The type is skirt; the version is thin; the style is sexy; the pattern is the wave dot; the skirt type is a large skirt; the skirt is the folds; the skirt length is the dress; the skirt style is waist

1. Fashionable wave dot style dress is definitely a beautiful landscape in summer! Exquisite fabric, skin -friendly and comfortable. The large -waist design can effectively cover the meat and modify the proportion of the body. The back of the collar uses a small sexy design to modify the face shape!

2. This dress has a hanging neck design at the neckline. There is a feeling of legs below the chest. The cross -cutting process used in the back reveals sexy and seductive back and big arm curve. Waist slim version, outline the outline of graceful figures. The big skirt is very elegant and soft. Show strong femininity. The embellishment of the upper wave dot pattern shows the vitality without losing elegance.

3. The version of the dress is exquisite, with a round, small wave dot pattern and fine pleated craftsmanship. There is a waist design on the waist, which is even thinner after the upper body! The sleeves of the dresses also use this method, very elegant and generous! This beautiful starry sky pattern dress is really unavailable ~ You need it to be there in summer

4. The most sexy dress in Super Girl. The upper body uses perspective wave dots, showing femininity, and has an elegant and charming style in sexy. The ingenious pleated treatment and waist design of the waist enhance the effect of modifying the figure, which is very thin. The design of the big skirt and the lack of leg shape, there is no restraint in walking, and it is more smart and natural!

5. This pleated dress is ingenious in design. The waist is waist, covering the flesh thinly, highlighting the female’s slender waist; the shape of a large skirt, making your hips look fuller; sexy and charming, without losing elegance and romance.

6. A fashionable dress cleverly integrates the exquisite and beautiful wave dot decorating the body, playful and age -reducing, showing the lively and dynamic temperament of women. Using a unique three -dimensional slimming to perfectly show the exquisite graceful figure. The high waist design outlines the slender small waist. With a large stagnation of pleated, it shows elegant and romantic style. Add a soft and skin -friendly cotton fabric inside, bringing you a comfortable and comfortable dressing feeling.

7. This dress is a fashionable wave dot design, giving a fresh and beautiful visual experience; the fashionable waist version design can fit the body curve and show the exquisite and graceful figure. The slim hem design is very sexy and seductive.

8. This dress is designed with a slim -fitting version. With exquisite tailoring, wearing is more thin and generous. The waist design, combined with the embellishment design of the folds, shows a romantic and elegant temperament, which is quite fashionable. Coupled with the embellishment design and large skirt design, covering the defects, full of laziness and sexy charm.

9. A dress with elegant temperament can easily wear a good mood. The classic wave dot element is an eternal fashion element; the skirt is treated with a pleated treatment, and then the micro -latter design is used to form a natural large spread, which is thin and a small sexy atmosphere.

10. This dress with a charming wave dot decoration, breaks monotonous. The three -dimensional slimming layout shows the beauty of the exquisite curve, and the woman’s proud figure is manifested. Elegant, swaying with the wind and flowing. The waist design highlights that the figure is particularly outstanding. Exquisite and generous exposure of collarbone sexy and stylish.

11. A dress with a full temperament, the skirt decoration, is a playful and lively feeling. The waist has a pleated design, and those with flesh on it can easily cover. The big skirt is very modified, and the effect is good. The collar is slightly exposed to sexy clavicle, and it is also very extra points ~

12. This dress is designed with a sloping placket. The version of the waist is easy to close and thin, modifying the feminine curve of women, and it looks natural and charming. Exquisite wave dot decoration, the visual beauty is naturally reduced. The elegant swaying, swaying with the wind.

13. A very temperamental dress, a classic fashion wave dot design, shows the elegant and generous personality of women. The waist is cut, and the slender and beautiful figure can be easily displayed, and the upper body is elegant and charming. The folds make the sleeves look fluffy and three -dimensional, add a sense of visual hierarchy, and show the style of celebrities. The wide skirt covers the meat and is thin, exuding a little emotional tone.

14. This dress can be said to be sexy. The designer uses high -quality materials to stimulate the skin. The slim wafer version is thin, and the upper body protrudes the perfect figure. The embellishment of the wave adds a touch of sweetness, and the atmosphere is reduced. The elegant and smart big skirt is romantic. Pressure craftsmanship is also a manifestation of excellence.

