Source: Life Times

Ding Lijin, a senior engineer of the Society of Textile Engineering Society and senior engineer of Suzhou Fiber Inspection Institute

Bai Jie, director of the Science and Technology Population Department of the Chinese Textile Engineering Society

The cold wave came again, and the sales of down jackets also entered the peak season. Many merchants made great advertisements. How to choose a down jacket that keeps warm and high -quality? If you pay attention to a little, you will find that down jacket tags and scrubbings usually include the content of velvet content, fabric components, charging volume, down types of down. You can refer to it.

1. Velvet content. At present, down jackets in the Chinese market are mainly the mainstream of 90%and more than 90%of the volume. The same volume of down, the higher the velvet content, the lighter the weight, the more static air can be fixed, the better the thermal insulation effect.

2. Charge the volume. Charging volume refers to the weight of the down jacket. The higher the charging volume, the more down the down, the more static air that can accommodate, the stronger the warmth. However, if the volume is too high, the appearance of the down jacket is bloated, which will also affect the aesthetics. Generally speaking, adults have a thin down jacket, and the suitable charging volume suitable for 80 grams, 120 grams, and 160 grams.

3. down type. Plel is mostly collected in goose and ducks, and can be divided into white duck, gray duck down, white goose down, gray goose down. Generally speaking, goose down has a high warm -thermal weight ratio, and the volume can be reduced to smaller, so it is usually more expensive. However, high -quality duck down has better insulation and warmth than low -quality goose down. Therefore, when choosing down jackets, you must not just look at the type of down, but also the quality and brand of down jackets.

4. Flly and fluffy. The fluffyness is the value of the volume of the down (about 30 grams) of each ounce (about 30 grams). For example, the space occupied by a ounce is 700 cubic inch, which is called the fluffyness of the down jacket. The velvet content represents the “quantity” of the velvet, and the fluffyness determines the “quality” of the velvet

5. Fabric. The velvet and feathers in the down can be relieved from the gap between the fiber, so the ingredients of the down jacket must be fine and wear -resistant. Autumn down (referring to the volume below ordinary down jackets, suitable for down jackets worn late in late autumn or early winter) generally) generally) generally). Use nylon fabric because it is durable and lightweight. If the down jacket fabric is waterproof or waterproof, the effect is better, which can fight against rain and snow.


In addition to these indicators, people can also identify the quality of the filling by feel, odor, etc., and the method can be summarized as “press, touch, shoot, rub, smell”.

Press: Put down the down jacket, press gently and then let it recover naturally, see if it quickly rebounds to the original state. If the rebound is fast, it means that the fluffyness of the down jacket is good, and the down thermal insulation effect is good; if the rebound is slow, it means that the quality of the filling is not good; if there is no flexibility at all, the filling material is likely to be the crushing of feathers or other long hair slices. Mao, not down.

Touch: Touch it with your hands to feel the softness of the feel, whether there are too much long hair, feather stalks, etc. If the feel is soft but has a short and rigid feather stalk, it is crushing hair. This down product is uncomfortable and has poor thermal insulation effect.

Shooting: slap down the down jacket, see if there is dust overflowing. If there is no dust overflowing as a good product; if there is dust overflowing, it is made of a product for crushing and such as crushing hair.

Rub: rub the down clothing with both hands to see if there are plush drilling out. If there is a plush drilling, it means that the fabric is not anti -fluffy, and it is easy to fly out of feathers after wearing it.

Wen: Natural down will have a slight duck flavor. Before filling in the down jacket, it needs to be sterilized, washing, and deodorizing the multi -channel process. Use the nose to approach the down jacket for deep breathing several times, and then compare it with the general fabric. The best smell is the best, and it is not suitable for use if there is obvious odor.

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