With the help of Shaanxi and Fukan cooperation 西 Shaanxi characteristic agricultural product promotion promotion Week activity platform, on October 16, Ankang’s selenium -rich agricultural products “three years hundred cities and 100 stores, thousands of shops” Lanzhang selenium (konjac) sent health investment promotion activities in Putian City, Fujian Province Essence Lu Qi, deputy mayor of Ankang City Government, and Xie Jinbing, deputy secretary -general of Putian Municipal Government, attended the event and delivered a speech.

In his speech, Lu Qi introduced that Ankang is the “high -quality, environmentally friendly, and safe” natural selenium -rich area that is easily absorbed by crops by crops, and is known as the “world selenium source” and “China”, which are easily absorbed by crops. Selenium Valley “” Township of the National Selenium -rich Tea “” Township of Selenium -rich Mogo “. In recent years, the konjac industry in our city has made great development in large -scale planting, scientific and technological research and development, and deep processing. The area and output of konjac in the city account for 1/4 of the country. Monacon deep processing products represented by konjac foods account for similar markets in the country. More than 1/3, the National Kerbal Association is awarded the “National Kerbal Industry No. 1 City”. The konjac industry has become the largest and exporting agricultural product of Ankang and the second largest export of Shaanxi products. It is also a characteristic pillar industry that has driven the masses to get rid of poverty. The purpose of this activity is to build a platform for trade cooperation and development of konjac enterprises, and contribute to the health of Putian and even the people of Fujian. I sincerely look forward to friends and merchants from all walks of life to Shaanxi to Ankang to develop selenium -enriching resources, invest in the selenium -enriched industry, build a hometown of selenium -rich konjac, and jointly create “World Selenium Source and International Health City”.


On behalf of the Putian Municipal Government, Xie Jinbing extended a warm welcome to Ankang’s health activity. It is hoped that this event is the medium to further pull closer to the distance between the government and the enterprises, strengthen collaboration, complement each other, and win -win cooperation, and join hands to send happiness and health to millions of households.


It is reported that nearly 30 selenium -rich tea and konjac -rich agricultural products such as Selenium -rich tea and konjac -rich agricultural products in this event participated in the exhibition and exhibition. More than 20 business and circulation enterprises in Putian City were invited to participate. Agricultural product purchase and sales agreement.

After the meeting, Lu Qi also jointly unveiled with the person in charge of the Ankang Chamber of Commerce in Putian City for Shaanxi Ankang Lanzhang Candle Mountain -rich Serenity Maru Mountain Food Fujian Putian General Sales Company.

Source: Ankang Municipal Government Network