A few days ago, I was discussing with my family. In the future, my balcony has functions such as drying areas, laundry areas, washbasins, lockers, rods and other functions.


The specific design is as shown below

The design form of the locker is a hanging cabinet. The upper part is based on the height of the hanging cabinet and is not commonly used. If you can put some laundry spares, such as laundry powder, laundry liquid, disinfectant, etc., the lower part of the hanging cabinet (lattice hanging cabinet does not have the door). It is also because of its height. Therefore, you can place daily laundry products. Because you need to use it every day, you do n’t need to install the door. After all, it is convenient, and the finished product is reduced. Do n’t worry about opening the door every day and closing the door.

Going down is to install a hanging rod, you can hang some spares, or wipes. Of course, if you have a place, you can also hang a few pots of green plants. After all, I don’t want to see this situation in the first picture below!


In this comparison, most of them must choose the second picture!

Next, let’s talk about the part of the washing machine and the washbasin. Putting the washing machine on the balcony should be a more conventional approach, so there is nothing to talk about. The most important thing is the washbasin next to the washing machine. The family asked me: What do you want to wash your hands?


I answered: Washing hands, washing fruit, pouring flowers, washing cloth, washing clothes, and occasional brushing …

Well, it seems that I have said the reason for putting the washbasin (cover my face …)

The family asked: Where is the mop?


Yes, I have to say that my family knows me, because in my thinking, the mop on the balcony is the most suitable. There are bacteria, so placing on the balcony can be dried by the wind and dried by the sun, which can effectively reduce the production of bacteria. Therefore, suddenly there is the idea of ​​the mop pool instead of the washbasin. The mop pool can only choose a practice in one case.

Let’s analyze it in detail below!

1. Small balcony loading pot

① Pouring flowers, for the owners who like to plant some flowers and plants on the balcony, there is a wash basin on the balcony that is very convenient for them to pour the flowers, but it seems that the mop pool can also meet this function;


② Washing your hands, before going to a friend’s house for dinner. At the time of eating, everyone rushed to the bathroom and kitchen to wash his hands, so I immediately felt that there was a washbasin on the balcony. Can satisfy the function of hand washing!


③ Wash the clothes, put the clothes directly after washing the clothes and take out the drying, but it seems that many people habitually wash the small clothes in the bathroom after taking a shower, so it seems that this function is not necessary.


④ Washing cloth, for me, it seems that washing cloth is the most practical function. If the mop is placed on the balcony, all the cleaning tools are placed on the balcony. The point is that compared to the mop pool, you don’t need to bend over the humpback, and the experience will be strong.

⑤ Fruits and brushing, yes, it is convenient to wash fruit washing fruits on the balcony, but there are mop pools to wash, and for brushing your teeth, I personally think that this probability is relatively small, so it can be ignored;

Second, small balcony installation mop pool

① The biggest function of the mop pool is to wash the mop. The hygiene at home is done almost every day, so it means that washing the mop is something that is done every day, so the balcony mop pool is very convenient. After all Wash in the pot;


② Occasionally wash hands, washing fruits, poured flowers, etc., the mop pool can also replace the washbasin.

③ The mop tank designed with the table looks more beautiful as a whole.

Therefore, for this small balcony, the pots of washbasin or mop, I choose the mop pool, so how do you choose?