Today is July 13th. I just entered Futian. The weather is very hot. In the past few days, children’s clothing should have entered a very light season. I can’t sell a few clothes in a day.Some customers have clothes to wear. I saw some stores on the Internet. It was sold on the counter, which means that when the hottest Futian, he went to sell cotton clothes and down jackets in winter, because we just started making children’s clothing this year.I do n’t know that this method of sales is not feasible. In addition, the area of our store is limited. Summer clothes are already full. Even if you want to do anti -season sales, it seems that there is no place, and then summer clothesIt is not appropriate to collect it early, because it is still selling, I don’t know what to do.Today, I want to talk about anti -season sales with friends who are on the headline today. What do you think?Can I try it?If you have more experience, you can share it, welcome to leave a message, and finally thank the platform.