How to choose the anti -theft door, I will say this 7 o’clock, you have to remember

Those who are being renovated, or are struggling to buy anti -theft doors. Today you can come. An article helps you understand the anti -theft door. If you like it, you must use it one day.

1. Why change the door and change the door time

If you want to change the anti -theft door, you are not assured of the development of the developers, the anti -theft door is unsuccessful, the color, shape and family style of the anti -theft door are not matched, the anti -theft door is problematic, or damaged. Your home belongs to your home belongs to your home. Which one?

Next, let’s talk about the time to change the anti -theft door. Don’t change the anti -theft door when you start the decoration. No one will help you take care of it during the decoration process, scratch, bump, and even the door frame deformation. This is commonplace. The floor tiles are paved to the door. When you prepare to spread the tiles, replace the anti -theft door, and then spread it on the door stone. Or do you do n’t spread the door stones, wait for the hard installation to end the anti -theft door, and then spread the door stone.

Second, anti -theft door level

Anti -theft door is divided into four levels: A, B, C, and Ding. Generally, our family changes the anti -theft door. Grade A. The door frame of the anti -theft door A is 2 防 thick, and the door fan is 1㎜ thick. Now many unsatisfactory anti -theft doors produced by small factories on the market will print the word “Jia” into the word “Shen”. Essence

Third, material

At present, the anti -theft door made of cold -rolled steel and zinc iron alloy is mainly used. Like steel and wood, stainless steel is used relatively little now. Of course, the copper door is also good, but the cost is high. Introduction products, simple craftsmanship, low cost, and the performance of the relatively cold -rolled steel of zinc and iron alloy has improved, but the cost is slightly higher, but the indicators such as anti -corrosion, rust, and deformedness are even better. So if you have conditions, you can directly apply zinc iron alloy.

Besides, the material in the door is generally divided into three types, honeycomb paper, and you can’t say that he is not good. If the budget at home is not high, you choose him, polyurethane foam, good thermal insulation performance, and can also give the anti -theft door sufficient support to support the support of the anti -theft door. There is also an aluminum honeycomb, with good support and flame retardability, and the cost is relatively high. Here I recommend polyurethane foaming, and the performance is relatively balanced.

Fourth, door lock

The level of the door lock is mainly divided into three grades of Class A, B -level and ultra -B -level. The A -level has been eliminated due to its own safety reasons. Class B. At present, the state has no latest specifications for the door lock level, so you will see that the C -level or D -level lock core will be sold on the market. Whether it is a fingerprint lock or a normal lock core, it will satisfy the super b, which is C -level. No problem, when purchasing fingerprint locks, pay attention to buying anti -small black box attacks, which is safer.

Five, thickness

Generally, the thickness of the door fans is 9-12 cm. If the anti-theft door is written on the anti-theft door, but the thickness of the door fan is less than 9 cm, then congratulations to you who bought the fake door and you can pay one pay three. The thickness will be about 10 cm, not too thick, too thick, it is easy to cause damage to the leaf, and it is prone to falling fan.

Six, Heye

Do not stare at the door to buy the anti -theft door, and the hardware is also very important. Like the leaf, how long the door is easy to use, it depends on it. If you do n’t choose Simple methods, the thickness of the thickness is large, the rotating shaft is thick, and the screw holes are many. Some people say that the screw holes are more useful. Two locks are very strong, and it is useless. In fact, otherwise, one is more stable. Loose, the strictness and strictness of closedness have great effects.

Seven, paint

There are two types of anti -theft door, one is sunscreen, and the other is not sunscreen. If it is outdoors or with sunscreen requirements, you must tell the merchant. Use anti -ultraviolet imitation copper paint or fluorocarbon paint, the general paint in the indoor building is enough.


: Grade A, polyurethane foam, zinc and iron alloy, C -level lock core, and fluorocarbon paint are also economically affordable.

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