Amazon doubles solar+energy storage projects

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According to foreign media news, Amazon added 37 new renewable energy projects to its investment portfolio, and a total of 3.5GW was added in the 12.2GW renewable energy product portfolio. These include 26 new public utilization solar projects, and the two will be mixed solar energy storage projects.

The company has also increased investment in two new hybrid facilities in Arizona and California.

Arizona projects will have 300 MW of solar photovoltaic +150 MW battery storage, while the California project will have 150 MW solar photovoltaic +75 MW battery storage.

These two latest projects will increase Amazon’s current solar photovoltaic power generation and energy storage capacity from 220 MW to 445 MW.

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said: “Now Amazon has 310 wind and solar projects in 19 countries, and is working hard to achieve 100%renewable energy by 2025 -than the original target Five years in advance 2030. “

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