15. Sexy and charming wave dot dress, a large swing design to add layered beauty, bringing feminine charm. The three -dimensional and stylish cut design slim -waist version outlines the slim and delicate exquisite curve to show the sloppy figure, which is even more popular and super charming on the upper body!

16. This dress uses a large dressing body, with a natural pleated effect on the waist. The waist design makes you visually high and thin. The wave dot element is covered with a playful and lively feeling behind the whole dress, sexy but not publicity. Disassembly shoulder straps switch the shape at will.

17. The dress selected a large area of ​​wave dot patterns, highlighting your girly feelings. The version of the waist slimming outlines the perfect body curve, the upper body is more sexy and charming, plus the pleated waist matching, allowing you to penetrate the three -dimensional sense of layering and bring full fashion charm.

18. The addition of wave dot elements makes this dress look both playful and lively, and it can also show the sexy sexy of women. The fold design on the back, with the waist version and the design of large skirts, make this dress have a full -fitting effect, fashionable and age -reducing.

19. This dress is designed with a slim -fitting version, with a waist style design, showing a strong elegant temperament. The large skirt made of combined with pleated craftsmanship is very dynamic and stylish, showing female sexy charm, and showing agility and freedom. The embellishment wave dot pattern makes you look at the crowd at a glance.

20. This dress adopts a large -scale fold design to make the whole more three -dimensional. The waist tailoring shows thinning and increasing the proportion of visual figure, exuding women’s mature and elegant temperament. The decorative embellishment of the wave dot on the chest adds a lot of sweet and playful atmosphere. The design of Xiaoluxiang’s shoulder makes the upper body more sexy and seductive.

21. The wave dot dress with a sense of design shows a unique charming style. The cross blessing of the sloppy tulle on the neckline, light and rippling, just fits the elegant and romantic style. Sexy and seductive are just naked, small details to show the exquisite sense, waist and waist tailoring, outline the slender waist curve, the big skirt is stretched to stand, modify the tall and slender figure, combined with the use of pleated fabrics, and do everything in walking. The show is elegant and beautiful.

22. The dress is made of simple wave dot fabric, which has a lively and playful feeling. The predecessor design, highlighting the quality of the details. Waist slim version, wear a good figure. Over -knee long style, with a little sexy atmosphere.

23. This dress uses high -quality fabrics, skin -friendly and easy to clean. The waist is loosened tightly to the waist, pulling the proportion of the figure, and it is thin and not picking. The wave dot design is full of retro style. Big skirt pressure fold design, romantic, fashionable and sexy.

24. This thin waist dress is put on, outlines the wonderful body curve. The waist is fitted with the waist and the body is very delicate and elegant. The sexy and bold wave dot pattern decorates the dress, creating a unique eye -catching effect; the fold design with micro -perspective fabric is sexy, elegant and dignified, and the goddess temperament is like to come out; the elegant and gentleness of the large arc should be worn in various occasions.

25. This Brand dress uses the choice of a wave dot compression fold to repair the large version and the thin light fabric. It is both sexy and elegant and generous. The waist and waist design, thinner and more highlighted the charm curve.

26. The overall design of this dress is very delicate. The neckline of the front and rear is wide, and the soft clavicle and the sexy career line are elegant and charming. The treatment of the waist folds and waist slimming is thin and highlights the beauty of women’s curves. The skirt is decorated with a small aircraft, cute and playful, breaking the monotonous sense. Polka dot pattern, fashion reduction is even more eye -catching.

27. This dress selected high -quality fabrics not only feel comfortable, but also wearing it with skin and breathability. The design of the wave dot is also a highlight, showing the sweeter of this skirt, the girl’s heart is bursting. The design of the waist pleats is also full of details, very elegant and sexy. The design of the self -sliming bloom is also completely bloated and procrastinating, so that you can show your good figure as much as you want.

28. A dress that allows you to make your bumpy shape, no matter which style can make you perfectly control. The triangle -shaped folding process of the front placket enhances the three -dimensional sense of the dress, and the blessing shows the sexy waist and abdomen curve while also showing a thin visual outlook. The wave dot element has a romantic atmosphere with a large skirt, and the age reduction effect is explosive.

29. The wave dot of the dress is very durable and the upper body is also temperament. The classic large version is used, and the upper body can cover the excess flesh of the hips. The waist is designed as a waist style, and it is thinner to outline the waistline. There are pleated machining on the chest, so that you will not feel tight when wearing, bring a comfortable dressing experience. The cuffs are decorated with the horn -shaped edge details, and the small spark effect is playful and age -reducing with the skirt. The length of the knee can cover the leg fat, and it is naturally casual when walking.

