Rule of Law Daily All Media Reporter Liu Zhongquan

In order to implement the instructions of the Jilin Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government, and the higher -level traffic management department, we deeply learn the lessons of the major road traffic accidents on October 4, further strengthen the management of rural road traffic safety, and enhance the awareness of traffic safety of rural people. Since October, Since the 5th, the traffic police in Huadian City, Jilin Province have penetrated all over the rural areas of the jurisdiction and entered the fields. On the one hand, the source publicity and persuasion were carried out on the one hand. The identification, adopt a variety of measures to combine management with services, so that farmers not only bring the harvest home, but also take the safety to home.

The hard work of the Huadian traffic police was not only recognized and welcomed by farmers’ friends, but also was seen by enthusiastic people and remembered it. They are also determined to do their own meager power for rural road traffic. On October 19th, a ladies in Hong and Jinying, a guarantee Co., Ltd. in Huadian City, came to the Huadian Traffic Management Brigade and sent a reflective logo of more than 40 volumes and more than 4,000 yuan to the team instructor Yu Yunxiang. Hope Through the Huadian traffic police, he conveyed his heart to the safety of farmers’ traffic, and jointly created a safe and smooth rural road traffic environment.

As of now, the Huadian traffic police have passed the reflective logo for 330 agricultural locomotives.

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