Many celebrities work particularly in maintenance. No matter how old they are, they still seem to maintain a girl -like fashion appearance. Although Zhang Jiani is only 33 years old, she has become the most fashionable female representative. She played the lively and cute heroine Zi Ling in “Seeing a Dream of Dreams”. She is not only beautiful, but also looks particularly beautiful to wear clothes.

Zhang Jiani’s facial features look particularly petite and exquisite, just as fresh and pleasant as the wisdom of the girl who has not faded away. The fresh and stylish shape can perfectly release women’s sense of fashion even if wearing a simple horse gown. Like Zhang Jiani’s sleeveless horse gown, it is relatively small, which can make women more flexible and changeable. At the same time You can also show the proportion of waist and hips more perfectly.

When choosing a horse gown, try to choose a more self -slender person, but also choose according to your body condition. If you look fat, try not to choose a short -sleeved horse gown. It looks particularly obvious. Because Zhang Jiani’s figure is more petite, choosing short sleeves to match, can still show his thin arms, it seems that the whole person has youthful vitality.

In terms of hairstyle, Zhang Jiani still likes non -mainstream hairstyles. Non -mainstream hairstyles are used in a lot of post -90s. It is also a kind of expression of fashion at this stage. It is particularly popular. In addition to wearing jeans to match with jeans, Zhang Jiani can also choose back pants. Compared with jeans, back pants can show a sense of fashion, making the jeans matching no longer particularly single.


Zhang Jiani is particularly good in the color matching of the clothing. White and gray jeans are matched with low -key and not eye -catching. It is recommended that you try not to choose too bright colors in the hot summer, which will still keep low -key. Pulling the trousers upwards, although there is not too much modification, it can make the shape more grounded and return to the simple girl temperament.


When choosing a messenger bag in summer, try not to choose the style with fluff. The backpack with fluffy styles is generally more applicable in winter, and there is a warm atmosphere. In the summer, try to choose a cooler color and style. The white sneakers also have some stylish sports atmosphere, making the proportion of the figure more well -proportioned, and the legs are more skinny. In addition to sneakers, you can also choose to match it. It is more youthful and stylish.

When attending important activities, many women like to choose a dress on the side of the lotus, which can make mature women a strong sense. If the weather is relatively cold, you can add a coat outside. Make women’s temperament more obvious. Boots are also an important choice for lotus leaf dress, which can make sexy legs more sexy.


The dress with a shoulder shoulder is more common when attending the event, but the style of lotus leaf edge is added to the shoulder, making the dress with a shoulder look particularly fashionable. In particular, choosing a short dress requires an additional waistline, which can more obviously increase the proportion of the waistline, which is still fresh and natural like a girl.

The short denim clothes are evergreen style, which can make your waistline ratio more obvious. At the same time, you can choose tight pants to match, you can wear a tight effect. In addition to choosing tight pants, high -waist denim can also choose fashionable shorts to match, which looks particularly sexy. Little friends think


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