□ Peninsula reporter Meng Xiuli

The 3-6-year-old baby has a strong energy and jumping. During the days when he was at home, is the children’s life a little sad? In fact, this stage is exactly the golden period of child’s personality habits. Moms and dads must be careful. When the house is at home with the children, take the child to read it, and help children develop a good habit of reading. Benefiting for life. The Peninsula reporter continued this time to organize the reading book list for elementary school students. Elementary elements, moms and dads quickly collect the children, and then “click on the picture”, take the child to read slowly ~~

♣ Fun Books 的


“The Book of Sterer Golden Color” (Memorial Edition of the Centennial Birthday)


[Beauty] Richard Skairi; Li Xiaoping’s translation

Produced by Dandelion Children’s Library

The popular children’s book classics, Dang Dangwang’s lifelong five -star book, a set of cognitive encyclopedia that will obsess children!

19th of the puzzle classics, game classics, story classics, and scenario English, fresh and interesting cognition, relaxed and humorous story! Including: Skeuri Gold Color Children’s Book · Puzzle Classics (4 volumes), Sikarie Golden Children’s Book · Game Classic (3 Volumes), Skeletry Golden Color Children’s Book Classics (8 Volumes), Sikai Ruijin Color Children’s Book · Situation English (4 volumes), the book has both vivid life scenes and rich information, which can help children easily recognize the world; it also brings together hundreds of manual activities and puzzle games, which can help help help help Children improve their hands -on ability and increase the fun of parent -child interaction; they can also allow children to get a relaxed and happy experience during the reading process, and learn a lot of truths and common sense in life; situational English introduces hundreds of thousands of English words and rich knowledge , Clever combination of graphics, image interpretation, help children improve reading skills, making English learning simple and happy.

“Original sound touch book: listen, what sound? “

【Portuguese】 Elsa Martin

Produced by BBK Alliance Children’s Library

This set of books is suitable for a tactile sound book of “ear breeding” at the age of 0-3. A total of four books are four themes: “Chinese Musical Instrument”, “Interesting Life”, “Colorful Material” and “Natural Landscape”. Each book introduces 19 common images, including their appearance patterns, medium Chinese The English name, the sound of the sound, etc., and carefully equipped with a beautiful nursery rhyme, creating a “reading feast” for the baby from the perspective of visual and hearing.

As long as you use a small finger to lightly tap the hidden round touch surface in the picture, press the sound logo, the real sound of things sounds clearly, the baby can try to talk to the small animals, listen to a wonderful concert, and feel the motor of the transportation motor. Sound, you can also make trouble in “My Home”! Careful creation of sound painting synchronization, vivid and easy -to -understand original sound effects, bright and cute picture book painting style, comprehensively enhance the baby’s vision, hearing, and touch, so that the baby can feel the wonderful and natural, fun life, enjoy the exploration and discovery Daqian The joy of the world!

“Time is so fun”


Le Fan; Duan Zhangyi

Produced by Xiao Meng 书 书 小 小

After the child enters the kindergarten, what does the parents have a headache? Doing things are dragging, getting up slowly, slow washing, eating slowly, and walking slowly … In fact, this is derived from the child without the concept of time. Grasping time is the basis of efficient work, helping children understand time, understand time, and use reasonable time. It is not only the enlightenment of mathematical thinking, but also the beginning of efficient life.

“Time is really fun” is a time -to -time enlightenment book for children! Introducing the familiar scenes of children, telling the importance of time in the form of picture book stories, vivid and interesting, refuse to preach! Including 5 stories picture books and 1 game practice, together with lively and cute little animals, study while studying, playing while practicing, and enlightening time in a relaxed and interesting atmosphere. From the importance of understanding time, to establishing a preliminary concept of time; to learn to recognize the clock, understand the running rules of the hour clockwise and the minute, correctly recognize the integrity, the point, and the minute; Time to manage your own learning and life.

♣ Good -looking book 的

“Forbidden City Royal Cat Night Tour”


Chang Yi; Chen Hao painted

Produced by Tongqu Children’s Library

There is no doubt that the 600 -year -old Forbidden City is a big treasure house for traditional culture and historical folk customs. But how to introduce it to children aged 3 to 6 and primary schools in a simple way? Chang Yi, a well -known fairy tale writer, gave a different answer. “Forbidden City Royal Cat Night Journey” (five volumes) is Chang Yixin, a winning writer of Bingxin Children’s Literature Award. This is a fantasy picture book specially created for Chinese children. On the Mysterious Forbidden City Night, a small Royal Cat Fat Orange met the “living” monsters who lived in the legend, and the stories of humor, fantasy, and warmth were staged in the Forbidden City of Six hundred years. Royal Cat Fat Orange is not only “the real master of the Forbidden City”, but also the children of the children’s Forbidden City. With the development of more than 100 exquisite hand -painted illustrations, children can follow it: Knowing the vast beasts of supernatural powers, more than 10 kinds of ancient books, walking through the real Forbidden City locations, learning more than 30 historical and cultural allusions; In the story full of imaginative stories, the beauty of the Palace Palace, the beauty of architecture, the beauty of culture, and the beauty of love and imagination, kindness and justice, responsibility and belief are enlightened.

