The pharmaceutical business declined sharply, and cosmetics or Kang Enbei came out.

Wen 丨 Wenyue

On February 25th, well -known pharmaceutical company Zhejiang Kang Enbei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. disclosed the announcement that 80%of its subsidiaries Jiangxi Zhenming Mingming Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Treasure Ming”) received the Jiangxi Provincial Drug Administration issued The “Cosmetics Production License”, the license items are: general liquid unit (skin care water) (including skin care).

In the Tmall platform cherishes the flagship store of the eyes, there are many eye masks and eye cream products on sale

Essence From the perspective of the cosmetics filing information on the official website of the State Drug Administration, cherish Ming Ming has started cosmetics filing applications from 2015, including eye essence, eye cream, eye mask, makeup remover, cleansing milk, toner cream, hand cream and other categories But most of them have been canceled.

At the beginning of 2019, Zhenming had disclosed the plan to promote industrial cannabis CBD products, and 6 industrial cannabis cosmetics were filed by the State Drug Administration. As marijuana cosmetics have attracted more and more attention, the wholly -owned subsidiaries and production bases of Kang Enbei Group, Yunnan Yunxing Biotechnology Co., Ltd., gradually transformed from the production of Ginkgo biloba products to industrial cannabis CBD products, and expanded cosmetics to cherish the Ming Dynasty The business provides guarantee.


At present, there are two flagship stores in Tmall in Tmall, which are

Cherish the flagship store of Mingda Pharmacy, cherish the flagship store of Mingguang Eye

Essence The shop customer service staff told this reporter,

Cherish the sale of daily necessities such as cosmetics, eye masks and other daily necessities


Essence At present, fans of eye protection shops have reached more than 410,000, and their eye -moving stickers have sold more than 50,000 a month, and they have a good consumer foundation.


Due to the influence of policy control and other reasons, it is represented by the Kang En Bayzi Company Guizhou Byte Company

The pharmaceutical business has fallen sharply

Essence According to the third quarter of the 2020 report, the third quarter revenue was 4.542 billion yuan, a year -on -year decrease of 15.77%, but the health consumer goods business maintained rapid growth, with sales revenue of 658 million yuan, an increase of 65.21%year -on -year, of which cherished cherish The sales revenue of eye stickers, eye masks, eye care solution and other eye health products increased by 65.61%year -on -year.


The announcement shows that cherishment of eye -catching health series products mainly adopt the production model of combining independent production and contract commissioning production. Judging from the filing information on the official website of the State Drug Administration, the only eye health series products that are currently sale are only eye care solution and some eye masks are produced independently, and all of them are foundry products.

The “Cosmetics Production License” is obtained, and it cherishes the qualifications of independent research and development of cosmetics. In the field of cosmetics, independent production is not only the guarantee of product quality, but also the embodiment of the company’s research and development strength. As a large -scale pharmaceutical company that has been founded for more than 50 years, Kang Enbei itself has mature R & D production technology and resources, and can also form a strong support for cosmetics business that cherishes the cosmetics. Essence