In the spring of “chaotic dressing”, many people choose vest items to create daily or workplace Look. After all, vest items are particularly convenient to wear, and they are versatile and practical. You can easily go out.

However, in the spring of this year, knitted vests are not hot. If you like vest items and want to wear a sense of fashion, it is recommended to choose these two vests, which is not only more fashionable, but also very practical and high -level. have a look!

1. suit vest

In the spring, it is recommended that you wear more suits vests. It is not only more high -quality, but also simple and simple to use suites. In addition, the style of the vest itself is more concise and easier to wear a sense of prosperity.


This also makes suit vests synonymous with versatile and highly atmospheric atmosphere. In addition to using its concave shape, we can also use suit vests to create a capable and elegant workplace look, highlighting the mature atmosphere of the shape.

Like black, hidden blue, white, gray, or earth -colored suit vests can be more suitable for 50 -year -old women, calm, generous and thin.

However, it should be noted that dark -colored suit vests should be paired with light -colored basic models, and the waist line should be raised.

At the same time, on the bottom, the long vest of the suit is recommended to pair with nine smoke pants or jeans. In addition to combining suit pants and jeans, short vests can also be paired with umbrella skirts.

Second, windbreaker vest


In addition to suit vests, windbreaker vests are also very suitable for ordinary people’s choices. In addition to classic and refreshing, they can also create a high -quality temperament.

However, it should be noted that the windbreaker vest is best to choose a medium -length model, easily cover the lower body fat, and choose the long vest of the khaki color system. You can take into account the two effects of the high -level sense of hiding and enhancing the high -level sense.

We need to use it to match some nine -point pants, or jeans, and use pants to increase the sense of leisure.


Third, what inside can vests match?

Although suit vests and windbreaker vests are visually different, there are not much difference in the matching and lower matching.

1. Slim bottoming shirt

In the spring, don’t rush to put away the slim bottoming shirt. The black slimming bottoming shirt with a round neck design above is not only versatile and practical, but also takes into account the warmth and showing a good figure.

You can use it to match the earth -colored suit vest, simple and capable, and high -level. It is more delicate with accessories such as necklaces.

2. White shirt

Use shirts as vests, the most common in spring, especially white shirts, combined with dark suit vests or earth colors long trench jacket vests can not only enhance brightness, break the dull shape, but also enrich the dressing level level , Create a sense of advanced.


If you want to add a sweet atmosphere, you can try the baby collar, bubble sleeves, lantern sleeves or white shirts that are superimposed.

3. T -shirt/sweater

The suit vest can be called a mixed -matching weapon. It uses it to stack T -shirts or hooded sweaters to create a casual atmosphere, while ensuring that the dress is simple and simple.

However, it should be noted that T -shirts and sweaters are best to choose white or beige models, with dark, light -colored vests, and color vests.

4. What are the vests matching?

The style of the inside generally affects the style of the vest, and the lower installation determines whether your matching is profitable. Let’s take a look at what are suitable for vests!

1. Vests+tight jeans


Tight -fitting jeans are a basic member, versatile but easy to expose the disadvantages of leg shape. If your body is not slim, it is recommended to use straight lines with waist vest with tight jeans.

It can block the waist and abdomen and the area of ​​the crotch, but also highlight the slender leg shape.

2. Vests+high waist over -the -knee skirt

With vest items with skirts can create elegant and capable female images, which are very friendly to some middle -aged and elderly people with insufficient figures.


Everyone should pay attention to two points. First, you need to use high waist skirt to lift the waistline position. Second, the length of the skirt is best or shorter than the vest, creating a sense of gap.

Of course, whether it is a suit vest or a windbreaker vest, it is more practical than we imagine. In addition to tight jeans and high -waisted over -the -knee skirts, there are many other methods for us to choose from. If you like vest items, then you may wish to learn from the matching demonstration here!

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