I have a cold in the eyes, and the loose shorts of men are obviously cope that this cool early autumn, I will have to start a wardrobe to “add brick tiles”, but which style pants can let you get rid of mediocrity, wear fashion charm lead fashion Trend? Prepare these four pants early, easily create a early autumn fashion.

Many men’s wardrobes will always have shorts and black trousers. There are two trousers that can not be denying that these two trousers are really enough to cope with the four seasons for a year, but now people are in dressing, not only is that simple, and feels. It is a major factor that is not negligible.

Compared to women’s clothing, men wear have had a unique advantage. It does not need to be too complicated. It is often not possible to change. Just master the most basic trend style can easily create stylish styles. It is also because of this, I want to wear a fashion in autumn, and the biggest proportion of trousers will play a crucial role, and the decent fashionable trousers can make you feel greatly.

Do not pick up your body, the temperament is a major feature of many men’s items, choose the fashion item, and work together, you can easily interact the fashion man. So how should the early autumn men’s trousers choose? Prepare these four styles early, you can wear trends without blowing the ash.

First, choose the hardware of the tooling pants to create a cool street

The tooling pants are one of the fashion items in recent years. It often uses a super loose pants, and cooperates with the iconic large pocket design, so that the whole person seems to be with generous. The non-belling straight version has a modified leg-type effect, which has strong inclusiveness, often gives people a feeling of unsubstantial, and selection of tooling pants can easily create a cool street.


1 style does not pick people, multiple color matching can be selected

A simple workfuff can make the whole person seem to have a lot of casual temperament, and more loose trousers cover the leg curve, even if you have a legs, thick legs, etc., it can also become Quite type.

Not only the style is not picking, the color of the dress is also relatively diverse in all pants, from simple and low-key cards, military green and black, to more fashionable pure white color, can be easily controlled, not pickless people.

2 ultra-wide large version follows

Conventional styles of tooling are often slightly loose, so that the upper and lower lines look generous, in addition to this, you can also try the ultra-loose version to create casual and chic feelings. At this point, it is necessary to note that more relaxed pants will bring visual transverse extensions, so it is best to match the high waist to eliminate the long leg ratio, avoid wearing “bucket” effect.

3 sweater + workfall, classic


When making a single product for the workshop, the simple generie is often favored. It is indeed, and the two belong to the representative of the casual casual street style, and the unsuined design is combined with the coolness. . Whether it is a round neck sweater or a hooded sweater, it is possible to directly overlay the workshop to create a fashion, the classic is not.

Second, wearing a stack of stacks is not lost


In the early autumn, men walking in the fashion frontline can also consider a stack of stacks to lead the fashion trend. As the name suggests, the pants’ trousers tend to have the feeling of pleats and accumulation, so it will make the match look more enriched.


1 Good use of stacking pants, create unfettered waves

The stylish feeling of stacking pants is not dependent on the modified body line. On the contrary, there will be a large-area pleat in the lower body, but it will make the whole look look more heavy. And the stacking pants is precisely with this unrestrained ribbon, which leads the fashion trend.

2 Add to the beam design, Xiaobao practice handsome


Usually, the stacking pants uses straight trousers to make the whole person look not spiritual, and on this basis, adding a beam design will increase the safety temperament. Unlike the light pants, the stacking pants will use a more loose version and longer pants to create with sexy, unobstructed.

3 Cowboys are the most unique and easy to create retro trends


Most of the stacked pants will use a more gentle material, increase the shaped pleats to make the shape more abundant, but there are few some stacks to choose a hard material, and the stacked design is concentrated in the ankle, so that the overall shape has a pendant , The legs are more removable. Often use dark denim to create this unique effect, with sports shoes easy to wear retro trends.


Third, there is no nature, the wide-leg pants, create a diversified fashion

Although the wide legs often appear in the ladies wear, but in fact this is a neutral single product, men choose a suitable wide-legging trousers without hurting elegance, and can create diversified fashion.

1 Select the material, how to match


In fact, in men’s clothing, the material of the wide-leg pants is more diverse, which can be used to highlight the temperament, and can also create a leisure style with a fertilized fabric. In combination with its own temperament and wearing characteristics, choose the material of the wide legs, how to match.


2 nine pants wear high refrigeration, high waist wear

Since men tend to have a high strength, they can weaken the role of visual extension when they choose a single product, and a nine-point pants can also build a super fashion style. Suspended nine-point wide-leg pants used high waist wear in the way, both of which were quite pulled out, and also highlighting the jellyfan by the practice of the ankle line, so that the whole person wore the road with the wind.

3 varieties can be selected, the low waist line is equally very colorful


Although people often think that the ultra-wide trousers will look quite bloated, therefore balanced with high waist wear, in fact, low waistlines can also wear out. It is only necessary to note that the material of the wide leg pants is not too hard, with a bit of a slightly pendant, the best effect can be created.

Fourth, use cone-shaped tone

The above three trousers can make your trend increase, but if you want to wear good temperament while leading the trend, you can consider cone pants. Under the narrow pants, the lower pants is the largest feature of conical pants. The loose hip curve is completely avoided, and the trousers are designed to make the whole person more practiced, easily create a line and good temperament.

1 black low-key and generous, easy to create a male fan


Pure black is often used in conical pants, and the lines that are gradually contracted from the top and the pure black can indeed reach a good descent effect, and the whole with a relaxed body, and create a low-key genericity. Easily release the type of male.

2 modified the calf curve, with the skin shoes to lining the gas field


Conical pants The best effects of the curve in four trousers, loose buttocks and thighs version of the design make men to avoid being too tight when they are bending, and they are more comfortable. And the calf uses a more sub-slimming design to add a smooth, smooth lines make the body in the triangle, the burdish pull, with the shoes to add the air field.

3 cone pants wear hip hop, so we do very new

Of course, the cone pants are also diverse, and the ultra-loose cone pants are different from conventional styles to create casual and good temperament, which presents a cool hip hop. Although the large waist button design is slightly retractable, he will wear small and short leg effects, but when combined with canvas shoes, it is unique to showcase.

Seasonal transformation is coming, do you want to make some changes? I am ready to make you feel a long trousers that you feel fashionable, you can easily wear a charm of men, say goodbye to yourself, you can also become a fashionable darling.


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