Johnson hosted a grand three -wedding wedding, and his wife spent 25 pounds to rent a dress! This time it should be true love

Right now, British Prime Minister Johnson on the workplace keeps a feathers in one place;

But this is not delayed, he is proud of the spring in love!


14 months ago, under the restrictions on the epidemic restrictions, Johnson and his wife Kelly held a secret wedding.

It is said that at this secret wedding, only 30 relatives and friends were convened.

Obviously, the wedding of this small scene is absolutely enough!

SO, Johnson’s luxury wedding party, arrange!

It is said that the Boris couple thought to host a wedding in Checkers, exclusive to the Prime Minister’s exclusive country villa, but was strongly protested by the conservative party.

Conservatives firmly believed that Boris was unwilling to resign immediately for this wedding.

Although there are a lot of opposition, there are always many methods than problems.

After all, this wedding is to do it, but it is just a matter of the venue.

No, in the last day of the British Prime Minister, 58 -year -old Johnson and 34 -year -old Kelly’s three -wedding wedding was held according to the plan!

The wedding venue is in the “British Most Beautiful Village” Coloswald’s Delsford Manor.

This Daylesford Manor is a neoclassical manor in the British national first -level protection with nearly 1,500 acres of national secondary protection garden.

Affordable, Lord Anthony Banford, the rich in this luxury manor, is bound to be not a small person.

For a long time, the top rich has shocked the entire politics because he waved his big hand and generously donated to the British Conservative Party.

Since 2001, this old friend of Johnson has sponsored 14 million pounds to the British Conservative Party.

During the Johnson campaign in 2019, “the behind -the -scenes big man” was helpful in terms of private planes, venues, and funds.

But why, why is Anthony Bangford so rich?

Behind him, the entire family company, the British construction giant JCB Group (2022, JCB Group achieved nearly $ 4.9 billion in revenue), supporting!

Johnson has such a friend as a companion, and a government spokesman speaks hard:

This event will not involve taxpayers’ money! We will not publish any comments on guesses about private or family affairs.


On the day of the wedding party, more than 200 guests gathered in a large heart -shaped tent on the manor to feel the sour smell of love.

Among them are dozens of British politicians, celebrities and wisists from all walks of life, and family members of both.

For example: Conservative MP & Brexit leader Jacob Rees-Mogg, National Defense Minister Ben Wallace, Cultural Minister Nadine Dorries (Nadine Dorries) The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for the British politicians such as Amanda Milling and former Ministry of Culture John Whittingdale.

And Johnson’s sister, singing against Johnson and joining French nationality.

Perhaps because the manor is too wide, some guests need to land on the wedding scene by plane.

According to the secret intelligence of the Sun:

As soon as the guests arrived, some service staff enthusiastically served a glass of wine with golden wine (GIN), Martini Rosso Vermouth, and orange peel.

Although, the guests’ coffee is not small.

However, Kelly, who has always adhered to the sustainable development of the fashion industry, did not change his concept of persistence.

At the wedding party, Kelly wore a Savannah Miller brand, a high -end dress worth 3,500 pounds.

But Kelly himself revealed:

This dress was rented from the price of £ 25 from the price of £ 25 from the British clothing rental website.

The same is true for Johnson, wearing 45 pounds, and value Christos Costarellos dresses.

According to the “media line man” at the scene:

Kelly, very beautiful! All the guests looked at her!

Johnson is no exception. Every second at the wedding party, Johnson has no eyes, and has always looked at his wife affectionately!

Wow! Is this true love in the legend? Intersection

Then, I wish Johnson, who is not young, to be with his wife for a long time …


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