When buying a curtain, many people have tangled or not to buy gauze?

I think two factors first before doing decisions.

1: The objective environment of your window can not install the curtain gauze?

2: Do you add a layer of curtain gauze to your overall soft software budget?


The above two factors are comparative, if the location where the window is installed is narrow, then the gauze cannot be considered. If your economic budget is tight, it is only a layer of curtains.

If the two factors above do not exist, then it is definitely to buy a curtain gauze.

Although the curtain merchant recommends that you make a curtain gauze, you have more ideas for your money, but the role of gauze is still very practical.

1: Increase the beauty of the whole. The gauze, spirituality, three-dimensional, and the like have increased.

This is why no matter the online shop curtain baby map or offline curtain shop window display samples are window screen.

2: Protect privacy can ventilate and anti-mosquito. This is a very practical effect.

Both gauze are soft, thin, and usually easier, and the hand washing machine is performed well.