New Year’s Eve is polite to share the taste of the year

The New Year’s Welfare Voucher, use it as soon as possible

At the end of the year, the cold wind was busy dyed the maple leaves.

The ceramics who are far away in Dehua are also busy adding a touch of the world

“China White”

澎湃好物 | 好看与实用兼具,这12款生肖杯,绝了


They are

12 Zodiac White Porcelain Nafu Cup

, Bai Shengxue, Run Ruyu, like a jelly -tilted niche jumping on your palm.

Since 2018, craftsmen have burned a batch every year. Due to the limited number, as soon as it was released, it was almost exhausted.

This year, the masters were specially produced in advance, hoping to rush before the Chinese New Year

澎湃好物 | 好看与实用兼具,这12款生肖杯,绝了

, Give back a preferential price


Note: 2021 Niu Yea upgrade ¥ 138, the remaining classic zodiac models ¥ 128

Ceramics handicrafts have been accompanied by porcelain for most of their lives, and cherish the zodiac culture passed down from the ancestors:


The zodiac elements are integrated on the tea vessels, continuing the beauty of the zodiac itself.

“White jade gold edge porcelain tire, carved dragon to describe the phoenix qiao arrangement”,

Describes this Phnom Penh 12 Zodiac Nafu Cup.

Wild cup noodles,

It seemed to steal the three -pointer of Pear Rui, reflecting the spiritual objects of the golden line, which was so cute and playful.

Ling Niu is aggressive, in order to ask for a good color, the cup is named

[Niu Yun’s head].

Rabbit is dexterous, the cup is named

[Former Rabbit Wuliang]

, The lively and dynamic rabbit, full of vitality

Maer’s bodybuilding, cup name

澎湃好物 | 好看与实用兼具,这12款生肖杯,绝了

[Horse to success].

In addition to the zodiac beef in the coming year, everyone can also choose their own zodiac models.

澎湃好物 | 好看与实用兼具,这12款生肖杯,绝了

The porcelain is the bottom, the golden silk is ink, and the pens are drawn out of these twelve spiritual things

The handicrafts, for decades, insist on porcelain as the bottom, use

澎湃好物 | 好看与实用兼具,这12款生肖杯,绝了

Dip the golden water dipped in gold water to depict the pattern,

Correspondingly, it is not messy.

A stroke outlines the sophisticated spirit, although it is just a simple line pattern, but it is extremely wonderful.

In addition to the exquisite meticulous drawing technology, the golden water used is also crucial.


Germany imported 12%pure gold content congratulatory Golden water,

Both gloss and stability are above ordinary pigments, color

Noble but not publicity, fresh and refined.

Porcelain is like jade, gentle and square, push the cup and change the cup to see the long flow of water

澎湃好物 | 好看与实用兼具,这12款生肖杯,绝了

The reason why porcelain is beautiful is that it pays attention to the production area, raw materials, and craftsmanship, just like tea.

澎湃好物 | 好看与实用兼具,这12款生肖杯,绝了

Dehua porcelain enjoys a high reputation in the world and has

澎湃好物 | 好看与实用兼具,这12款生肖杯,绝了

The reputation.

“Tiantong Kaiwan” records:

Dehua kiln, but it is only a delicate character player in porcelain.

12 Zodiac Nafu Cup

It is from

Fujian Porcelain Dudu,

Seeing each other for the first time, attracted by its sweet and warm appearance:

The glaze is clean and natural, bright and clean, with jade -like luster texture.

澎湃好物 | 好看与实用兼具,这12款生肖杯,绝了

This is all due to the ethics craftsman’s making the jade porcelain cup, insisting that only the localization of Dehua local

High -quality kaolin,

The potassium oxide content is about six percent, so that the jade porcelain after the burning is burned,

Wild and moist, fine and silky.

