It’s time for the weekly graphic tutorials again. Sometimes I want to eat laziness and don’t want to cook, so I want to eat it simply. At this time, the most suitable fried rice is most suitable. I just saw that you said that there are often leftovers at home. But don’t waste it, the grains are hard, you can make some delicious and different fried rice ~ Today’s graphic recipes are volcanic cheese fried rice, hot and sour kimchi fried rice, with delicate and smooth eggs, milk flavor is rich The cheese that can be brushed, the taste is rich, the aroma is overflowing, one bite after one bite, it tastes more addicted ~ It is also simple to do, lazy people must learn, the kimchi fried rice fried rice is buckled in the pot, and a circle of eggs around the pot is poured around the pot. When the liquid and cheese slices are cooked, when Huang Chengcheng’s egg liquid flows from kimchi fried rice, it really feels like a volcanic eruption. Take a bite while it is hot.

BY Kitchen Mother Story C Little Deer 【Dou Guo Food Official Certification Master】


1 bowl of rice

1 bacon

Kimchi 50g

2 eggs

Half spoon of sugar

Half a spoon salt

Korean spicy sauce 1 spoon

Tomato sauce 1 spoon


1 cheese


Onion appropriate amount


Little green onion

Salad sauce moderate amount


Practice step

1. Prepare the ingredients ~

2, chopped green onions, sliced ​​slices of bacon and kimchi.

3. Hot oil in the pot, stir -fry the green onion, bacon and kimchi, and stir -fry the rice.


4. Add half a spoonful of sugar, 1 spoon of Korean spicy sauce, and 1 spoon of tomato sauce to stir fry.

5. Brush the oil in the pot, buckle the fried rice in the pot, and use a chopstick to push a piece.


6, 2 eggs add half a spoonful of salt to spread, slowly drizzle the egg liquid from the top, and cover 1 piece of cheese on the rice.


7. Cover the lid and low heat until the egg liquid is solidified and unveiled, squeeze the salad sauce.


8. Sprinkle with onion, the volcanic cheese fried rice is ready, let’s eat it ~


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