In the decoration of the bathroom, the toilet must be the first point. When decorating the toilet, many owners will choose to install themselves.

Is it difficult to install the toilet by yourself?


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What glue to install toilet is best

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What glue is best to install toilet?

Glass glue. When choosing glass glue, you can choose neutral glass glue. Select glass glue with better sealing. Because the sealing glass glue is vacuum and it is not easy to mold. In the future, it can also ensure the matching of glue and toilet. The sealing glue sticks firmly.

How to




1. Comprehensive inspection

Before the toilet is installed, a comprehensive inspection must be performed on the sewage pipeline to check if there is a clogging in the pipelines such as sediment and waste paper. Let the lower water mouth be higher than the ground 2mm-5mm.

2. Sewage discharge confirmation

Before installing the toilet, you should first confirm the center of the sewage pipe. The confirmation method is to turn the toilet over, and then determine the center on the sewage port of the toilet. The bottom of the toilet and the feet around.

3. Start installation

The sewer is required to be installed with flat processing. The toilet bottom exit should be installed with a special flange of the toilet, or the glass glue is uniformly pair and the lower part of the water port. smooth.

4. Preparation

After the toilet is in place, the water inlet requires no leakage, the water level is correct, the flushing is smooth, the switch is flexible, and the stable is stable. There are generally no ground foot screws. If the ground screw is added, the special sealing glue is evenly applied at the periphery of the drainage outlet of the toilet base.

5. Fixed toilet

When a fixed toilet is performed, the cross thread on the toilet with the ground sewage out of the toilet should be performed to ensure that the toilet is installed horizontally and then tightly seal the circle. Finally, you can install the screws and decorative caps of the ground foot.

6, bottom sealing


After fixing the toilet, you should install a dedicated sealing ring on the sewage outlet of the toilet, or apply a circle of glass glue (oil gray) or cement mortar around the surroundings, while the ratio of cement to sand is 1: 3, and the solid time time, solidified time It is generally 24 hours.

7. Install water tank

Before installing the water tank accessories, put water for 3-5 minutes to rinse the pipeline. After ensuring the cleaning of the tap water pipe, the corner valve and connecting the hose are installed, the hose connects the water tank accessories with the installed water tank, and at the same time according to the water source.

8. Debug inspection

马桶安装完毕后,就要对马桶的进行检验,检查清楚进水阀与密封是否正常,排水阀所安装的位置是否灵活,会不会存在卡阻和渗漏的现象,还有就是进水阀Is there a filter installation device?

The above is the relevant knowledge of installing toilets shared by Yancheng Decoration Network. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.