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Which eye cream is good? 27,000 e -commerce comments show that of the 10 eye creams compared this time, the two star products of Lancome and Estee Lauder are costly high, and consumers have the best reputation.

Dark circles, bags bags, and wrinkles can be said to be a natural enemy of women. Once it appears, it will be destroyed. Eye cream, as a professional eye care product, is sought after by female friends. Eye cream products are full of eye cream, which eye cream can make you have bright eyes, away from dark circles, bags under the eyes, wrinkles?

In July 2017, the Captain of the Clearance of JD.com and Tmall has collected Lancome, Estee Lauder, Lanzhi, Nature Hall, Clinique, Kyan, Elizabeth Jaca, L’Oreal, Maruya, Oralan oil. Thousands of e -commerce review data. Through the experience of consumers, I recommend which eye cream is more worth buying.

Insert a small science

Why are you prone to dark circles, bags under the eyes, wrinkles? Let’s take a look at the characteristics of eye skin. “Eye skin is thinner than other parts of the skin. At the same time, the amount of movement of the eyes is large. When it is continuously stretched, it is easier to have wrinkles. The sweat glands and sebaceous glands of the subcutaneous organs are relatively easy to dry.

The density of neurofiber and capillaries around the eye is high, and the poor blood circulation causes darkness and fatigue on the eyes. It is prone to problems such as dark circles, bags under the eyes, crow’s feet, and fat particles. Peng Guanjie, a cosmetics R & D engineer in Guangzhou Tinglan Biotechnology Co., Ltd., introduced to the Captain Captain.

With age, various skin problems are more obvious. Anti -aging is the main reason why consumers use skin care products. Most of the use of eye cream is to solve the problem of aging of the eye skin.

How does the dark circles, bags, wrinkles and other issues that make everyone hate it? Peng Guanjie said: “The main type of dark circles: one is blood vessels dark circles, which are often blue and black. Due to lack of sleep, eye fatigue, etc., the blood flow rate in the microvascular fluid is slow, the blood volume is increased, and the oxygen consumption is increased. Great increase causes dark circles around the eyes of the eyes. The other is pigment dark circles, which are black. It is mainly long -term sun exposure, excessive skin dryness, and blood loss cause pigmentation. “


“The bags under the eyes are generally considered to be excessive accumulation of orbital fat. The degeneration of the lower eyelid tissue is relaxed, caused by low tension, or edema. The fine lines are mainly reduced or lost in the fibroblast activity in the dermis layer, which makes the dermis laminate collagen fiber and elasticity. Fiber decreases and breaks, resulting in reduced skin elasticity. “

For eye problems, we need to take the right medicine. At the same time, you must develop good eye habits.


Lancome and Estee Lauder are worth recommending, Maru Mami has a relatively general performance

The 10 eye cream products and comprehensive rankings selected this time (Figure 1), although the two star eye creams, Lancome and Estee Lauder, are priced at high, but consumers are also the best reputation. Products, it is worth recommending.

In combination with consumer reviews, 7 indicators of moisturizing, moisturizing, absorption, refreshing, comfort, improving dark circles, removing dry lines, and smells are used as comprehensive evaluation indicators. Each indicator is empowerment (as shown in Figure 2).

In summary, the two products of Lancome Essence Eye Cream Eye Cream and Estee Lauder Muscle Eye Eye Cream are the best consumer reputation. The comprehensive performance of Marumy’s firming eye bag eye gel is slightly inferior. Comprehensive evaluation of 10 eye creams (see Figure 3)

The moisturizing effect, absorption and comfort of each eye cream are high. However, the satisfaction of the maintenance effects of the product can improve the repair effect of dark circles, bags under the eyes, and fine lines.

Combined with product conditions and consumer comments, make a brief comments on 10 eye creams as follows.

01 Lancome Essence Eye Cream Cream,


As a star product, Lancome Little Black Bottle scores the highest score. Consumers feel that this product is moisturized and not greasy, easy to absorb, and it is more comfortable to use. Some consumers who have been used for a long time say that this product has a certain amount of diluted dark circles and removes fine lines. The product contains the ingredients of whitening and removing freckles and moisturizing effects such as cycloids, yeast extract, and sodium hyaluronate.

02 Estee Lauder Muscle Slip Eye Eye Cream

Estee Lauder’s small brown bottle eye cream is also a star product, and consumers have a very good reputation. The main effect is firming and moisturizing, hydrating and moisturizing. This eye cream has a higher user loyalty at the same time. Consumers say that this product is well absorbed. Compared with other eye creams, the black circles and drying fine lines of the product are the highest. Like Lancome’s small black bottle, this product also uses di -fermented yeast fermented products as the main component. These two eye creams are the two products with the best reputation of this 10 products.

