Communicate bridges, create a strong reading atmosphere, improve the difficulty of parent-child communication, and promote the healthy growth of children. This node of Yantai Daily will hold “big and small book worms”-“Book Fragrance Companion to Growth” 3-12 years old parent-child reading activities.

We please recommend high -quality books to children with experienced primary school principals and presidents of the kindergarten to cultivate children’s imagination, creativity, virtue, and love ability. At the same time, it promotes harmonious parent -child relationships and enhances the relationship between children and parents.

The second phase of the book list

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Wang Ping, female, president of Lu Feng Primary School in Zhiyi District. He has been rated as the fourth batch of principals construction engineering, Yantai Education and Scientific Research Advanced Individual, Yantai City Research Advanced Personal Personal Personal Personal Personal Personal Personal Personal, District Marching Banner, District Outstanding Teachers, District Primary School Discipline Leaders, District Spiritual Civilization The advanced individuals and representatives of the district outstanding people’s congress, etc., have published many articles in “Primary School Teaching”, “Shandong Education” and “Modern Education”. The first prize of education and teaching. The Construction and Implementation of the “Colorful Wisdom Reading Course based on holographic thinking” has been identified as the basic education reform project in Shandong Province.

“Cai Zhizhong Comics Mandarin Classics”

Author: Cai Zhizhong


Here, you can talk to the Analects of Confucius, and perceive Confucius with his 72 disciples; you can talk to Mencius and perceive the firmness of the benevolent politics; “; You can talk to” Zhuangzi “, and Zhuang Zhou incarnate Dapeng or butterfly, enter the novelty and imaginative allegorical world … You can also read” Historical Records “, read” Liao Zhai “and read” Shi Shi New Words “. The unique poetry and painting of the Chinese in the Tang poems can consider more than 120 classic quotes of more than 120 sentences of cultivation, life, life, and birth … it is the perfect fusion of artistic, interesting and intellectuality.

“Little Putting Fairy Tale”

Author: Zhang Qiusheng


A fairy tale book suitable for low -grade children. A short story, through the beauty of language, the beauty of human nature. The author Zhang Qiusheng led the children into a beautiful imagination world in a poetic language. The story is full of kindness and beauty everywhere, and reads kind, warm, and natural.

Bi Guanghan, a Chinese teacher in Lu Feng Elementary School, has a solid basic teaching skills, focused on practical results, and is good at reflection. Like teaching, entertaining, respecting, trusting students, giving full play to the role of students, letting students be the owner of the classroom, creating a relaxed and lively atmosphere, showing the infinite charm of the classroom, and being loved by students.

Recommended book: “Belly Wolf under Moonlight”


Recommended reason: The author Bingbo rubs all kinds of humor, innocence, imagination, warmth, brightness, wisdom, and woven the colorful story content in the gorgeous fairy tales. People can enjoy the wonderful fairy tale scenes, but also enjoy a rich spiritual meal. It is a fairy tale that is very suitable for second grade children to read.

Personal introduction: Teacher Yan Xuejiao, a Chinese teacher in the first grade of Lu Feng’s elementary school. In teaching work, firmly believe that love is the starting point of everything. Sowing every dream with love, pouring every hope with heart, cultivating a good heart with love, and using believers to help sail. I hope that students who lead the class will meet and meet the most beautiful self!

Recommended book: “Lu Bin Sun Drifting”

Recommended reason: “Lu Bin Sun Drifting” is a well -known realist memory adventure novel. The plot is true, specific, kind and natural, and makes people unbearable. It is an immortal masterpiece in the treasure trove of the world. The work mainly tells the story of the protagonist Robinson Crusoe was born in a middle -class family and traveling all his life to travel around the world. The plot in the story is fascinating, and the language of narrative is easy to understand. It is full of the spirit of aggressiveness and adventure. It conveys a positive and optimistic quality. It is a good work with elegant and vulgar appreciation. And Robinson’s amazing perseverance and perseverance are worth our learning. Suitable for young people from grades in primary schools.

Personal introduction: Zong Xueyan, teacher Lu Feng primary school, who has been engaged in mathematics education for 10 years. Her educational speech is to believe in children and liberate children.

Recommended book: “Fantastic School Bus”

Recommended reason: The series of “Wonderful School Bus” series is an extra -curricular science science book recommended to all preschool children and elementary school students. It is also the most popular children’s natural science book series in the United States. Magazine “Non -Novel Magic Reading Award. There are 11 books in the book, namely “Fantastic School Bicycles: Underwater Adventure”, “Wonderful School Botch: Crossing Hurricane”, “Magic School Botch: Visit in the human body”, “Wonderful School Bus: Internal Earth Explorers” and so on. Below, please take this magic school bus, follow the magical Miss Fredei and her strange and naughty students, after a wonderful and exciting natural science exploration over time …

Personal introduction: Sun Yuan, the fifth grade mathematics teacher of Lu Feng primary school. Her teaching philosophy is: Every child is a seed, and I am willing to make sunlight and warm them; I am willing to make rain dew and nourish them; I am willing to make soil and give them vitality.

Recommended book: “Where is Mathematics”

Recommended reason: This set of books is based on the age characteristics of elementary school students. It is written in accordance with the requirements of the Mathematics Curriculum of Compulsory Education. It is suitable for primary school students to read simultaneously in the process of learning textbooks. This set of books is based on mathematical stories, life mathematics, mathematics exploration, mathematical humor, mathematical talks and other columns as basic ways. The content is vivid and interesting, close to life, and children are full of fun. During the reading process, children can slowly appreciate another world that reading brings to them -beautiful mathematics! So that they can further understand and extend mathematical knowledge, experience the beauty of mathematics, the interest of mathematics, and the use of mathematics, stimulate children’s interest in learning mathematics and explore the curiosity of mathematics mysteries.


Personal introduction: Dong Jing, fifth grade Chinese teacher in Lu Feng Primary School. Her teaching philosophy is: Give me a farmer, and I teach him to become a peasant with educated and tastefulness. Accepting and love are the best gifts for her to give the child, and each child is also a gift in her life.

Recommended book: “I want to be a good boy”


Recommended reason: This is a novel that is suitable for children, parents, and teachers. The novel artly shows the school and family life of a primary school graduate, and successfully shaped the image of elementary school students and mothers, father, Mr. Xing and other adults such as Jinling, Yu Fat, Shanghai, Yang Xiaoli, etc. The language is smooth and full of the characteristics of the times and a strong atmosphere of life. He has won the Fifth Song Qingling Children’s Literature Nomination Award, the Sixth Central Propaganda Department of the Mental Civilization Construction of the “Five One Project” award, the 6th Jiangsu Excellent Book Special Award, the 4th National Outstanding Children’s Literature Award, the tenth nationwide nationwide Excellent best -selling book award.

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