which can play a role in brightening the skin color. At the same time, it can also play a good balance. The length of the coat is also very particular. The length of the calf is more ideal. The area of ​​the calf is a little bit more, and the small man can easily control it.


Huang Shengyi’s pink coat has a delicate shape, with the foundation white+black, simple atmosphere and young girl. In addition to the color reduction, the style and style of the single product are also very important. Hatker is a daily item with a strong sense of leisure. Combining with plush coats can enhance the randomness of the shape.


At the same time, the hat is placed outside the coat, which can make the shape look more layered. At the same time, there is also a split pink and face, which is conducive to avoiding the problem of yellowing.

But when you match, you must also remember to avoid wearing a very accumulated feeling. It will make the shape look slightly somewhere. If the collar of the coat is relatively heavy, you can use the inside of the round neck for replacement.

The upper body effect of the long coat is very aura, but it cannot ignore the lightness under the feet. Different versions of the lower installation will bring very different effects. In order to enhance the fineness of the shape and strengthen the feeling of a young girl, the slim leggings are more suitable.

It outlines the curve of the legs very well, and it is more slender against the coat. The tight matching skills of upper Panasonic can avoid wearing a bloated and procrastinating feeling. It is more suitable for women with more petite figures. The matching of wide -leg pants will show a fashionable and casual effect, which is more friendly for women who are not ideal.

In addition to the success of the single product and style, the hairstyle is also very extraordinary. The high ponytail is very young, and it will make mature women look younger. For mature women, sharpness is the key to age reduction.

It’s a very cute look, and it is also a very good age reduction. The short plush jacket also has a strong advantage in this regard, and the villi texture visual looks warmer. A small hat of the same material can reflect very childlike atmosphere.

The short plush coat has a small bloated feeling, so it is necessary to use a very rounded vision to achieve a certain degree of contrast, which can also have a thin and fashionable effect. The nine -point leg pants with thick -bottomed Martin boots can make the legs look more well -proportioned.

In the impression of many people, down jackets are easy to wear a fat effect. Then choose a thinner style and a thick sports sweater inside, which can not only meet the role of cold and wind -proof, but also make the shape look thin and delicate. Although this group of styling does not use the high waistline matching skills, it has not worn the problem of short legs. It is entirely because the coat and the length of the coat are different. Although the sense of layering is not obvious, it also plays a focus and gravity and gravity and gravity and gravity and gravity and gravity and gravity and gravity and gravity and gravity and gravity and gravity and gravity and gravity and gravity and gravity and gravity and gravity and gravity and gravity and gravity and gravity and gravity and gravity and gravity and gravity and gravity. Optimizing the role of the body proportion, simple and smooth lines, has also played a significant and thin role.