For swimming pool operators, in addition to maintaining the water quality of the pool, it is also necessary to perform daily maintenance, inspection, cleaning and maintenance of the pool water treatment equipment to ensure the normal operation of the swimming pool equipment and maintain a better water treatment effect.

So what kind of maintenance do you generally do? What do you need to pay attention to? Let me share with you some daily maintenance and clean maintenance knowledge in the use of some swimming pool equipment.

1. Maintenance of filters

Sand cylinder filter

The sand cylinder filter is a traditional water filtration equipment, which is mainly to separate the dirt in the water through filter sand. Make the water clarify and achieve the filtration effect. During the use of sand tanks, it is mainly necessary to do regularly, replacement of quartz sand and protection during winter.


1. Daily records. Make a record of sand tanks in time, including running data such as running duration, maintenance of maintenance records, and rushing cycles.

2. Before a long period of time (more than 5 days), the sand tank filter should be carried out, and the stagnant water inside the sand tank is exhausted through the drainage device.

3. If the number of pressure gauges on the sand tank is higher than 2.5kg/cm², it is necessary to rush and clean the sand tank. After confirming that the related water pump of the sand cylinder stops running, first press the control valve handle to rotate to the backwitching position, then start the pump, until the water is cleaned, turn off the water pump, adjust the control valve to the cleaning position, and run the water pump to clean. Finally, turn off the pump, control the control valve back to the filter file, and start the water pump again.

4. Multiple sand cylinder filters should be carried out one by one when rushing, and not 2 or more filters should be rushed at the same time.

5. The quartz sand of the sand tank can not be used for a long time. According to the frequency of the filter, it needs to be replaced every 3-5 years. Note: Be careful during replacement of quartz sand operations to prevent the oral damage of the sand tank!

6. The multi -directional valve on the filter does not have pressure work, and it must be operated in the state of no pressure.

7. In winter, when you do not use a sand cylinder filter, you need to adjust the handle to the winter position to prevent the damage valve.

Paper core filter

The paper core filter is small in size, it is easy to use without routing, and the filtering effect is outstanding, which has been favored by many private swimming pool users. In the process of using the paper core filter, we need to pay attention to the following points.

1. Replace or clean the paper core regularly. First stop the pump and close the ball valve on the pipe of the system and the swimming pool. Then exhaust the paper core, remove the filter element, clean or replace the filter element, then put back the precision filter cover, open the ball valve, and finally start the water pump.

2. If you don’t use it for a long time, open the waterproof plug to release the water in the filter and place the filter in a cool place. When the temperature is low in winter, the paper core should also be removed and cleaned in the room.

Second, the maintenance of the pump


Water pumps are hydraulic machinery that transports water to the distance with the help of power equipment and transmission. In order to improve the work efficiency of the pump and ensure the normal operation of the water treatment system, we need to regularly clean and maintain the blue filtering, check the pump head cover and seal ring, etc., and master the correct use and maintenance methods

1. Daily records. Regular inspections and establishment of operating records, including running time, whether there are abnormal noise and vibration, flow conditions, current voltage and motor temperature, etc. In case of failure, the cause of the fault, the cause of the result, and the analysis exclusion situation.


2. Before the pump is running, check that the hair collector is filled with water to ensure that the water absorption port has sufficient suction.

3. Check whether the water inlet valve and the water outlet valve should be opened before starting the water pump to avoid damage to the pump.

4. In order to prevent the use of water pumps from being used, the pump head cover and sealing ring should be checked regularly, and the filter basket of the hair filter should be cleaned in time. When cleaning, stop the operation of the pump first, then turn off the ball valve on the pipe of the system and the swimming pool, then open the transparent cover to clean the filter basket, then put the transparent cover, open the ball valve, and finally start the water pump again.

5. Be sure to disconnect the pump power supply when maintaining mechanical maintenance.

6. When the pump is not used for a long time, the water in the pump must be dried.


Third, the disinfection cylinder over winter treatment

When the overall filtering system does not operate, if the freezing temperature is reached in winter, the water in the disinfection cylinder needs to be removed, carefully remove the pills, and completely rinse the disinfection cylinder with water, and reinstall the lid and the water storage screw.

Fourth, cleaning machine cleaning machine


The automatic dirt absorbers can be cleaned on the pool without no one. Some can also climb the wall, remote control, etc., which is convenient and efficient. It has become a commonly used stain absorption artifact for most swimming. After the cleaning machine is completed, please cut off the power first, pull the vacuum cleaner and drain pipe to the swimming pool, clean the filter dirt in the filter basket, and finally install the filter back. After each use, the filter should be cleaned to avoid the effect of the next use of the filter bag too much.

In addition, it should be noted that the inside of the containment machine is complicated. Non -professionals should not disassemble the host’s motor assembly and power control box at will, so as not to damage or cause danger.

5. Maintenance between equipment

1. The equipment room should be ventilated, lighting, and drainage, and keep dry all year round. Clean regularly and do not stack debris on the ground.

2. Under the condition of conditional conditions, various types of potions should not be stored in the equipment room, and should be sealed in a cool and ventilated place, and we should take moisture -proof measures.

3. The system should be operated by trained personnel, carefully and cautious during operation, strictly follow the product description, and abide by the operating procedures.

4. The operation valve should be operated slowly to prevent water hammer and damage the valve pipeline and equipment. Do not pull freely when you do n’t need it to extend your service life.

5. Before or after the beginning or end of the swimming season, deal with the entire water treatment system for a thorough cleaning and inspection.