Fire protection major

Explosion -proof flashlight


It is generally considered to be a wearing explosion -proof flashlight or an LED header -mounted explosion -proof flashlight. The use of explosion -proof flashlights for firefighters covers: emergency rescue, flood prevention and disaster resistance, earthquake resistance, emergencies, forest fire prevention and various field work site emergency lighting. Emergency situation is also used for signal indicator lights.


Main components of wearing fire -proof flashlights.

Compared with ordinary strong light LED flashlights, handheld high -power explosion -proof visit lights and portable explosion -proof strong light flashlights. In addition to the flashlight, the wearing fire explosion -proof flashlight also has a special hat to be fixed for firefighters.

The fire -proof explosion -proof flashlight cap is not simply used to fix the fire -proof flashlight. It is usually designed to be flexibly fixed on both sides of the helmet and can rotate and adjust the elevation angle of 360 °. For example, firefighters need to adjust the reasonable elevation angle when searching for the wounded at heights to cover the light to identify the location and the degree of injury to the wounded. When the rescue is implemented at close range, firefighters can adjust the angle of small lighting for the next step of rescue. In addition, firefighters wearing explosion -proof flashlight caps can be easily removed by other tools, which can be easily removed, which can greatly facilitate the flexible use of fire -proof flashlights based on the rescue site. For example, TANK007 new wearing explosion -proof strong light flashlight can be used as both explosion -proof lighting and can be used as a signal indicator light


Top -dressed explosion -proof flashlight performance: It uses a warm white -tone LED light source. It weighs only 60g without the battery. 350 brightness brightness, an effective range of 200 meters. 3W low power, the average service life of the light source is more than 100,000 hours, the full charging only takes 5 hours, the 18500 lithium battery can be charged, regardless of the positive and negative electrode, the battery life cycle is not less than 1,000 times. In terms of battery life: strong light ≥5 hours, working light ≥9 hours, equipped with special cap clips, and the lighting angle of the lamp is adjusted freely. Explosion -resistant EX IB IIC T4 GB is suitable for IIA, IIB, and IIC -level explosive gas environment. (District 1, District 2).