30. The wave dot dress has always been outdated. The version of the slim waist and the long -lasting long skirt design is full. Whether it is used as an inner or single wear, it is very temperamental. The folds are used to treat fabrics, carefully and exquisite and highlighting the quality. Sexy slightly transliterated design brings charming charm.

31. The design of this dress is very chic. A large wave of elegant wave dot is formed, which will make you more feminine visually; the folds and waist design of the waist perfectly outline your sloppy posture, which looks small and exquisite. , Perfect the charm of sexy. The length is moderate, just covering the thicker position, which is very thin.

32. This TouchMiss waist dress uses a delicate pleated craft to make the neckline look more atmospheric. The wave dot element adds a bit of sweet and cute, and it is also very comfortable to wear. At the same time, it can cover the small secrets of the body ~ plus the sexy back design to modify the white skin. Very thin and very feminine.

33. Dress is an exclusive item for women, and the classic versatile version design is even more popular. This waist is thin and thin, and the wave point sloping shoulder design is very good to modify the beautiful neck curve, showing a little sexy and playful fan. The bold pleated craftsmanship and the elegant hem design emit the sweet and romantic atmosphere, which is very fashionable.

34. This French -style dress makes you vivid and embarrassing. The wave dot element and the small A version are combined with a high -end waist design, and the overall proportion of the stretch is thin; Put on.

35. This dress uses a pleated craft to shape the waist, which is thin and playful. The three -dimensional wave dot pattern has added more sense of design. Walking skirts are smart and elegant, which greatly enriches the sense of visual hierarchy and makes people look bright; Long -legged posture, sexy and charming.

36. This Brand wave dot dress is designed with a waist pressure, showing a more perfect figure. At the same time, combined with the large skirt design of the large swing, it has the effect of covering the flesh and thinness, lengthening the proportion of the legs, and visually set off the legs to more slender and long, creating a woman’s elegant and mature charm temperament. The sexy three -color wave dot shows an unruly beauty.

37. This dress, the dot dot pattern of the skirt is very delicate, exuding a little playful vitality of women. The skirt version is more slim, and the waist design is more prominently thin and beautiful! In addition to the V -neck’s neck curve, there is a little sexy!

38. Dress the waist pressure design to modify the body curve. The fashionable wave dot pattern is sexy and elegant. The design of the horn cuff is thin, elegant and agile. The use of shuttle fabrics, comfortable and smooth skin, have a good ability to synthesize and anti -wrinkle.

39. Dress the thin shoulder strap design, revealing sexy collarbone without losing elegance. The waist compression tailoring can increase the proportion of legs in the waistline. The slim -fitting version creates a thin and small waist is suitable for most people to wear. The wave dot decoration of the flower pattern highlights the romantic temperament, and the super girl’s heart and will not match the upper body. The long -knee long skirt shows the thigh curve appears to be tall and charming.

40. This dress uses a slim -fit design to show the exquisite curve beauty. The neckline is equipped with a V -shaped design to show sexy neck. Combined with pleated craftsmanship, it looks classic and atmospheric. Coupled with the waist band design, the woman’s body advantage is displayed vividly. The multi -color wave dot pattern is full of styling, more charming and romantic.

41. This dress has a wave point design effect, which looks more layered. The waist has a design of a folding fold, which is usually more comfortable and not tight if you wear it. The design of the details on the shoulders will also have excellent lean effects. The tailoring design of the big skirt, modify the leg curve, looks more sexy and elegant.

42. The tailoring effect of the dress and the waist brings a thin and elegant dress with the waist. The skirt is decorated with a three -dimensional texture pleats. Add a three -dimensional and rich texture beauty, show a chic design style, and it is more sweet and charming. The neckline is dotted with V -shaped decoration, and the exposed sexy collarbone curve exudes temptation and charming femininity. Romantic big skirt shape, showing elegant and smart beauty, more fashionable and age -reducing temperament.

43. This dress with a slim waist is thin. The design of fashion and generous wave dots exudes elegant and charming charm. The design of the back pressure adds a full level of beauty, showing the mature charm of women’s intellectual nature.

44. This dress is crushed with pleated waist, and the layers are clear. The design of the big shift looks very personal and can cover the meat, and the temperament is full. Polka dot decoration, the visual beauty is naturally reduced. And exquisite suspenders, sexy and charming workmanship is particularly elegant.

