Share the most classic fashion wear, so that you can be high -level in the four seasons. Women never lack attraction, only lack the skills of stimulating charm, and will wear it to make you a tasteful elegant woman!



In the autumn, wearing the most attractive, it is particularly diverse in the types of single items applied in dressing, but many women feel that their own matching is not prominent enough, and it is easy to wear homogeneous with other people, especially with peers.

If you want to make it attractive, you must use the single product to show the exposure. The characteristics of the single product are similar, but the matching can show diversified characteristics. Therefore Essence

Shirts, leather jackets, suits, and jackets are common items in autumn. The dress style characteristics are different. If you want to wear new tricks, you can learn to wear skills with Yao Chenma Yizhen.

Yao Chen and Ma Yizhen are the representatives of middle -aged actresses. Although they are similar, they have obvious differences in style. They are particularly practical to learn to wear skills and can wear different temperament effects from their peers.

Yao Chen Ma Yizhen demonstrates the autumn day. Leisure business has skills, and you can have temperament if you match it. Yao Chen Ma Yizheng wears autumn clothes with the same style, but the style gap is quite obvious, and it is not easy to dress up and “tender”.

Autumn leisure wear

Shirt wear

Shirts are one of the most popular and popular autumn items, shirts


Although it is not quite included, but



However, Zhou Zheng, who is born, looks chic and has a fan. Wearing a shirt in autumn can improve the image temperament.

Settle in autumn


Can be matched in shirts, hood shirts or butt shirts


The base not only has the effect of improving the warmth, but also the effect of reducing the sense of decoration, making the charm chic and atmospheric.

The matching forms of shirts are diverse. Women who want to show the gas field are suitable for pants,

Wide leg pants

As well as

boot cut pant

Can be paired with shirts and shirts, which can make the body proportion adjustment and appear


Short upper body

Long lower body


In terms of color assembly, the same color system is more personal than different colors, so the visual attractiveness is stronger. Whether it is

Basic color

The set is still

Trendy color

The suit can show a sense of fashion, so that the match has a gas field.

Leather wear method


The leather coat is particularly Fan’er’s trendy jacket. The texture of the leather is stronger than other fabrics, and it can show the domineering and capable of wearing. The style and style of leather clothes are more than other types of coats.

Leather suit


Retro handsome,

Motorcycle leather

Cool handsome and stylish,


Neutral simplicity.

With the changes in the trend, the color of leather clothes has also changed. Black leather clothes are the most common, and trendy leather clothes can be matched


The printed element can increase the personality of dressing, making the temperament look more advanced and more attractive.

Leather clothes can be paired with skirts or matching


, Trendy women can choose to match


While showing the personality of the leather clothes, the soft temperament of women is combined in the image, which shows


Leather coats are individual products, so wearing should not be too rigid. It must make wearing more personalized and charm. So it can be matched


The bottom outfit makes the temperament more full and rich.

Both shirts and leather clothes have strong casual characteristics. Therefore, it is suitable for daily activities to make the dress show special temperament and charm. So how to wear business clothes? Many women are struggling in the workplace at the middle -aged stage, so they need to pay attention to the dressing of business clothes. There are many business dressing skills. Middle -aged women can still wear temperament and not only.

Business dressing


Jacket is a kind of temperament




The item of the item, so you can match the jacket in the business dress. The jacket is generally the silhouette design.

Age reduction


, It can also show temperament.

You can match it in the jacket



, Increase the formal sense of dress. If the design of the choice is more cute, it can also highlight the student temperament.


The matching of the next dress can also give different temperament personality. With a simple foundation with pants, generally speaking



The effect will be better than the effect of tight pants.



It can enhance the workplace atmosphere and let the charm of women’s dress appear, and the skirt must be selected

Short skirt

This can ensure the effective display of the capable temperament and highlight the charm of the figure.


Suit is the most commonly used item for business clothes.


The sense of maturity is actually the superior element of women’s temperament, showing mature charm and improvement of image points.

You can choose a velvet suit, a velvet suit



It is stronger than other types of suits, which can show the noble dress, and make it more durable and more stylish.

Frequent suit suitable


Dressing, set matching can enhance the visual sense, show the impact of wear, and make fashionability and style charm more prominent.


When choosing a velvet suit, mature women need to choose the color of the high -level atmosphere.




They are more practical.

The temperament of dressing is rich and diverse. In autumn, we must also pay attention to the shape of temperament. It is not easy to see which personal charm is suitable for it.

Master the season’s fashion elements and become exquisite tide people! If you do n’t play tall, you just talk about the most grounded drying skills to make you get closer and closer to fashion. Welcome to share fashion insights and understanding!


Wide leg pants

As well as

As well as

As well as

As well as