Will you put aromatherapy at home?

Previously, I had no concept of indoor aromatherapy at all.

The only thing that can be used in the indoor incense is the cheap air fresh agent.

But since living with her girlfriend, she will buy a lot of aromatherapy products, causing different fragrances in every corner of the family.

In her words, “the rental house must also be comfortable.”

When I returned home to smell the incense, he healed the fatigue of the day’s work, and the whole person relaxed.

The exquisite Kun Ling she mentioned that the first step of tasteing life was aromatherapy life aesthetics.

The fragrance will still stay on the clothes and follow you to other places.

Colleagues joked that when you smell the fragrance every day, you know that you are coming to work.


The taste is the best business card of a person,

It allows you to remember a person, please others and you can enjoy yourself.

Recently, I have also found a high -end, price -friendly aromatherapy pendant–

Kugg wind chime aroma.

After receiving it, I was directly asked by my colleagues and friends. The fragrance is very high -level.

When I smelling my heart, I feel that I feel healed.

Looking at the face value is worth starting, it is as delicate and compact as a wind chime, and it is convenient to be convenient.

Rose gold’s metal box, and a soft PVC rope.

The appearance is high -level and exquisite, and the Japanese -style simple design is like a artwork.

The price is close to the people, and dozens of dollars can have formal clothes and replacement.

No wonder it was named grass on the red book of Xiaohong,

Praise a basket ~

If you want to start with the aromatherapy with both face value and cost -effective, Kugg wind chime aroma is really good!

01 Japanese imported plant spices

Gartar -grade natural spices, continuously dispersed for 30 days

In order to ensure the high -level sense of aroma, Kugg wind chime aroma is one of the leading enterprises in the world’s flavors and flavor industry.

Provided by Nagasawa Passenger Co., Ltd. in Japan.

The aroma does not hit the fragrance. There are 3 natural aromas, each of which is divided into

The front, middle and back are rich and layered, and you will not forget it once.

Chiba bamboo rhyme

The green grass and trees are like being in the sea of ​​trees

Turning: Japanese grapefruit, lemon, green pepper -mid -tone: lotus, green leaves, mint -tissue: musk, cedar

Shizuoka Sweet

The girl’s heart hidden in the wardrobe is soft and playful.

Turning out: Lemon, geranium, fennel, grapefruit, pepper -medium: Magnolia, peony, lily -tissue: ambergris, sandalwood, ocean, jasmine

Akita Manga Tea

Like the sun through the shade of you, it is cool in the warmth.

Preface: Mango Tea, Black Callia, Sweet Orange, Apple -Medium: Tea, Songxi, Lemon, Cardamom, Lily of the Tail: Musk, Ocean, Jasmine

They are selected natural plant spices with aromatherapy, which smells a feeling of being cured.

Each different fragrance represents a mood, breath and emotions with each other, there is always one to accompany you and heal you ~

Somber selection nano -concentrated balm technology solid fragrance tablets,

Up to 90%fragrance content

The aroma can be distributed well.

Generally, 5 square meters of space are placed on one,

You can leave incense for 2-3 months

It is much more cost -effective than perfume.

Using and replacing cores are also very simple.

Unscrew the metal lid and put it in the paste, and then screw it on the lid to assemble.

02 Add natural camphor extract extract essential oil

Remove the taste to remove mites and prevent moth, healthy and assured

This aroma not only makes the clothes fragrant, but also

Anti -mites and mad.

If it wasn’t for CCTV reports, I didn’t know that I hadn’t washed a week, and 10 million mites would accompany me to sleep.

The mites are eaten with our dander, hair, and secretions, and every corner of the house: bed, sofa, carpet, towels, pets …

They are like ants every day, drill into your hair follicles, eat, drink Lazar on your skin, and even give birth to children.

(Mites under a microscope)

In order to remove mites and mites, the older generation is used to putting mite bags or camphor pills in the wardrobe, but it will make clothes strange.

And camphor pill

List by the World Health Organization as Class A.cinoma!

Long -term contact or inhalation not only stimulates the respiratory tract, but even liver is damaged, acute hemolytic anemia … seriously affects health!

Kugg wind chime perfume aroma is particularly added with natural camphor extraction essential oils, plus the neutralization of other spices, there is no nose for camphor pills at all.

Put in wardrobe energy


Putting in the bookcase can prevent books from being bite.

The mite removal function is detected by the testing agency,

The mite removal rate is as high as 90%or more ~

You know, the sun can only eliminate 60%of the dust mites. This aromatherapy is up to 90%of the mite removal rate, which can also remove the flavor and deworming, which eliminates many other products for repetitive consumption.

It has also passed the rigorous detection of GTI, without alcohol and non -formaldehyde.

Children and pregnant women at home can also be used with confidence, and every bite of breath has a healthy guarantee.

03 A lot of uses, multi -scenes use

Give some sense of rituals and enhance life happiness

San incense is also very uniform,

Wardrobe, door porch, shoe cabinet, car in the car

These places can be hung up to remove the odor and purify the air, and it is used for fresh spray than the air.

Hanging desk:

The elegant aroma refreshing the brain, soothing the pressure of fatigue ~

Hanging wardrobe: After hanging every piece of clothing, it is fragrant. This is the secret I was asked about perfume. You can spray perfume without going out!

Hanging bookshelf:

Hanging in the corner of the bookshelf, the high quality sense is perfectly integrated, adding points to knowledge.

Inside the trailer:

Add your own car! There is a fresh and sweet smell on the boy’s car that will be more popular with girls ~

Hanging storage cabinet:

Fresh smell, don’t use camphor pills!

There is also a bathroom and shoe cabinet that can also be hung to remove the odor and lasting fragrance ~

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