Use after molding

1320 ℃ High temperature continuously burned for 24 hours, ten sections of precision temperature control,


澎湃好物 | 好看与实用兼具,这12款生肖杯,绝了

Porcelain is hard, glaze -resistant,

Companion is longer.

The craftsman firmly believes that the well -being is simple and careful,

The objects must be made finely,

Those invisible places cost more snacks, and it is more convenient to drink tea.

The combination of cups and pots is less tedious and happy

When drinking alone, there is no need to get a whole set of tea sets. You only need to take out a zodiac cup and separate it along the division line.

The cup can be used as a teapot, and the bottom cup can be sent to the entrance.

The bowl mouth is thickened, so that the tea is not hot

Jade porcelain is thin, for

Prevent boiling water,

Craftsman people make the bowl mouth

Thickened speaker mouth,

澎湃好物 | 好看与实用兼具,这12款生肖杯,绝了

During the water injection, lift the jade hand, add a little skill, bring up the tea and roll, like a fish in the water.

Bird -beak -style pot, soup and water conservancy decreased

Special treatment at the pot mouth, while filtering the tea residue, it guarantees

澎湃好物 | 好看与实用兼具,这12款生肖杯,绝了

The water is smooth and fast, and it will not drag water when it is broken.

The year of the cattle is approaching, and the craftsmen are specially produced carefully

2021 Niu Niu Nian Limited Model!

There are several upgrades in the limited model:

Not only is the workmanship more beautiful, but also

澎湃好物 | 好看与实用兼具,这12款生肖杯,绝了

Thicked the cup body

Solved the trouble of hot hand

; More “one pot, two cups” design, let you

澎湃好物 | 好看与实用兼具,这12款生肖杯,绝了

A little white porcelain cup

Add a cup to share the joy of tea with one more person.

澎湃好物 | 好看与实用兼具,这12款生肖杯,绝了

Can also

The big cup is used as the “tea sea” of tea

Small cups as a special “Pin Pin Cup”

Essence One more glass, letting tea drinking more elegance.

The zodiac cup comes into one pot, and picks up the water,

Less than 3 seconds

澎湃好物 | 好看与实用兼具,这12款生肖杯,绝了

You can complete a bowl of soup smoothly, clean and neat, not to sit on a cup, which will affect the soup feeling of the tea soup in the back.

澎湃好物 | 好看与实用兼具,这12款生肖杯,绝了

Use it to make green tea, and the ivory white lined with new tea; so that black tea is made of soup bright and exquisite.

When you are busy with work, take a moment of brewing a cup,

The tea fragrance spreads around, and the meaning of sleepy disappears also disappears

It is only


Kilograms, not as much as the palm of the hand, it is convenient to bring it on the side from time to time.

More importantly, it

Easy to store.

The attached storage box is like one

The small space cabin has better breathability and anti -pressure, effectively protecting and alleviating the impact of vibration on tea sets.

Skin handle, convenient for daily life and when going out, Dad also has tea to drink when he goes out to play chess.

澎湃好物 | 好看与实用兼具,这12款生肖杯,绝了

Each zodiac cup has an exclusive name and meaning, it symbolizes the blessings and prayers of the coming year

Send family and friends,

One more love of love.

Send yourself, the meaning is full, and wish yourself a good wish.

Celebrate reunion, gathered together, and those who love for love in their hearts send a heart

“China White”






澎湃好物 | 好看与实用兼具,这12款生肖杯,绝了


Note: 2021 Niu Yea upgrade ¥ 138, the remaining classic zodiac models ¥ 128

澎湃好物 | 好看与实用兼具,这12款生肖杯,绝了

Note: 2021 Niu Yea upgrade ¥ 138, the remaining classic zodiac models ¥ 128

Note: 2021 Niu Yea upgrade ¥ 138, the remaining classic zodiac models ¥ 128

澎湃好物 | 好看与实用兼具,这12款生肖杯,绝了

Note: 2021 Niu Yea upgrade ¥ 138, the remaining classic zodiac models ¥ 128