Inventory 4 popular “anti -aging essences”, the ingredient effect is online, it is worth recommending

A alcohol anti -old skin care has been on fire for a while, I believe many people have tried this skin care method. A alcohol has a significant effect on the skin’s anti -wrinkle and anti -aging. When the skin is tolerated, it is appropriately adjusted to use A concentration to harvest a more surprising skin care experience.

But the concentration is not the standard for judging whether a skin care product is useful. The pursuit of advanced skin care effects, and at the same time, the product formula and product efficiency can be achieved, which is the easy use in our hearts

Anti -aging essence


In this issue, Koala will give you everyone

L’Oreal Night Essence

Night Essence is a hardcore advanced anti -aging effect launched by L’Oreal. The hardcore is not only reflected in its A -alcohol application concentration, 0.25%of the advanced concentration and no parcel mitigation blessing, and the direct effect is more efficient.

In order to ensure the activity of A alcohol, this night essence uses L’Oreal to make huge sums of capital production lines. Not only can it be kept for a long time before opening, it can also protect A alcohol without oxidation after opening the formula.

In addition, a brand specialty peptide component is added to the night essence to improve the layout of anti -aging skin care. From the tight direction of lifting to improve the aging performance of the skin.

The composition of A alcohol and peptide is also a combination of essentially anti -aging upgrade and firming. There is no problem in whether it is anti -pattern or relaxation. Coupled with custody and hyaluronic acid soothing and moisturizing, it also guarantees the stability of the skin.

The essence of light milk, good absorption and not greasy, suitable for multiple skin types. You can clearly see the delicate changes in skin texture for a while.

Obangqi Vision of the Copyolne Essence

The American skin care giant Obangqi has always been very eye -catching in terms of efficacy skin care. In addition to VC is a masterpiece of the brand, the application of A alcohol composition is also very powerful.

The concentration of A alcohol in this essence is directly added to 0.5%, which looks scary high concentration, which can have a relatively soft performance under the blessing of slow -release technology.

In addition, the addition of soothing skin care ingredients such as Sheter Wood Fruit Oil also improves mild power to a certain extent. This also makes this high -concentration A. In the process of action, it is less stimulating than some relatively low -concentration products.

Essence of the essence cream, it looks like the skin sensation of the lotion, but it does not feel boring. The application of this essence is very suitable for people who need light skin tone, and light pattern and smooth skin are very suitable.

However, although there is a blessing of slow -release technology, the amount of control should be controlled during use to avoid overturning.

Mulandi A mellow essence

Mura, who originally belonged to the niche skin care brand, suddenly became popular in the era of A meterol. The brand’s Ahol skin care products are very rich, not only involved the essence, but also cream and eye cream products. Novice A. You can also try it with a cream first. Murah’s skin care products are hot, which originated from the brand’s 3A technology.

Under the blessing of this technology, A alcohol can be efficiently used by the skin while reducing the irritation. This is the two aspects that everyone cares about when using A alcohol skin care.

The concentration of this alcohol essence is added to the advanced level, but the essence as a whole has a mild nature. Novice with healthy skin barriers can even try this essence directly. The lotion has a light moisturizing skin feel, the overall absorption efficiency is good, and it will like it with oily skin.

PCA SKIN anti -aging essence

PCA SKIN, who was born in professional beauty care, has a brand unique insight in the application of skin care components. This A alcohol essence is a “ruthless character” and is very popular in the American skin care market.

In the application of formula components, the combination of 0.5%A alcohol and salicylic acid and 377 can be said to gather the powerful ingredients in each skin care field.

Even if you have no face, you can feel its skin rejuvenation effect. And this essence not only acts on anti -aging skin care, brightens skin tone, improves acne skin performance, and the effect of oil control and acne is also worth looking forward to.

On the basis of fully establishing tolerance, this essence can see changes in the skin texture in a short time to help regulate the skin into a state of “being able to fight”.

However, the use of this anti -aging essence must be specially careful, use the soothing essence to base, and then use moisturizing soothing cream to repair it, so that the skin care “dual insurance” can ensure the effect.

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Inventory 4 popular “anti -aging essences”, the ingredient effect is online, it is worth recommending

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