Summer is here, share 3 cold and refreshing dipping juice methods, and the vegetables are delicious. Don’t you learn? Dear friends, hello everyone, I am a chef Jiang Yizhou. I am here again. I will share the food for everyone. Are you ready?


Summer is here. I ca n’t eat hot vegetables. I can only have appetite when I see cold dishes, so I will share it with you today. The three cold and refreshing dipping juice methods. No matter what vegetables, it is simply hot. Or dipping it directly, it is very delicious. Not much nonsense, and then share the detailed methods of these three dipping juice.


Hot and sour dipping juice

1. Hot and sour dipping juice, suitable for dipping dumplings in summer, dipping cold skin, mixing fans to eat, then share it with a detailed method with you, put a spoonful of vinegar in the bowl, a spoonful of chili oil, and then put it on the bowl, then put it on it on the bowl, then put it on the bowl. Two spoons of white sugar, half a spoonful of refined salt, a spoonful of chicken essence and monosodium glutamate, and finally cut into green and red millet spicy, stir well, especially with it dipped in cool skin, which tastes great.


Garlic juice


1. The use of garlic juice does not need to say more. In the summer, buy some cooked foods such as beef beef, beef belly, sauce duck, etc., mix with garlic puree, taste greasy, and the flavor is more rich. Share the detailed practice with you.

2. First, peel the garlic with the skin and put it in the garlic mortar, add a spoonful of refined salt, and a bottle of water with a little water. Slowly smash it into garlic mud. After being prosperous, just put a spoonful of raw soy sauce, a spoonful of vinegar, and a spoonful of sesame oil stir evenly.

Sesame sauce dipped in ingredients

1. The fragrance of sesame sauce dipped in the sauce, especially suitable for some cold noodles, cold skin. I especially like to cook the noodles, shower and pour it in the sesame sauce dipped in the grouped juice, mix with a cucumber shreds, and fried tomato eggs. This taste is too fragrant. Share it with everyone.

2. First, put the sesame sauce bought in the bowl, add three times boiling water, and then put half a spoonful of raw soy sauce, half a spoonful of vinegar, a small spoonful of leeks, a small piece of milk, and finally put some some of the way to put some some time Oil, then stir well, you can use it to mix noodles and mix the cold skin. Friends who learn to try it.

The following are the main points of making three dipping sauce sauce

1. Make hot and sour dipping juice, be sure to put a little millet spicy. One is to match the color, and the other is to enhance the spicyness.

2. Make garlic juice. When you smash garlic, you must put a little salt and a small amount of water, so that the mud that is smashed out is sticky and delicious.

3. When making sesame sauce dipped in sauce, be sure to remove the sesame sauce with three times warm water, otherwise the sesame sauce dipping juice is easy to suffer.


Well, after reading this article, have you learned these three types of dipping juice? After adjusting them, put them in the refrigerator, and take it out after refrigerating, which tastes better. There are a lot of dry goods in the article. Please collect more likes, comments, and forward it to let more good friends see. I am a chef Jiang Yizhou. Let ’s see it next time.