03 Lange Zhimi Tienan Repair Eye Cream

As a moisturizing eye cream, it contains nicanol (vitamin E) ingredients. Consumers are very satisfied with the moisturizing effect, which is moist and not greasy. A small number of old customers said that they have a certain role in diluting fine lines and removing dark circles.


04 Nature Hall Snowy Symphony Pure Eye Cream

This is a cost -effective eye cream. Good moisturizing, moisturizing and not greasy, and comfortable using consumers is the main evaluation of this product. This product mainly uses a variety of plant extracts as soft moisturizing antioxidants.


05 Clinique Huanyan Vitality Anti -wrinkle Eye Cream

The main component of this product is corner shark anne, which has a good moisturizing function. Contains moisturizing antioxidant ingredients such as a variety of plant extracts and sodium hyaluronate. Consumers such as moisturizing and absorption are very satisfied. Some consumers say that there is a certain puffiness to remove the effect of dry lines.

06 Keyan Avocado Moisturizing Eye Cream

This is also a moisturizing eye cream. Consumers say that the product’s moisture and absorption are better. The product component is mainly avocado fruit lipstick, which has strong moisturizing capabilities. A small number of consumers think this eye cream is a bit greasy.

07 Elizabeth Arden Water Feelings Heng Run, lasting moisturizing eye cream


Consumers’ main impression of this product is also good moisturizing, easy to absorb, refreshing and non -greasy. But many consumers say that the smell of this product is not good. Improvement of bags under the eyes, dark circles, and fine lines are not obvious.


08 L’Oreal Fuyan Anti -wrinkle Firming and Moisturizing Eye Cream

Moisturizing and moisturizing, product composition contains retinol palmate (vitamin A derivatives), has a certain antioxidant and anti -aging effect.


09 Magnolia Oil Freshman Plastic Gold Pure Elytic Eye Cream


This eye cream is relatively satisfactory. The main effect is firming and removing fine lines. Some consumers say that the moisturizing effect is not very good.


10 Maruki firming eye bag eye gel

The moisturizing satisfaction of this product is high, and other indicators are relatively satisfactory, but some consumers say that this eye cream is a bit difficult to absorb.


It was found in the comments that some consumers expressed their long -term fat particles after using eye cream. Peng Guanjie said: “Under the majority of fat particles belongs to millet pimples or sympathetic tumors. If the fat particles are caused by eye cream, most of them are blocked by pores because the skin is not completely cleaned. The accumulation is accumulated in the epidermis, and the skin care in the eyes causes very small wounds in the skin around the eyes. A small white cyst is generated during the self -repair of the skin. “

According to the experience of consumers, the use of eye cream can only achieve the effect of hydrating and moisturizing. It is not obvious except dark circles, bags bags, and fine lines. For the skin problems around the eyes, the best is prevention. Eye cream is mainly aimed at anti -aging and anti -aging problems. It can use eye cream to prevent the emergence of skin problems around the eye according to personal needs.


the data shows

1. Selection instructions: This time when the sample is selected, the mainstream brands are selected, and the sales and comments have reached a certain number of products for comparison. However, some brands cannot be taken care of. In contrast, it does not mean that all the products of the brand are like this.


2. Rating instructions:


First of all, review the review data. Select 7 indicators to calculate the comprehensive score. The weights of each indicator are: moisturizing and moisturizing 30%; 15%of absorption, refreshing, and comfort; improving dark circles and drying fine lines each account for 10%; odor 5%.

Comments are divided into praise, bad reviews, and medium reviews. Because this evaluation is very low, the praise and bad reviews are basically inversely proportional, so only the comprehensive score of each indicator praise rate is used.

A Eye Cream A indicator praise rate = a eye cream A indicator of the number/A eye cream A indicator refers to the total number

A Eye Cream A Index Index = A Eye Cream A indicator praise rate/comparison style A overall praise referral rate

The maximum score of each indicator of the eye cream obtained by the above method is 4.5. In addition, the consumer satisfaction is generally low due to improving the two indicators of dark circles and dry lines. Therefore, the maximum score of these two indicators is 3.5. The product mentioned the ratio of each indicator of different styles, and the quality score of each indicator of each eye cream is obtained. The final comprehensive word -of -mouth index is obtained from the weighted accumulation.


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