45. This dress is a very atmospheric wave dot style. The waist -sliming version is very thin and thin, creating a beautiful curve. The design of the cuffs does not lose the elegant and sexy of the average skirt, wide -edged fold design, stylish and personality, and also enriches the overall layering of the skirt

46. ​​Dress is an indispensable pretending artifact for female friends on vacation. This waist -thin ripple dot dress, with a slim -fit waist design, easily outlines your graceful and charming good position. With a sweet small see -through gauze design, it shows full of small sexy charm, and a personalized pleated large swing to create a skirt shape, allowing you to show elegant and agile atmosphere.

47. A fashionable and French dress with a light design, wearing elegant and agile. The fine and uniform waves on the front placket are overflowing with romantic and elegant atmosphere. The waist pressure folds are not picky, and the upper body is very thin, and the upper body is thin, and the body shape shows the beautiful appearance of the woman’s graceful figure. The open breasts design on both sides is in line with postpartum feeding habits, which is convenient for mothers to clean their breastfeeding guarantees to replace freshness and modify the hip type.

48. This is a very elegant big dress. After the upper body, we bring your own gentle attributes, so that you can stand out in the crowd! The overall pressure folds have a kind of agility, which strengthens the three -dimensional effect. The design of the waist is thinner, and the charming small waist is perfectly displayed. Perspective tulle adds full femininity. The wave point element of the skirt is also very chic and delicate, highlighting the elegant temperament.

49. Waist dress makes the girls look taller and slender. The integration of wave dot elements adds a sense of design and interprets the romantic charm. Shoulder skin transmission design, exposing fragrance and clavicle. Sexy and sultry. The pressure on the sleeves is large, and the pace moves. Elegant and temperament can also cover places where the legs are prone to meat. The wide skirt not only modifies the female curve, but also has a thin skill to cover the meat.

50. A fairy dress with a ripple dots pleated process, rich and stylish; comfortable and tolerant and powerful elastic waist design, easily outline the slender small waist, slim and thin; Large skirts are smart and beautiful.

51. Polka dot dress is not only sexy and seductive, but also has its own age. This dress adopts a personality of a personality, elegant and charming, and tolerate his figure well. The waist waist design improves the visual effect of the waistline to create a golden ratio. The wide ruffle skirt sleeves can also bring elegant sense of worship. Coupled with pleated craftsmanship, adding a sense of layering is very versatile.

52. This dress adopts the design of the wave point, highlighting the elegant and generous temperament. The sleeve uses a pleated craft to make the overall more three -dimensional. The design of the waist and waist is combined with a wide skirt. It has a good effect of covering the meat and leaning, creating a graceful and charming figure curve. Sexy and seductive, no one can control it.

53. The design of this dress with a folds is swaying with the wind and flowing. The version design of the waist beam not only modifies the feminine curve of women, but also stretches the proportion of visual height, which looks natural. The decoration of transparent wave dots is exquisite and elegant.

54. This dress is designed as a large style, walking between walking with the pace. The skirt is scattered with unruly wave dot elements, which looks more playful, and can highlight the sexy charm of women. The waist treatment of the waist can outline the perfect curve of women and show your soft temperament. The folding process makes the skirt feel strong, slim and comfortable.

55. This ripple dot dress with a strong and sweet style uses delicate and soft velvet fabrics to show a distinctive elegant temperament. The three -dimensional waist tailoring design perfectly outlines the female slender and charming curve, combined with the right large shape shape, tolerance of various types of figure. The thin and fashionable shoulders are slightly fragrant, and through the exquisite bead buckle decoration, an elegant and classic charm is added to easily interpret the romantic feelings of the woman. Whether it is single or matching, it exudes a unique immortality.

56. A super sweet and romantic dress with a waist slimming can completely highlight the elegant and graceful curve of girls, making pregnant mothers the most visual fashion focus in the crowd. The perspective wave dot element of the shoulder and neck is also very good to set off the white and pink skin, showing gentle and cute sexy. The pleated design at the sleeve can effectively cover the excess fat on the arm, and it even shows the charming temperament of the pregnant mother. The large double -layer big pockets can not only hide the small butt, but also play a decorative role.

57. This wave dot dress is designed with a classic V -type neckline, revealing sexy and beautiful femininity. The tailoring of the waist slimming outlines the graceful and good figure curve, coupled with the design of the folds, the elegant and stylish upper body can improve the temperament, and the romantic and beautiful and charming style exudes.

