Every time when it comes to the season, many girls will buy a lot of new clothing, but when they open the closet, they are full of various styles and colors of clothes, but even if there are so many clothes, why buy new clothes? because:

Not fresh.

That’s right, fashionable clothes can always bring freshness at first, but after two or three times, I feel tired, and I press the bottom of the box. When I feel that I do n’t wear clothes, I still silently

Take out the only basic models to wear.

I want to say, compared to those fancy and trendy clothing,

The basic model is yyds

Regardless of what elements and styles of clothing are currently popular, the basic models can always occupy a place, and the classic is practical.

However, some girls say that the basic model is too monotonous and ordinary, and it is difficult to wear aesthetics. In fact, as long as you master some wearing skills, the basic model can also wear a high -level sense.

Here are 4 basic wearing skills for you. After learning, you can make the shape more fashionable and beautiful.

There are still many types of basic models. Common ones are T -shirts, shirts, sweaters, etc. In the face of the basic models with a wide range of categories, we can’t wear them all.


You must find the one that suits you.


If you like a simple style of leisure, then

The sweater is not suitable

, Cases are not only convenient to wear, but also the loose version can also bring a comfortable dressing experience. It has a strong tolerance for the body, and it is also very good to cover the skin.

The solid color sweater is simple and durable, there is no excessive embellishment and decoration. You can use sports pants and sneakers in daily life.

A full youthful sports atmosphere and vitality.

If you feel that wearing a sweater is boring, you can also overlap a T -shirt or shirt in it,

Increase the sense of layering

, Fashionable can increase a grade.

In addition to the top, there are many basic models to choose from, of which

Straight pants/wide -leg pants are the most widely used

It is also the most popular item. The style is also biased towards leisure and comfort. The loose version also has excellent ability to cover the meat and thin, and the straight pants type. Suitable for girls with poor legs and thick legs.

If the upper body is slim, you can try

Short top+straight pants/wide -leg pants+daddy shoes

The combination, which is a high artifact for the little man, can easily wear a sense of vision of 1.7 in 1.5 meters.

For basic models, in addition to the choice of style, you want to change its unpretentious characteristics,

You can change the material fabric and color

, Can make the basic style refreshing.

When many people choose the basic model, they first choose the color of black and white and gray. Although these are more versatile and classic color matching, it is easy to wear it for a long time, and

The dull color is also difficult to show personal temperament and charm


If it is replaced with other colors, the effect will be very different.

If the choice of color is tangled, then you can refer to the popular colors of the year, such as the popularity of last year


,This year’s


Changchun Flower Blue

Wait, these colors can make ordinary items no longer ordinary.

Changchun Flower Blue gives people a kind of

Quiet, elegant, age -reducing age

The feeling of being applied to a suit jacket has a unique flavor. The sense of capability and seriousness of the self -contained in the suit can easily show women’s mature temperament and touching charming.


In addition to the color, different materials of the basic models can also wear different styles, such as


Leather, velvet


Wait, these visual texture is much more advanced than ordinary cotton fabrics.

The leather and black are perfectly matched. For example, black leather clothes, with boots, easily create a handsome and cool feeling.

Some people cannot wear basic models to wear color because the matching method is too traditional and ordinary.


As long as you change it in some details

It can make the shape very different.

For example, this black dress looks very dull on the left. When the white T -shirt inward exposed a part of the neckline and corner of the clothes, is it better instantly?

With a white embellishment, it can break that dullness.


In addition to this “careful machine” combination, for girls, it can also pass

Appropriate dew to increase beauty


, Highlight temperament and charm.

For example, the diagonal shoulder top, exposing the shoulder and neckline, more eye -catching, can increase the highlights for the flat shape, and at the same time

Show a slender figure.

and also

V -neck, square collar


Compared with the conservative round neck, these necklines can increase the exposed area, which can also modify the neck lines and face shapes, which are very friendly to girls with round faces and square faces.


It is a very practical way to wear in spring

It can break the too embarrassing situation of wearing a single dress. The common combinations are: shirt+sweater, suspender skirt+T -shirt, etc. The stacking method can enrich the beauty of the shape and highlight the superb combination ability and aesthetics.


For basic models, ordinary people will wear them in a very common way, and for fashionable and refined,

Each basic model has a variety of ways to wear.


For example, the shirt can be worn alone, as well as a coat, the corner of the coat, and the semi -stuffed and half -dew. These methods can


Make ordinary items more fashionable. Essence


Or knitwear, because the fabric is soft and elastic, then

You can pull the neckline to one shoulder on one shoulder

, Create the shape of the oblique shoulder model, more sexy and charming.


Even if it is ordinary, it can

A lot of accessories are used to embellish and modify

For example, hats, bags, jewelry, etc., these can greatly enhance the beauty of the shape and make ordinary shapes more advanced instantly.


Seeing this, do you feel that the basic model is not monotonous. As long as you master a certain way of dressing and matching skills, these basic models can also create a variety of different styles.

Let us say goodbye to “clothing shortage”.