In China, many people do not understand what the relationship between sweaters, hoodes, and round neck clothes without hats. What is the relationship between these three?


In fact, there are many types of sweaters, including hoodes and round necks without hats. They are one of them.

The English of the sweater is Sweater, which refers to a thick cotton knitted sweatshirt

But at first it also refers to the underwear worn by people. By the early 20th century, it was divided into two styles: hooded and round neck.

Compared with Hoodlie even hoodie,

Round neck sweater


English name is




, Essentially closer to the meaning of sweaters. In fact, the round neck sweater is much earlier than hoodie.

The round neck sweater was born in football. When a professional rugby jersey was born, the athletes were wearing heavy wool sweaters. Although they could provide certain protection, they would cause itching when they encountered a large amount of sweat. Play.


By 1922, the founder of Russell Anthletic Co

Russell athletic

Start with more comfortable cotton to replace wool for athletes to produce uniforms. Due to strong comfort, this round neck sweater has gradually become a standard ball uniform for athletes. (Later, I was replaced by more professional sportswear)


Unlike the cool hoodie, the round neck sweater has always followed the college route.


The economy of the 1960s has flourished, making more and more people in love with sports and the further development of casual clothing, all of which have gradually made round -necked sweaters a popular item for the public.

Subsequently, the universities of the Ivy League also launched their own official sweater, printed on their chests, and made it one of the strong college -style items. And the students put a shirt in the round neck sweater, the standard LVY worn.

As a kind of sweater, since the development, Ye Zi thinks that the hoodie always has to “round neck”.


There is no such thing as a cool hood, and the street young people who are not chased by personality are favored. The round neck sweater has always been in a low -key or even “unknown” situation. When it comes to sweaters, people think of hoodie for the first time. But don’t be small, as long as you appreciate it carefully, the charm of it is still a lot.

The “triangular mystery” hidden at the neckline

The first round neck sweater will add a “

Small triangle

“The design, many people think that this is just lengthening the neck decoration effect.

In fact, the true meaning of this design will not be so superficial.


The triangle here is also called



Traditionally, it is made of double -layer webbing material Galo fabrics. The purpose is to hope that it is like a sponge to absorb sweat on the chest and neck. Because the round neck sweater was originally designed as sports clothes.

Secondly, because the round neck sweater is a cover and no hat, it will deform after wearing the neckline for a long time, affecting the perception. Therefore, after adding a double -layer webbing material, it can also play a reinforcement and will not easily deform.

In the 1960s, this triangle was abandoned by most designers. Now, more and more brands of round neck sweaters have joined this element, which is just a detail as a detail in pursuit of retro trend.

How to wear a round neck sweater?

For the round neck sweater, the leaves feel that wearing a ritual will be a little more diverse than a hoodie. Especially those who have short shoulders and short necks will choose a round neck sweater than a hoodie. Without the cover of a hat, it will not make you look without neck.


The same is true in taboos,

The cotton sports pants of the same color, the bouquet pants are trying to choose not to choose

Otherwise, it really makes people feel like pajamas, and there are no levels.

Although hoodie and round neck sweater were originally produced as a sports item, this trait is not particularly obvious on the two clothes. Especially the round neck sweater, which has a little sporty, it looks more refined.

So with a pair of nine -point pants, plus a pair of white shoes, it is even more exquisite and leisure, with urban male style.


For light mature men, the round neck sweater is definitely suitable for this kind of weather to wear as a commute work. Whether it is jeans or trousers, a pair of leather shoes on your feet, the decent texture will never be less. Especially the box -shaped round neck sweaters like the following types of boxes will be more elegant.

Below the rough blue pants washed in straight tube water, played the retro style. Whether it is a pair of Vans or the blessing of the extremely hot daddy shoes, the retro taste on the street will be more intense.


Since it comes to retro, don’t forget school uniform pants. The concise round neck sweater and colorful school uniforms are combined to show the retro trend, while also better and relaxed.

And if the young man wants to have a more street feeling, Ye Zi suggested that you choose the tailoring style of Oversize. usually,


Oversize’s round neck sweater will be thinner and thinner


It is quite comfortable and stylish in this weather.

In addition to the oversize of trousers, there are shorts. Whether it is a casual “beggar” hole -breaking design, or a simple and durable stripe style, the oversize shape of long and short pants will undoubtedly give people a elegant and chic experience.

Of course, if Oversize is not your style, then you can also try the following slightly normal and easy -to -control shapes.


The top is a normal version of the round neck sweater.

Khaki shorts+sneakers

It will be more leisurely daily. The choice is

Western short+leather shoes


If it is a little elegant, it is best to add a shirt to the sweater at this time, and the mature and formal atmosphere will be more sufficient.

Under normal circumstances, gray or pure dark -colored round neck sweaters are the best to wear, which is easy to choose for most people. But if you feel that you have outstanding control, Ye Zi will not recommend that you are so “ordinary”.

And some full color

Bright color


You can create a clear sweater look according to your own needs.

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