58. This is a sweet and elegant dress with finely crushed fold design. It is not monotonous and thin. Using wave dot texture fabrics, soft and comfortable, good breathable sweat absorption, very vertical, how can it not be lacking in summer! The design of the waist is strongly covering the fat, which is high and thin, and the goddess is full!

59. This sexy wave dot dress is very eye -catching after the upper body. The design of the waist shows a perfect figure, and the fold texture is added to create a more refined and three -dimensional visual effect, which greatly adds the sense of fashion and eye -catching the skirt, and it can also play a solid role. The large skirt is elegant and romantic in walking.

60. A feminine dress with a fold design and a wave dot decoration, very playful and cute. The waist and waist are tailored, high and thin, the back of the back is design, both sexy and charming. The design of the hem large skirt is more agile and elegant.

61. This TouchMiss dress is comfortable to wear with superior materials. Pressing craftsmanship, exquisite workmanship waist and thin waist, thin and stylish, wave dot perspective sleeve design is sexy and charming and generous, very versatile without skin tone.

62. A dress designed by Han Fan’er, with a great upper effect. The small V -type neckline is cut to expose women’s skin. Sexy and charming. Pressing a large skirt waist to improve the waistline. The skirt body pattern embellishment is rich in vision. Widen the slim cutting and cleverly cover your excess fat on your legs.

63. The design of the wave dot makes the skirt no longer monotonous, and a little more romantic and playful. Xiao Li collar design stretch the neck curve to modify the face shape.

64. A cute but temperamental dress, using a three -dimensional slimming process, waist is thin, showing a beautiful curve. The large V design at the neckline shows the exquisite neck and shows low -key sexy charm. Incorporating fashion wave dot elements and semi -see -through sleeves, it highlights the sweet and pleasant style of girls. The long and long strokes of the long and back -long stroke, elegant and agile, bring an elegant and romantic atmosphere.

65. A sexy and elegant dress, the overall design of the classic pistol pattern, not only enriches the overall visual effect. It can also explain the unique personality charm and intellectual beauty of women. Playful young lifts, modify a small face shape. Combined with the delicate pleated craft design, we have enriched the level of women’s noble and elegant temperament. The shape of a large waist is a large -leap skirt, which plays a role in lengthening the proportion of legs.

66. This sweet dress, the overall design gives a fairy. The waist version is slim and thin, and the design of the small pressure folds is elegant and temperament. The wave dot design on the chest is playful and cute, sexy and charming.

67. The elegant and stylish dress is covered with a unique wave dot pattern to show the femininity of women. Large design tolerance and tolerance of various shapes do not pick people. The wide hem of the loose waist can create a perfect proportion of thin hidden meat. It shows a charming long leg, adding a little sexy. The high -grade fabric is comfortable, and the upper body is quite wide.

68. This dress made a fake two -piece design style. With the colorful ripple dot pattern at the neckline and cuffs, it looks more fashionable. The waist is made of a fold waist style design, which can improve the legs after the waistline, and the design effect of the large swing will be more covered with meat. It is also more comfortable to wear and thinner.

69. Dress with its own visual effect, it is easy to wear a thin and tall sense. With the waist version design, it adds a bit of sexy and charming charm. The surface of the skirt is incorporated into the large round wave dot element, which is rich in visual layering, sets off the soft temperament of the girl, and the upper body is full of youthful vitality. Add a pleated crafts on the chest to create a three -dimensional silhouette design, which shows more details.

70. This is a dress that can show women’s temperament. The upper body is tailored with a three -dimensional slim, with a waist design, highlighting the full hip curve. The pressure of the waist is used to increase the overall effect and design sense. The skirt is designed with a large skirt. It has an elegant and romantic style when walking, highlighting the charming charm of women’s mature and charming charm. The upper body uses Tibetan blue lipstick as a decoration, and the details show the luxurious texture.

71. The super -tempered fashion wave dot dress is simple and versatile without losing generosity. The skirt is designed with natural folds, three -dimensional and layered, showing a unique personality beauty and romantic and charming femininity. The thin version of the waist sets off the slender small legs, showing tall and graceful. Sexy and sweet large skirt shape, comfortable and pleasant wearing, a elegant attitude in walking.

