What pants to choose in winter, what clothes are matched, and what matching formulas? Of course, today is a trousers to share!

As the saying goes, people rely on clothes and saddles, and choosing the right clothes is always a bonus. In winter, due to the particularity of its seasons, it is often difficult for us to find the formula for wearing.

Today, with the editor, learn the sharing of the winter atmosphere sensor, so that you can also become the most fashionable cub in the crowd in the lack of mountains.

【High -waist straight pants】

Straight pants, also known as “pants”, are straightforward according to the pants tube, and the width of the upper and lower parts is named. In recent years, it has been in the group of young people. So why can straight pants replace the popular pants that have become popular before becoming a new favorite of young people?


What are the advantages of straight pants? How can choosing straight pants to wear us? Next, Asan will take everyone to find out.


There are three advantages of straight pants:


01. Straight pants can beautify the legs of the legs and cover up leg flaws; many sisters feel that their legs are not fine enough and not straight enough, then the straight pants can be well modified by these small flaws and make the leg shape look perfect.

02. It can be called the king of straight pants; whether it is a sweater, shirt, T -shirt, straight pants can be easily controlled.

03. Straight pants have a unique “gaining weight” effect; some sisters with too slender figures have almost no fleshy feeling, and it is difficult to control clothes, but straight pants are both loose and not close to them. , Can even increase a sense of elegance.

In winter, in the choice of pants color, we generally choose darker colors, such as dark denim, black, dark coffee color, etc. These colors are very inclusive for fashion. You can match the handsome and sunny youth sense in winter.

For example, the younger sister in the picture, with a gray -blue color of the Morandi color, stepping on a pair of white steamed bun shoes, it is simple but not too monotonous. Looking from a distance is simply synonymous with youth.




Girls’ choices in winter are actually very diverse. If you don’t like the loose feeling of straight pants, but you don’t want the wrap of tight jeans, then you can try the straight -type jeans, which can definitely bring you a different feeling.

When buying, remember to avoid too loose and too tight jeans. It is too loose and prone to procrastinates, and too tight will give people a sense of wrapping.


If you like the refreshing and comfortable match as Xiaobian, then jeans can definitely go into your heart.

Jeans + small white shoes, call it the most classic match for the fashion industry. White high -waisted socks are worried about the frozen ankles, and they can also outline the slender lines of the ankle, and emphasize this sense of lines, giving people a sense of weakness but stubborn growth.


The white base and the gray -blue long cotton jacket, which is warm and warm. Although there are not many accessories suitable for winter, the scarf is definitely the king of winter accessories, which can reduce the sense of light violation of the head and feet, and it is very warm. It can modify the face shape and head shape to a certain extent. Essence

If small white shoes are the best CP of jeans, then Martin boots are the winter limited of jeans, which can not only resist the cold, but also bring their own cool and handsome aura. The upper body can be paired with a worker jacket. As soon as the horsetar tail is tied up, A is full of anger, which makes people can’t help but call my sister.

【Wear Summary】

It is not difficult to match. As long as the principle is studied, pants can also be very suitable for winter. Of course, all this must be based on personal preferences and body characteristics. Whether it is straight pants, jeans or woolen pants, it is best for you.