As a senior food, each city seems to have become a coveted gourmet label in my eyes. From the heart, I feel, no … here should be said to feel that food is the most important. Linyi pancakes, Tengzhou spicy chicken, Tianjin pancake fruit, Shaanxi meat pinch, old Beijing roast duck, Xinjiang plate chicken, etc. When it comes to these foods, it has begun to drool.

The most common and favorite in these snacks is the fruity fruit


Especially miscellaneous food

It was frying crispy, rolling some ham, spicy strips, lettuce, crushing peanuts, and the boss was rolled up like this, especially when the boss was brushed. The best, the pancakes on the stalls of the miscellaneous food are thin and crispy,

Take a bite while hot, the crispy “click” sound, accompanied by various foods at the entrance, this taste is really great. Every time I eat and marvel: Why is there such delicious food in this world!

It is taken from “China on the Tip of the Tongue”: The mung bean noodles are launched a wonderful circle, thin and non -breaking; the eggs ensure nutrition; Pancake fruit, soft inside and inside, and both salty fragrance. It only takes two minutes to enjoy it.

I tested the crispy pancake fruit many times at home,

Can’t always make the essence of miscellaneous food

I don’t know if it is because of the pot, or the formula is not accurate enough. Most of the pancake fruits of miscellaneous noodles are mainly made of mung bean noodles, which are made of flour, soybean noodles, and corn noodles.

The batter is thin and crispy on the stove, and it looks eye -catching


, I have always thought that the master of making miscellaneous pancakes has true things. This technology really can’t learn.

Simply not entangled in its crispy

In the past two days, I have made a pancake with a miscellaneous food noodle.


The taste is good, the more you eat, the more you want to eat

▶ Miscellaneous Noodle pancake fruit


Materials required: 320 grams of ordinary flour, 40 grams of corn noodles, 80 grams of miscellaneous grain noodles, 550 grams of water


Dishes: lettuce, dumplings, green onions, mustard, ham sausages, spicy strips, eggs, black sesame

Required tools: scraper, electric baked pan / flat pot

※step 1

First of all, we make the mask of pancake fruit. Mix flour, mixed grain noodles, and clear water. I use the miscellaneous grain noodles to mix with some miscellaneous grains such as black beans, sorghum, and black beans. If not, It is best to replace the equivalent mung bean noodles or soybeans.


※ Step 2

Stir with chopsticks first, and then stir for a while with eggs. The stirring state is delicate, sticky, without granular batter, and placed aside


Still for 20 minutes

※ Step 3

The time to make noodles requires the crispy crispy in the pancake fruit. Here we can use the dumplings to replace it directly. Two dumplings are stacked together and rolled with rolling noodles.

Try to roll as thin as possible, the thinner the better

, The more crispy out of the frying, after rolling

I can see my fingers through the dumpling skin


It’s okay, but the force should be uniform

Don’t roll the dumpling skin

※ Step 4

Heat the oil in the pot and wait until 60 or 70 % of the heat, and place it with a clean and dry chopsticks in the oil pan with dense small bubbles. The oil temperature is fine. Change to small and medium heat

Fry until golden yellow, you can control the oil control and remove it

The fried thin and crispy is particularly crispy and delicious.

※ Step 5


Put the electric bakery or pan

Preheat the oil after preheating in advance

Pour in an appropriate amount of batter and use the scraper to be complete. Here


The thinner the better

, Then turn on fire, wait to see

After the bottom surface solidifies

Just put a egg in the egg, spread it with a scraper, sprinkle the green onions, black sesame seeds, and fry until the egg liquid is cooked. The lettuce, ham, mustard, spicy strip, crispy, rolled up, scalded here when rolled, here is hot. Be careful, I do n’t have extra brush sauce, friends who like it can brush the sauce.

At this time, it is eaten. The skin is very strong. Many side dishes are sandwiched, especially the crispy and spicy strips are really the soul of this pancake fruit, which is super delicious.


Xiaoha’s focus, let’s take a closer look here!

❤ Miscellaneous pancakes are mainly due to miscellaneous grain noodles, and mung bean noodles and soybeans are essential;


❤ The thinner the batter, the better, it will be more crispy, and it can also make me thicker, and it is still very good to eat;


❤ I do n’t have a separate brush sauce. Friends who like sauce can mix sweet noodle sauce and bean paste to add sugar and stir -fry with small oil.

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