72. This dress has a changeable design sense and has a strong eye -catching power. The sexy shoulder shape inherits the infinite charm, just to show your beautiful collarbone and the beauty of the skin; the style of the waist pressure fold is full of French romantic feelings, showing unique exotic style.

73. This dress uses a more self -cultivation treatment on the upper body, but there is a bold design of waist. Can outline women’s hip curves. Sexy, the chest and sleeves of the skirt are also added to the dot pattern, which is more delicate. The design of a large skirt design allows you to walk up and elegant, very beautiful!

74. A very stylish dress, made of high -quality fabrics, feels soft and smooth, wears cool and comfortable. The tailoring lines are smooth and clean, the slim wafer version highlights the sexy and charming body curve, the classic and generous round neckline sets off the delicate and compact face, the fold decoration, which enriches the visual hierarchical effect, the long -sleeved wrapping arms, stylish and dignified dignified, dignified and dignified Essence The sweetness and gentleness of women in the fluffy dream.

75. This very feminine dress uses a classic wave dot pattern to modify it, setting off a dignified look. Coupled with the design of the pleated waist waist, the body has a more neat and layered effect. Combined with the large -scale tailoring design, walking more casually and freely.

76. This dress uses a fold waist design to perfectly show the slim figure. The ripple dot pattern is also very personal and not picking people, how can you wear the classic style and how to look good! Such a single item can easily control all kinds of occasions.

77. Polka dot dress is really a fashionable single product that is never outdated in the fashion industry. This dress, a classic big shift design, allows you to easily wear the temperament of the little fairy. At the same time, the design of the waist can highlight the beauty of the body curve well, and the sexy and charming is very elegant. The folding hem is paired with the front buckle design, which is very personal, and it is more elegant and easy to walk.

78. This wave dot dress is designed with a pleated waist, which perfectly modifies the proportion of the figure. Sexy V collar, exposing a small piece of exquisite collarbone. Set up a charming neck curve, a classic slim version, combined with see -through gauze. It is undoubtedly full of the girl’s romantic love. The design of the hem large skirt is elegant and dynamic, full of vitality, stylish and playful, and very age -reducing.

79. The big shift design of this dress has a unique femininity. The waist waist cut can highlight the graceful figure curve. The wave dot pattern decorates the skirt body, showing a sweet and stylish atmosphere, which is very eye -catching. The front sewing process is easy to wear and remove freely. The design of the folds forms a large skirt. It has a good effect of covering the meat and is very thin. The white skin was slightly exposed on the shoulders, emitting a little sexy.

80. This dress uses two -piece design style, which is a clear sense of layering. The pattern of the wave dot brings a full youthful vitality, full of age, coupled with a large skirt, the thin and thin effect is particularly good. Mysterious and sexy charm.

81. In this dress, the waist is not only slim and thin, but also highlights the exquisite curve of women. It also makes the lower body slightly fleshy. The classic skirt of the wave dot base and the fold pressure processing makes the overall unsightly monotonous, and it has a sense of layering and design. In addition, this dress is a sweet and immortal age -reducing vest skirt.

82. The waist of the dress is treated with a waist pressure. After the upper body, you can outline the waistline and feel that it will not be restrained. The right length can also look thinner and taller, and the long skirt length has just catered to the small children’s daily match with a playful atmosphere. The element application of the wave point seems to be filled with a girl’s heart with an inexplicable affinity ~ The tailoring of the big skirt caters to the sexy trend in recent years, it looks lighter and more dull.

83. This dress is incorporated into the wave dot element, which seems casual but personality. Created with delicate mink wool fabrics, soft and comfortable and has a skin -friendly effect while showing a high -level texture. The neckline adopts a generous V design, highlighting sexy collarbone and neck skin. The tailoring of the waist and waist and the elegant and agile pleated stagnation, which shows the good figure of women.

84. This dress from Lily, the tailoring design of the slim waist, perfectly shows the charming small waist. The neckline of the ripple dots adds a bit of fun. The hook design on the shoulder is unique and novel and more personal. The fluffy large skirt is light and elegant, with unstoppable romantic and elegant style. The smooth and elegant version, combined with the elegant length of the knee, sexy and seductive.

85. This dress is a classic wave dot element and is very fashionable. Large and sexy back cross -shape design is very thin. The waist waist design can modify the body curve well, making you more graceful.

86. This dress uses wave dot elements to show a sweet and cute temperament. The hem produced by the fold craftsmanship has a more thin effect visually. The waist design shows the bumpy body curve. The big skirt was put on the road, and the design of the lantern cuffs set off the dignified and elegant side.

