Second, simple style common decorations

1. Black and white decorative painting:

The black and white decorative surface is that the painting pattern only uses the black self -gray three colors. The content of the painting can be specific and abstract; the black and white decorative paintings are used on the simple style background wall, which is not only in line with its style characteristics, but it will not be loud.

2. Pure -colored carpet:

It is best to choose a solid color carpet, so that you do n’t have to worry about the overly fancy patterns and colors conflict with the overall style; the pure color carpet often uses a soft dress for living rooms and bedrooms is more durable.

3. Fish wire -shaped chandelier:

Fish wire -shaped chandelier shows the casual characteristics of simple style with its simple straight -line shape structure; bright and concise shape, coupled with simple light bulb light shadows, formed a unique simplicity beauty, while highlighting the modern minimalist home style, it still improves it. The quality of the space.

4. Frameless painting/abstract painting:

Frameless paintings get rid of the traditional picture frame, which has the taste of original painting. Choose a set of frameless painting and decorative walls, which coincides with the simple -style rooms to pursue simple concepts; decorating frameless paintings or simple abstract paintings on the wall, not only can improve

Space taste can also achieve the effect of releasing the sense of overall space.

5, plain screen curtain:

Most of the curtains in modern minimalist home style are hazy plain curtains, which can make the space full of natural lighting; the curtains will not destroy the refreshing atmosphere of the living room in the elegant and quiet space. Come to clean and comfortable demands.

6. Iron art three -legged floor lamp:

The simple iron support frame, the design of the three -legged support is very thoughtful, the overall lines are clean and neat, which is very suitable for the simple style living room.

7, ceiling light:

The shape is simple and generous, which can be tightly adsorbed on the space without other decorations, which is very suitable for simple style

It can satisfy its minimalist appeal; the simple shape, while highlighting the modern minimalist home style, also improves the quality of space.