Dress is a very magical costume. No matter who wears it, it will look very beautiful and more temperament. And many women also like to wear dresses in summer, so then Audrey will introduce some Korean version of summer student dresses. Interested friends, don’t miss it ~


A red short -sleeved wave dot dress


It is very beautiful and convenient to wear a dress in the summer, and you can get it directly! This Korean version of the summer red short -sleeved wave dot dress is very retro and fashionable. The dazzling Chinese red looks very eye -catching and skinny. Students wear this wave dot dress without any sense of disobedience, so that you are more elegant and restrained, you no longer always give people a feeling of being too tender!

Fashion wave dot dress

Errus leaf collar jacket short skirt

This Korean version of the summer lotus leaf collar jacket skirt is very small, fresh and generous, and it is very suitable for junior high school students. High school students and college girls wear it. The design of the wide lotus leaf collar can better modify the effect of the shoulder. The design of high waist and waist highlights the waist, which can make your legs more slender. Students wear this dress in summer, and it is best to look with small white shoes ~

Small fresh lotus leaf collar jacket short skirt

Sanzhong sleeve V -neck jacket middle long skirt


In the Korean version of the summer dress, the solid color system accounts for a large majority. Although the solid color system is very simple but also high, it gives a light elegant temperament. This middle -sleeved V -neck jacket is long skirt, without picking age and figure, whether you are a social person or a student, or a middle -aged lady, you can try it! The red and sexy is charming, the rice gray is elegant and stylish, these two colors are very popular!

Hepburn wind V -neck dress


Four Posamian mid -length dresses


When going out in the summer, don’t be too perfect for a bosnian dress! This Korean version of the summer off -the -shoulder chiffon Posamian dress is also very suitable for student party to wear. Put on the campus to make you easy to have a return rate. Go out and play this dress to take pictures in the summer vacation, so that you have the most beautiful moments.

Chiffon jacket mid skirt

Five Korean version of casual mid -sleeved jacket skirt


In the summer, students wear this loose and casual Korean dress short skirt, with small white shoes and peaked caps. Don’t be too fashionable. In recent years, lazy and loose clothing has become more and more popular. It is also the first choice for many fat girls. It can cover the meat and make it more fashionable. Students wear this casual dress, look very young and lively ~

Loose middle and long student T -shirt

Six -horn sleeve lace dress

The lace dress can always give people a feeling of elegant ladies. Don’t wear it too much! This Korean version of the summer spoofed sleeve pink lace dress is very modified to wear, whether it is paired with high heels or flat -bottomed shoes. When students are in school, they can also wear this lace dress and a pair of white flat single shoes. They are not only high, but also have a very high temperament, so that you have a high return rate on campus.

Horn sleeve lace dress