87. This dress, the overall tailoring is sharp, and the upper body highlights the curvy beauty of women’s unevenness. The waist uses the waist design and the pressure of the folds to add highlights to the shape, modify the proportion of the lower body to stretch the body. The neckline V -type placket reveals sexy collarbone and neck curve. The wave dot decorative skirt body can increase the fashion atmosphere and improve the style well.

88. This dress uses classic wave dot elements, rich and playful. The pleated design on the chest, slightly exposed to beautiful muscle sexy taste; waist design, showing the curve, visually tall. The big skirt swayed with the wind, allowing you to be elegant and agile in walking, and fell into Fanchen; the slim -fitting blessing, perfectly outlined the small waist, wearing a good figure and a elegant atmosphere.

89. This dress is designed with an X -shaped outline as a whole, slimming and thin, showing a perfect figure. The unique neckline design highlights the neck curve to the fullest, and easily exposes the beautiful swan neck, showing the elegant temperament of women and a little sweet and cute. The ingenious waist line design on the waist gives a sense of illusion of the legs below the chest, showing the perfect body. The design of the pleated skirt, which makes this dress look monotonous, full of layered, and the upper body gives a unique fashion charm.

90. This dress is very small, and the design of the big swing is thin. The classic and versatile of the wave dot element does not lose its sense of fashion, and it has a good interpretation. The design of the waist and the super wide skirt make you walk like wind. Sexy and elegant.

91. The pressure on the waist of the waist of the dress, visually shows a fuller silhouette beauty, is particularly thin. Coupled with a large skirt design to modify the leg curve to make women look taller and stylish. With a trace of sexy charm without losing elegance of temperament ~

92. This dress uses a slim -fitting design, with a large waist design, which is more enchanting and small waist. The wave dot pattern is full of playful dresses, showing a playful and vitality; the back of the back and the design details of the collar buckle are displayed, showing the sexy and charming side. The tight and low -pressure fold design adds overall layering and three -dimensional texture.

93. This dress adopts a slim -fitting design, with exquisite tailoring, wearing a more fit body curve, which is in line with ergonomics. Coupled with the waist design to show the exquisite curve, the legs look longer. Combined with a folds, the design of the body is also a stylish atmosphere, and it also highlights the elegant and romantic temperament. Pressing fold treatment, rich hierarchy and three -dimensional sense.

94. An elegant and charming dress, which uses wave dot lifting fabric design, is very temperamental. The waist is performed with pleated waistline, and it has a good effect on covering the meat. With waist treatment, it can outline the beautiful and delicate body curve of women. The right length design is elegant and agile when walking, showing charming charm. The big skirt naturally sags, bringing you a sense of luxury. Sexy and charming.

95. This dress appeared with exquisite wave dot elements, showing a sense of youthful vitality. A sharp contrast to the waist design and large pressure folds are used to outline the perfect figure curve. With the slightly transparent and horn cuff design, it brings a small sexy and elegant temperament!

96. A dress with a wave point element, the upper body is a classic dark green tone. The lower half of the fold design combines the sexy V -shaped small open neckline with the back. The slightly white skin brings a charming femininity. The slim wafer version is equipped with an umbrella -shaped shape, which can perfectly cover your deficiencies, and the thin effect is full.

97. The overall design of this dress is very elegant, and the carefully selected wave dot pattern is very sweet and cute to wear. The small design of the neckline and sleeves is even more cake. Sexy atmosphere will not make people feel too exposed. Pressure -type waist design more modified body curve and lengthening people’s height ratio is thin. The large skirt design is very light and elegant.

98. The biggest highlight of this dress is the design of the wave dot jacket. The overall is both stylish and playful, and it is more prominent. The skirt is pressed by pleated, more three -dimensional and stylish, and then matched with large places, letting it wear it well without bloating. The waist part of the cutting is echoing the waist design, highlighting the waistline, and showing the elegant and romantic style of women. The translucent shoulders and sleeves reveal the subtle little sexy, which is very charming.

99. This dress uses a waist compression process, making it a thin curve beauty that is thin while slimming. The large wave dot jet decorative skirt, let you go lightly and elegant, sexy and charming is so simple.

100. This wave dot dress uses a pleated craft to make the neckline neat. Slim wafer version and large skirt, sexy and charming femininity. The design of the Bohemian style combines a hint of playful and lively in the sweet style.