The most commonly used cooking method of Chinese people is to stir -fry, because the stir -fry is short and the dish has a good taste. However, not all pots are suitable for stir -fry. If you want to fry, it is important to choose the right pot.

Next, I recommend 4 domestic good pots that are suitable for stir -fry.

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Otherwise, the dishes will be halfway in the pan


Supor | True Stainless Series FC34Y1


Heat evenly, Chinese cooking pot


Supor is the first listed company in the cooking utensil industry. It has five R & D and manufacturing bases. Its pressure cooker and frying pot market share ranks first. After being acquired by the world ’s leading company Cyber ​​Group, Supor introduced the fiery red dot patent technology and used the brand to use it on the frying pan.

This pot is one of the gift lines of Supor. It mainly focuses on large capacity, and families within 8 people are applicable. The net weight of the pot is about 3 kg, and the feel is focused, but the original function of the two -ear pot is not designed for fried. High -quality raw iron is made, no coating, and the middle of the pot will not be arched in the middle of the pot. It is strong and wear -resistant.

Both and Tmall are sold at a price of 160-250 yuan. After investigation, their materials and performance are excellent and cost-effective.



Sanhe | Polystonid Steel Series CGF3200-1

Tao Zhu patent, hard wear -resistant oil -free smoke



Cooking Emperor | Chinese Double -ear cast iron pot

Long service life, raw iron integrated casting


The Emperor Cooking was founded in 1983 and focused on the production of cooking utensils. The online sales of frying pan are second only to Supor and Esta. The appearance is simple and affordable, making it synonymous with high cost performance for daily use.

This pot is cast by raw iron. The pot is very heavy, with 7 kg enough to be used for 4-6 people. The bottom of the pot is thick and tough, and the long -term high -temperature cooking is not easy to cause the middle to protruding deformation, and the service life is longer. There is no coating on the surface, more healthy, but at the same time, the non -stick performance is relatively poor.

The matching wood pot lid is also very grounded. The fire is processed, without paint and wax, and the wood grain is clear.

The price is between 280-380 yuan. Both the design and performance have the taste of traditional large iron pots. On the handle of both ears, you should pay attention to avoid burns when using.

Sanhe was established in 2004 and focused on kitchen supplies. It independently develops a composite cooker bottom and spray -coating technology. It has obtained a number of invention patents. One of the manufacturers.

The CGF series is made of stir -fried pot. The whole body is made of stainless steel. The pot noodles are designed for the patented potted plasma. The active biological ceramics melts into the poly temperature steel to form a hard and thick ceramic film, which makes the product uniform heat conducting, hard and wear -resistant. And the bottom of the pot is not easy to deform.


This model is available in Tmall and the price is around 500 yuan. Although the price does not dominate, the product performance is good and the quality is guaranteed. It is a domestic stir -fried pot product comparable to the international first -line big name.


Aishida | CF36B1Q can’t be rusty series


Applicable for induction cookers, flat bottom cast iron pot


Eshida ranked second in the domestic cooker market. It is the earliest company in China to create non -stick pots and a well -known Chinese cooking utensil brand.

This model is a cast iron pot, which is more durable. The iron pot is thick and thin walls, which can conduct high -efficiency heat conducting. The bottom of the pot is Esda’s signature whirlwind at the bottom of the pot. In addition, the details of the pot body are designed in place, and the oil volume scale in the pot can be tilted for 45 ° when using it.

The rust cannot be priced at 400-500 yuan. It should be noted that the iron pot in this series is not cast with iron. The bottom of the pot is insufficient. The middle part of the bottom of the pot may be raised upwards, resulting in the appearance and meat slices, but it does not cause hidden health hazards.