Summer, no matter how hot, the child is going to sleep, especially cover your stomach. Because the child’s gastrointestinal is fragile, the air is irritating, will belly pain, even diarrhea.

Similarly, there are many, everyone may have heard a lot, and it is righteous to emphasize that when the child is sleeping, it is necessary to cover the stomach. Is there a scientific basis for this?

not at all.

General room temperature reaches 24 degrees

If the child can only wear diapers and light to sleep.

The child did not cover the quilt, sleep, found that the belly is discovered. At this time, the child is going to eat or drink anything before going to bed, and who has been touched, there is no diarrhea in contact with the person.

The baby sleeps in summer, can you cover quilts or wear a sleeping bag?

Of course it is ok, it is Of course it is guaranteed.

For example, some children are not accustomed to light body only to sleep, naturally, you can cover a thin layer or wear a thin breathable sleeping bag. Some families also like to set the air conditioning temperature, then the adults have a thin blanket to sleep.

In fact, sleep to the child in summer or not, the quilt is correct. As long as it is to cover comfort, how to cover it.

But if you are afraid of your child’s not covered, you don’t care, you will be sick, so I deliberately give your child more and more, even if the child is hot, it is still covered, it is dangerous.

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For children, it is more terrible than lying.

Overheating can lead to dehydration, metabolism disorder, heat stroke, etc. Infants and young children are particularly sensitive to overheat. Overheating will also increase the risk of sudden death syndrome (SIDS).

So, in the hot summer, we need to be alert to the baby overheating. In addition to avoid excessive wear cover, keep the room temperature,

Pay attention to the child’s bedding

,for example:

Use cotton sheets and thin blankets

Do not use any waterproof material sheets or mattresses, because it is not good, it may cause the baby to overheat.

Hot weather, avoid wrapping baby, because the child is overheating, there is no way to break free, it is easy to happen.

Hot weather, pay attention to baby feeding, such as:

Breastfeeding babies may need to increase the number of feeding. Baby within June-year age, by increasing the number of breastfections, it can guarantee enough liquid intake without additional feeding.


The baby feeding the baby, although there is no need to feed water, but when special hot weather or baby fever, you can give additional cool white or formula. It should be reminded that if the baby fed a small amount of water, it should avoid usually feeding, so as to avoid drinking water to affect the amount of milk.

Finally, it is necessary to emphasize the cold or heat of the child. Parents can’t infer their children through their own feelings, they are still hot, but to judge the child in the end by objective and carefully observing, such as:

Touch a child’s back neck or chest. If the temperature of the neck after the neck is warm, it means that it is not cold; if it is warm and humid, it may be too hot.

Don’t judge by touching your hands, because the temperature of your hands and feet will be low. When your hands and fees touches a bit cold, your child may be just comfortable; if you touch your little hand is warm or even sweating, it may already be hot.

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Summer children sleep, cover is not covered, prerequisites are to ensure the comfort of the child. Overheat is very dangerous to children, so put more attention to avoid overheating, such as paying attention to children’s bedding, feeding, etc.

The above is a sharing today, I am Shanshan, pay attention to me, and have a reason for care, scientific and downs.



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