Stage performing arts light is also called “stage lighting”, referred to as “lighting”. One of the art styles of the stage. Using lighting equipment (such as lighting, slide, control system, etc.) and technical means, with the development of plots, rendering the atmosphere, highlight the center character, create a stage, time, shaping stage External image of the performance, and provide the necessary lighting effects (such as wind, rain, cloud, water, lightning), etc. Stage light is an important part of the performance spatial composition. It is a full range of visual visuals to the character and the specific scene of the desired development based on the development of the plot. The lighting design of the stage environment, and purposefully will design the idea to reproduce the artistic creation of the audience in a visual image. It should be comprehensively, the system is considering the spatial shape of the characters and plots, and strictly follow the style law and use good means.


LED beam lamp

The laser lamp mode is to adopt high-energy laser light source and high-tech optical technology, controlled by the computer, perform unique effects on customized media. Laser performance technology is a technique of singularity, light, electricity, and machine; the laser performance system acts as a performance system, reflecting the artistic attainments and cultivation of the organizer. The laser can be directly scanned or optically operated by optical devices such as prisms, transfer mirrors, gratings. Different work methods can produce different effects to create a colorful scene atmosphere.

Animation laser light


Laser light beam optical network:

Bunching a multi-colored beam with high brightness and multi-color laser, the color of the laser is switchable during the interleaving process, such as bright and more “optical networks”. This “optical network” is simple, but the effect is very good in the night sky, deeply affected by customers, and high usage. This method is adapted to various occasions in the indoor outdoor, and it is generally found in the air, and it is better to play this “optical network”. It is better, and it is easy to mobilize exciting emotions on the field and push the scene to a climax.

Laser lamp Haitao waves:

Place the fan with the laser light, then gradually increase the fan, the waves, the waves, can be soothless, but also dramatically, the atmosphere on the field of view. The radios will be shrouded in the light fan, and it is improving, and it is a timely music, a kind of intention, and a heart-to-life.

Full color laser light