For a long time, our lives are always colorful. In such a life, the appearance of some small items can often attract the attention of countless people. The soap disc is such a small item. Its appearance and its continuous changes have made people who have not used soap slowly like it. So, what are the brands on the market on the market?

皂碟品牌推荐 皂碟新品最新推荐

Soap disc brand recommendation

Wrigley Sanitary Ware is the iconic brand of Guangdong Jiantao Industry. Since its establishment in 1997, it has maintained an annual growth rate of 20%. There are more than 3,000 sales outlets across the country. In 2011, the annual output reached more than 5 million pieces, and sales reached 700 million yuan. Nearly a hundred design patents have won “national inspection products” and “Chinese brand -name products”.

皂碟品牌推荐 皂碟新品最新推荐

Brilliant Water Heating Group Co., Ltd. is the first batch of water -saving certification product manufacturers in China. “China’s well -known trademark” and “China Famous Brand Products” and other titles.

Cole Sanitary Ware is a well -known sanitary brand. The company’s product scope covers almost all kitchen and bathroom products, and has achieved good results. It is an international well -known bathroom brand. Kohler Soap is also one of the top ten brands of soap discs in my country.

皂碟品牌推荐 皂碟新品最新推荐

The concept of Huayida is: “innovation, innovation, innovation.” The brand is affiliated with Shenzhen Huayida Co., Ltd., and today’s Huayida is already a high -end bathroom brand in Shenzhen.

Guangdong Hengjie Sanitary Ware is a well -known ceramic bathroom producer in China. It has a series of production equipment such as the world’s leading SITI full -automatic tunnel kiln and Australian universal automatic tunnel kiln. “Hengjie” products have dozens of independent patents, and the product has high technical content. It has established nearly 2,000 sales outlets throughout the country.

Zhongyu Sanitary Wood was founded in 1988. It was mainly exported to Europe and the United States in the early days. In 2007, it mainly attacked the domestic market and built a distributor network across the country in just one year. In 2010, Zhongyu Sanitary Ware was listed on the main board market of the Frankfurt Securities Exchange, becoming the first Chinese sanitary company listed in Europe.

The latest recommendation of soap discs new products

皂碟品牌推荐 皂碟新品最新推荐

Hennight Technology Leading Quality Life — Lan Teng Sanitary Ware Specialty Direct Ship Shop Barry Bronze Pipe Pendant Set 499 yuan

皂碟品牌推荐 皂碟新品最新推荐

Youqin Sanitary Pan Folding Bathing Towel 304 Stainless Steel Snu tank Setting Shelf Bathroom Pendant Set 198 yuan

Soap Disc Stainless Steel 2 -layer bathing rack free of punching bathroom shelf 3 -layer toilet toilet bathroom bathroom hardware 27 yuan

JOMOO Jiu Mu Space, Aluminum Sanitary Hardware Pendant Set Bathroom Soap Bathing Towel Set 939405 359 yuan

Although the sales of soap discs are not as good as before, many soap disc manufacturers still grasp the fashion tail tightly when they produce soap discs. Therefore, although the sales are not good before, people’s love for soap discs is constantly increasing, so that the popularity of soap discs is not.