Pack, clothes, a set of pajamas, bed is lying, just

The happiest moment in one day



Whether you are a hundred thousand urban white collar, still dress up the blogger, returning home will always return

“Simple” dress


Especially in winter, the pajamas has much wearing a thick.

The style is not good to see

It doesn’t matter if you have downtown clothes. Anyway, no one can see it at home!


But in fact, the clothes that have been worn have been washed repeatedly, and the clothing fibers are already very fragile.


It is getting less and less warm.

Fiber torn ▼


The styles of the old earth can’t worn out

, Everyday downstairs take a courier, the small selling department buy bottle of soy sauce, you can’t lose people.

After working, I have been tired of home, of course, ZUI wants to make yourself to make yourself.

Especially in autumn, everyone can not go out at home, and we can wear 24 hours a day.

So this time,

The choice of personal service is more important!

Especially in winter,

On picking pajamas,


Comfortable √ √ Warm √ I have to!

It is very popular in recent deaths.

[Shake fleece]


Warm fabric, not only the characteristics of cashmere warm, also have a soft skin, do not fill the advantages of happiness, so

It is also called [cashmere]

There are many sweaters for many well-known brands (Sen *, New Bal * NCE, Uniead *).

The grass platform is on a search

3W + note, 9000+ products

I don’t know if you don’t know you so hot clothes!

Is it a heart?


Come, today I am going to give you a set of Amway.


Cashmere pajamas.

Compared with the “coral velvet” and “flannel” in the past few years.


“Make the fleece” is warmed to be more thin.

No problem in the door is


The outside is a dense fleece.

Will not be like other inferior velves, sparse leakage.

It is very comfortable to wear.


I feel that the whole person is gently wrapped in the clouds.

You can feel its “body temperature” immediately.


The whole body is like opening the electric blanket, the temperature rise of the squat is like the temperature of the hiding in the warm tanning.

Not exaggerated, wearing it, I can not go out at home in a week ~

Loose straight version, no figure


, Can also hide the small belly, small legs.


Even the double-sided velvet, it is more thin than the cotton bedouts in the street.

Do you want to be thin and not a “career” that a woman is pursued in his life? !

There is also a male version of the same paragraph.

, Send a pajamas to your boyfriend / husband to increase the intimate feelings, and it seems that this simple pajamas looks very advanced, men are more willing to wear.


The shake spill clothes on the market, I watched it online, Ideat * 1 shake jacket,

Doing the activity price is 199 yuan.

But today I saw the family of the article was blessed, I gave you a discount:

Men and women with the same paragraph, 79 yuan 1 set!


2 sets, there is no more than one person.

Limited 300 sets!


And the quality of the style is classic, accompany you 2 ~ 3 cold winter is not a problem.

Gifts don’t have to be more expensive, send him / her heart, you will win!

Winter wearing clothes is a courage, the cold fabric is in contact with the skin, and the chicken skin is immediately “fried”.

Fortunately, we can have this set.

Warm is not absolutely cashmere pajamas.

The tactile feel of the plush, it seems to be a cute kitten fluff, and it is not enough to come back in the body.


Double-sided high-density fleemers, you can hold the temperature of us 360 °.

When the skin encounters clothes, it will start.




We drive to the biggest file with a hairdryer, blowing candles in the opposite face, and the candle did not destroy.

Even if there is a sudden “demon wind”, it is not afraid of the cold wind to drill into the body ~


The surface is windproof, plus the hemathered hemathered, so that the body locks the temperature.


Continuous thermal cycles are maintained at 37 ° C for warm and comfortable.

I usually take a shower directly to wear it will be very warm.

I don’t need a blanket on the sofa. I will not be cold and ice, I will be wrapped directly!

The warm upper body is still rising, usually with the objects, it is too cold and not hugging each other, now wearing it, hate, “hanging” on him 24 hours a day ~


Not only can we wear in the room, but occasionally go out, and the smoke can also take the temperature outside.

Surrounded minimalist sweater wind, atmospheric fashion


No matter whether it is home or wear, there are several streets of “Grandfather Grand Care”.


There are still

Effect of embossed cat

Added a playful feeling, so that the winter is no longer dull.

Shirt is

Designed, it will not take the armpit,

Can be free to actively active arms, the upper body is loose but not bloated, revealing a lazy fashion.


Small straight pants-type trousers design, no longer pull

No matter whether it is a boys or a girl, it can perfectly block the leg meat, and instantly pull long legs.


Clothes cuffs, hem and trousers have made a beam design, prevent cold winds


It’s also intimate than your boyfriend ~

Like this kind of solid color style,

Can also be as a sweater suit


, Single, or with vest, down jacket, usually go downstairs, buy breakfast, walk dog, do not have to change your clothes.


Many furry clothes will always be on their body, and there are some “traces of traces” on their hair.

Evaluation of the pajamas I purchased before. ▼


However, this double-sided velvet set, you can try it with you, I have tested you,

Will not fall! Will not fall!


It is not easy to static,

Wearing away, it will not be a “fried” pain skin, and the shovel can also feel relieved.

Plant dyeing, the first time, the water does not fall,


Boldly throw into the washing machine mix.

I don’t want to start with the washing machine.


Brush you with steel wire to brush it once I wore 1 month ▼

Products are professional testing, fabrics

No formaldehyde, carcinogenic amine, fluorescent dressing agent, etc.

Harmful substances, even if those who are allergies, they will not stimulate the skin.


Pants telescopic stretch,


Heavy inclusive.


Male and female size, but considering


The girl is small, only L with XL2 code

, Three men have ~

Winter home, a set of pajamas is of course not enough, at least 2 sets of rheal of each person, and we are also preparing for 6 colors for you to choose.


Male and women with paragraph: gray, khaki

Girl exclusive energy color: orange, pink, apple green, sky blue

Buildings through this shake felile homes, praise it


Warm, good quality.

It is used to the comfort of the fleece, and 95% of sisters can no longer look back in other pajamas in the wardrobe.

Not only buying it yourself, don’t forget the big pig hooves in your home.

Throw away the old T-shirt and broken trousers he wears, often fill the wind and put it on this warmer and typeless pajamas ~

Two people wear the same pajamas together, nest on the sofa watching drama, do a meal in the kitchen, how sweet ~


Also give the cold parents on a set

The body of middle-aged and elderly people is very easy to be cold, and this should be wearing this self-heated clothes.

The body is warm, and there are still many cases of catching a headache.

A set of this double-wheeled velvet set at the market.

¥ 200 +.

Today, I bring benefits to you.

Men and women with the same paragraph, a set of 79 yuan!

A set of good pajamas can wear a few winter,

During this period, you can save a lot of money because you have a cold, or you bought a bad money.



79 yuan, 2 movie tickets

, You can get this warm, thin, high-quality home suit, 100 worth it!


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