The kitchen small storage space is not enough, this is really too fatal for small aparts! What can I do? After all, the house can’t get bigger … It’s better to

Place the wall of the cabinet

This is even if it is a long narrow kitchen, it does not have a short storage space.


Why do you want to do this in the end of the cabinet? Practicality has to be mentioned!

☆ A 10m2 storage room at the end of a cabinet

The real strong accommodation is not that there is much space, but it will not treat the spatial spatial space to be utility, especially small apart.


The end of the kitchen cabinet should be the most inconspicuous, the lowest use of the lowest use, if you leave a piece of the cabinet, then put on the open rack, used to put some daily pots, the pot, simple Don’t be too practical! Open design is convenient!


☆ 40 cm deep, not occupying space

Don’t play with traditional cabinets, 30-40 cents are almost enough, can be placed normally, some small bottle cans, induction! As for some large items, it is not necessary to widen it, but it will not come.

☆ Combination matching, achievement storage


This is also a point to say, no one who stipulates that the kitchen must have a closable cabinet, and the cabinet is full arrangement, like this, the end of the cabinet is made on the wall, with a cabinet, to make a classification storage, find There is a glimpse of anything.


In addition to the position of the wall at the end of the cabinet, it can be used in other locations.

1, the end of the cabinet is a glass cabinet, used in the home wine cabinet ↓


2, the end of the cabinet is made up, act as partition

The same method, different space utilization, like other functional districts, the end of the cabinet can be used, and it is a little meaning!

▶ The end of the porch cabinet does the shoe stool


In this way, it doesn’t have to “golden chicken independence” to shift, for the family’s child is very friendly.

▶ Bathroom cabinet is stored in storage

It is used to accommodate towels, paper towels, and other items, take place, convenient.

▶ Washing machine end wall


It is used to store laundry supplies, and put some small potting plants just fine.

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