“One Big River”

Yu Dawu/Painted


Produced by Chinese Children’s Publishing House

“A Big River” is the first picture book of the Yellow River theme written by the child in China. The Tao Tao Dahe takes you to appreciate the beauty of the magnificent river and mountains in China. The national dream in my heart. The well -known painter Mr. Yu Dawu has been brewing for thirty years and collected the wind for three years to reproduce the simplicity and romance of the Tao Tao and the Yellow River. To show readers a river that is closely related to our daily life. The picture book adopts the combination of long rolls and picture books, that is, the form of traditional books in the expression of modern books.

“Pitcat · 3 ~ 6 -year -old good character development book”


James Dian Eric Livin Jin Berry Dian

Peng Yi Yang Lingling Changli Yu Zhiying translated

Produced by Reader Culture

Pitt cats who have always been optimistic and confident will be scared! But he told the child: I’m afraid it’s normal, try bravely! Adapt to, overcome fear, calm, and focus … good character to see this set!

The “Pat Cat” series is a good character to develop a picture book in the United States, and almost every family of the family has a book “Pete Cat”. The story of “Pete Cat” has brought joy to children from various countries and has become a good personality guide for countless babies. “Pete Cat” 1 ~ 4 series of gift boxes in a total of 27 volumes, including 24 stories books and 3 posts paper books. 24 Benpit cats, cultivate children’s optimism, confidence, persistence, tolerance and other 24 kinds of good character; 3 posts paper books to exercise children’s cognition, communication and concentration.

♣ Book of the rise posture 姿

“Programming Enlightenment of Children”

【Day】 Matsuda filial piety

Tintin translation

Produced by Qingdao Press

This is a set of fun programming thinking books that children who do not have any programming foundation. It pays more attention to cultivating children’s programming thinking.

The first four are mainly about algorithms. Starting from 6 common life scenarios, cordially familiar, help children understand the algorithm easily. Through 17 interesting algorithms games, learn while playing, so that children can consolidate learning results in the game. After reading these 4 books, children will learn about the basic knowledge of the algorithm, develop basic programming thinking and algorithm logic, improve the planning and logic of doing things, enhance the ability to analyze and solve problems, and improve action!


The latter 4 this book mainly talks about programming applications. Start with common programming applications in life, such as smart speakers, autonomous cars, automatic vending machines, etc., explain “what is programming?” It is easy to understand, fun and interesting, refuse to be instilled, and truly cultivate children. Programming thinking! Learn programming, start with this set of books!

“Illustration of Thinking Maps at a glance” enlightenment picture book “

Early Early Education Project Team of the Crooked Rabbit’s key period

Produced by crooked Rabbit Boy Press

For the children of the kindergarten and middle schools in the middle and middle schools, it is now the best time to learn the mind map. Because the development of thinking at this time is mainly based on image thinking, and began to transition to logical thinking.

The unique “image memory” of the thinking map is consistent with the characteristics of the development of thinking, which can not only help children easily solve problems in life and learning (such as more organized plans, more effectively reading, composition, memory) , Can improve learning ability and thinking ability.


“Thinking Maps at a glance” Enlightenment Picture Book “uses a complete travel story to demonstrate 8 magical thinking magic in the form of picture books. It is clear at a glance and understands it at a glance. Thinking and learning methods, improve reading, composition, mathematics, memory and other thinking and learning skills, as well as reasonable planning ability of daily life and behavior. This book is read for 4-6 years of parent-child reading, and read independently over 7 years old.

“Talking with Children Art”


Spanish Larus Publishing House

This is a world art history for children! 75 classic themes, 55 artists, 37 art styles, 147 art works, 253 hand -painted art pictures, from prehistoric art to contemporary art, time span of about 30,000 years! From cave murals to Picasso’s “Gelnica”, from Mesopotamian art to Pop art, from Gothic art to new art genres, from Milon’s “Retrust Cake” to Fan Gao’s “Star Night”, from the black pottery art of the pre -Qin period of China to Chinese calligraphy and painting, from the Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain to the Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA. The Egyptian Pyramids, Athens Acropolis, the sculpture of the former Columbus period, and the Saint Sophia Cathedral, carefully appreciate the story and artistic creativity behind the world famous paintings “Free Guiding the People”, “Mona Lisa” and “Eternity of Memory”. Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Picasso, Gaudi, Miro, Wang Xizhi, Zhang Zirui’s works and creative backgrounds, and so on. This book is like a paper museum, letting children come in to talk to art cordially, and start the journey of art discovery.

“I Can Read Classic Bilingual Reading Picture Book”

[British] Messer Mell;

Wanmuxiu Translation


Produced by Hunan Children’s Publishing House


Reading all 15 volumes of pure English stories: Children will master 963 daily English expression patterns, understand 3,215 basic English words, familiarize with 129 basic English use methods, and lay the foundation of daily English conversations. In the book, the original flavor of the origin of the book is commonly used in English sentences: help children master local English usage.

The wonderful design of the four links of this book helps children in English learning: 1 Simple sentence: stimulate the interest of preliminary learning; 2 interesting stories: maintain the motivation to continue learning; 3 complex plots: help comb the sentence type, help help Remember the words; 4 Chapter Story Book: Start reading smoothly!

Produced by Dandelion Children’s Library